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  1. KariLois

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    Mariah’s whole attitude makes me wonder if this is her reaction to having been raised in such an anti-LGBT environment. That girl is angry.
  2. KariLois

    The Winders

    Sophie is they type of person who is all, “I am living this horrible life but it would make a lot more sense to me if other people also had to suffer to make me feel better about my own horrible choices.” The way she was showing off that awful couch was so cringeworthy. It was like showing off to her parents that she has a boyfriend...and they are doing the sex!!!! Her brother was so innocuous. He wasn’t stating that she needs to stop living the way she wants to. He just doesn’t want to do it himself. She is SO irritating.
  3. KariLois

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    I am astonished that the lovely Aspen is with this beast. There are so many red flags. I wanted to punch his ugly face when he agreed that Aspen cares more about him than he does about her. This is her mother’s marriage all over again. And there will definitely be plural wives down the road. He really thinks he is the shit.
  4. KariLois

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    Kody is the dumbest, most selfish person on the planet. Ysabel wants the surgery. It is HER body, not his. And he doesn’t like Dr. Camp because science? I just can’t with him. And then he is all upset because he wants to move and his wives and children’s don’t? He is such a tool.
  5. KariLois

    S02.E10: All Alone

    So I don’t know if there are any musical theater geeks here, but lucky you! You have me! I knew Midge’s direction would focus entirely on her career (her calling) during the episode when she met the reclusive artist. The episode was called, “Look She Made a Hat” which is a callout to Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday In the Park With George.” It is based on the life of George Seurat and takes place while he is painting “Sunday on La Grande Jatte.” He sings the song, “Finishing the Hat” which shows his complete attention to his painting and how impossible it is to have relationships when one is a true artist. He even stands up his lover to work on the hat. The last line of the song was about how he has created something incredible, though at the loss of his lover: “Look, I made a hat, where there never was a hat!”
  6. KariLois

    The Winders

    They are so awkward. And I hate the wives’ constant fake tittering.
  7. KariLois

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Best show ever, but harder without the shitshow of the Britney family. Just, everyone, catch up from last season. It is not very long and if you think The Kody Klan is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  8. KariLois

    S02.E02: Failure to Launch 2019.01.27

    I don’t understand why polygamists stay in a state that doesn’t accept them. Like, dudes....move to a nice blue state where nobody gives a shit what you do. Take your wives out. No one cares. Also, that was the saddest birthday party I have ever seen.
  9. KariLois

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Yes, they are handling this completely inappropriately. Hail, Dr. Camp! It pains me that Ysabel has no social life anymore because she is doing those fake ass exercises. Do they have real health insurance?
  10. KariLois

    The Brineys

    Yes! She might as well have written “Stealing my toad ass husband, priceless!”
  11. KariLois

    The Brineys

    I also think that Angela and Auralee wrote that apology. Those two bitches must be SO happy right now,
  12. KariLois

    S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    To watch “Cats” on stage is also boring and weird. We (spoiled teenagers) got to see lots of Broadway show through the Theater Development Fund and we each paid about $2.50 to see it. Highway robbery!
  13. KariLois

    The Office (US)

    I don’t think there was ever a real reason why Michael hates Toby. I recently read Mindy Kaling’s book and she thinks HR people are terrifying because they tell you about your health insurance and how they will cover all the ways you can die. So she thought it would be funny for Michael to hate HR people.
  14. KariLois

    S01.E01: Meet The Bates

    It is Nathan. So obvious. And he is well over 18. I feel so bad for him.
  15. KariLois

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Yes, Ricki is a member of the tribe. When I was in my early twenties I had a short haircut and everyone said I looked just like her. By the way, I am a Cohen and a Levite. Sadly, we were never asked to perform any religious obligations, but one professor in grad school always called me “Kari the Priest.”