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  1. roughing it

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    The first thing that Randall and Beth need to do is erase most of the things on the whiteboard from hell. That's a huge cause of stress in families - not only the commitments of mom and dad, but each of the kids too. It's too much. I thought that Kevin purposely went to the AA meeting near Sophie's apartment. He was wondering if the door to their relationship was cracked open a little and could be nudged back open again, but Sophie closed it shut during the conversation. It was only after that, that he went back to Zoe and said he chose her over having kids.
  2. roughing it

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    That ^ and the way he was lounging on the couch in a professional business meeting. Like he's above all that. and Wags is my least favorite character.
  3. roughing it

    My Lottery Dream Home

    I thought the houses on the street all looked alike - I might get confused as to which one was mine. Nice couple. Maybe they are using the $320k in addition to the $$ equity from the sale of their home....
  4. roughing it

    I Am the Night

    Another confusion - someone mentioned (one of the police?) Hodel's wife's name was Yuna, so I'm thinking blonde lady/wife's name is Yuna. Then Hodel says something to his Asian assistant and calls her "Yuna". Does he have two wives?
  5. roughing it

    I Am the Night

    Well that's six hours of my life I won't get back. How did Hodel's wife know that Fauna was going to visit? She had two iced lemonades ready to go. Why didn't Fauna change back into her dress before finally leaving the Hodel mansion? That's all I got
  6. roughing it

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    Release the nukes? Share the nuke codes with Putie? Other intel??
  7. roughing it

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    The scar is already turning black. He's going to need a lifetime supply of Maybelline cover up. and some anger management therapy.
  8. roughing it


    Dr. Dubrow is a nice looking man with a nice smile. Not everyone looks good as they age, though Dr. Dubrow is one of the lucky ones. Please step away from the bo and the hair color, man!
  9. roughing it


    I think they are too into themselves to consider having families.
  10. roughing it

    My Lottery Dream Home

    You know which home they will select, because there's always the < wink wink > "does the house come furnished?" To which David replies, "we can negotiate it in the offer". But then, if they already own the home, and they've already moved in with their furnishings, whose house are they in at the beginning meet-and-greet, where David comments on how cute their home is?
  11. roughing it

    Under the Mask: Clues and Clue Discussion

    Monster guess: Michael Strahan (gap toothed like the costume but I don't know if he can sing) or maybe Mike Tyson (also don't know if he can sing).
  12. roughing it

    I Am the Night

    With only 3 more episodes, they better get going fast. I thought this series would be compelling, but instead it's confusing.
  13. roughing it

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I watched a rerun Saturday evening, and bride Emanuela wanting to spend $16K of daddy's money on a horrific Pnina. Daddy said she looked like a turkey, which she did, albeit a full busted turkey. She was full on breasts with glimpses of aereolas peeking out. What are these brides going to do if fiancé/husband can't provide $$$ for her in everyday life??
  14. roughing it

    My Lottery Dream Home

    If I understand correctly, you take your losing scratch ticket and enter it in a drawing for a "second chance" drawing. So a "second chance" winner is not a double winner. I would not want a townhouse with all those stairs, especially the third one (even though it was pretty). I can't imagine hauling all my groceries up a floor. I liked the one he chose, the master was on the lower level.
  15. roughing it

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I don't remember if it was this week's or last week's episode. Dianne was the consultant and she had an extreme tan (looks hideous with her yellow hair). Her bride's budget was unlimited and wow, did Dianne work her game. Over-big smile and nodding, and getting the entourage all worked up. SELL SELL SELL The more money she can get on commission, the more her game is ON. Yeah, Dianne is not my favorite. The bride tried on 3 styles, I didn't like any of them.