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  1. configdotsys

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I cannot stand that commercial and am totally lost with what the hell it means. The lady's voice says, "I never saw that before," before he make the curve trick shot. Before that, they just show his face but it looks like he hits a regular break shot. Any why on earth would a house full of guests be creeping outside the door watching in awe as a person shoots pool? Just walk the hell in, fools. It just makes no sense to me. And it's on too damn often! On another note, as someone else mentioned, I want to smack the High Thryv creature into next week!
  2. configdotsys

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    Me neither. I love the above post and disagree with it at the same time. The Snickers had me cracking up because I've said out loud that AJ needs a Snickers when he throws a tantrum. What bothers me is the gritting teeth and that she's been through so many bad relationships that she is willing to "grit her teeth" to not lose this one. I just can't get with that line of thinking. Totally agree. Not sure about the catch though. There's a hardness or lack of real warmth to her that I don't get. I mentioned way back in the first episodes how creepy his mother seemed. Nothing's change I see. I use mine nearly every day! I think once a person is coddled and babied and gets to be nearly 30 years old with the mindset that he doesn't have to do anything but sit back and be served by all because he deserves that, it's very hard to break that. If you've never been taught to be independent, it doesn't magically appear one day. He was all about pleasing Kristine in the beginning and willing to do dishes and in no time at all he's complaining about it. Imperfect, for sure. But you can see it in Stephanie's face when AJ goes off that she does not like it. She looks hurt at times and he doesn't notice or care. He just gives her instructions on how to deal with it. That's more problematic to me than leaving stuff out on the vanity or leaving your shoes in the middle of the floor or whatever. Some people are unmoved by pissy behavior like AJ and it does not affect them. It appears to me that Stephanie is affected by it and feels she must go along with him because he is not open to change. See! This is exactly what I was thinking too. Come sit with me @bichonblitz! I did not like Kristine with the queen stuff from the jump but I never got a vibe that she wanted anyone to care for her but was looking for a partner to share life with. I will definitely give her that. Again, I get that there are people who can put up with AJ's type of snaps and things but Stephanie's face looks hurt when he does that. She freezes and knows that she has to give in to him and shut up. That's not a person with a "no big deal" attitude about it. That's more of a "If I want a husband I have to suck this up, so I will." That I think is just awful. But if Stephanie is willing to make that deal, that's on her. Keith's version of laziness equals doing anything that he expects others to do for him. He works and goes to school. That gets him money and his education will earn him more. That's nice but his expectations at home are that others will cook and clean and he will chill on the couch during all his free time as he has done forever. It certainly did not take long for him to whine about too many dishes. I don't see him taking kindly to her giving him a hot dog with some potato chips on a paper plate. He wants the level of service his grandmother gave him.
  3. configdotsys

    S05.E08: Missing in Action

    Jazz is just too over the top for me. Totally unlikeable, inappropriate and seriously exhibits such totally mortifying behavior. Ahmir seems like a nice guy. I hope he doesn’t get hurt. Or that he's a plant. This is such a short show because I’m interested in Jazz and what she is going through with surgeries and boys and her life in general. I don’t care about the parents and their anniversary or the brothers and their desire to bond again. The show is supposed to be about Jazz. The mother going to the car in the driveway tells you all you need to know. She’s a camera whore and an annoying one at that. So much fast forwarding. Yikes. What horribly scripted lectures that Jazz’s friends gave Ahmir. Know it alls at 16 or whatever? I get the sentiment but it was so fake. He should have told them to fuck off. It’s hard for me to believe that Griffen has a girlfriend. He looks like he never washes his hair or bathes. The other one is better looking. I was surprised last week when he was pissy about his brother having a girlfriend because he can’t find one. Why did Ahmir order a whole cake and a ton of little cakes for two people? Jazz seems so incredibly needy with regard to getting complimented and stuff. I hope that slows down or eventually it will drive Ahmir and anyone else she dates crazy. I don’t get the parents anger/whatever at flying up and then going a week later? I get that it’s aggravating but this is their daughter and a major surgery that they want to be right. The father was treating it like an inconvenience. Again, this is a serious medical issue and you do what needs to be done to ensure a good outcome. You bought into this operation when you decided that it was a go. Now you deal with whatever it takes. The whole “Jazz is missing,” was totally dramatic, theatrical and ridiculous. Did they want us to think Ahmir abducted her? Give me a break. Talk about a helicopter family.
  4. configdotsys

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    Dying to read your comments first but don’t want them to influence mine… AJ ruins his talking head by throwing in “…and I get what I ask for.” Stephanie’s right about one thing: she’d be empty without AJ… therefore she’ll stay and put up with this dagger jabs. So AJ was in a motocycle accident that scared him to death so he turns into what he calls someone who smiles all the time and enjoys life when in reality he’s a pissy little diva that throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants. Keith being upset at “so many dishes” just totally cracked me up. I can see in this early part of the marriage that Kristine probably wants to show off and is making these elaborate meals so I can only imagine how much work the dishes are. If they have a dishwasher, it’s even funnier that Keith is complaining. Kristine crying in the TH is seeing reality now. She was fine with doing the cooking and him doing the dishes while they were talking about it so while I believe it’s unfair, she knew going in that he doesn’t cook and was accepting of that. Why didn’t she say, “Well, you need to learn to cook and share the load here.” But she didn’t. Keith needs help because doing anything is too much. She’s seeing that she married a man baby and now it’s up to him. What’s the surprise that you used ‘hands’ to play wall ball? My father played handball for years and years in the 1950s and my husband's father did as well. Every park near me is packed with kids and adults of all ages playing handball. And it’s not just for poor areas, Jasmine. Will really seems like such a good guy. I seriously went and got a bucket and forced myself to watch Luke and Kate. Her voice drives me insane. Why was he trying to decide what flavor ice cream she was getting? Looks like she picked chocolate chip mint! Winner! So they went to his hometown and he showed her around and they had ice cream and that makes her feel like a wife? Let’s forgive each other for past things? I’m gonna forgive a personf or telling me I repulsed them with a kiss. I just can’t. He’s a loser in the extreme and she’s a desperate ass. Back to the dishes. See? She even said they agreed that she would cook and he would clean. So he complained about the dishes, fine. Complain. But get to work. If he doesn’t do them all, make a one plate meal and tell him he is sacrificing elaborate for basic and that will lessen the load of dishes. Once he cries that he wants elaborate, then well…. deal or no deal. I just don’t buy into this horseshit that Kristine is made to feel guilty for being upset at Keith for not doing his share because of his past. Fuck that. You’re a grown up. It’s not complicated to do dishes without whining and shutting Kristine’s irritation was wrong. It’s like it was invalidated. Saying someone is afraid of the dark or air travel or dogs because of past experiences is totally understandable. Being a man baby because you were coddled is easily fixable if you get your ass off the couch and do the fucking dishes. “Will needs to listen to me.” That’s Jasmine. No compromise. What I want is what you do. I don’t see Jasmine and Will not having communication. They are communicating what they believe is a fair way to do things and they are far apart. I don’t buy into the relatives 58 year marriage meaning they are qualified to give advice because we live in a totally different time now and every couple and individual person is different. What works for one couple may not work at all for another and that doesn’t make either side wrong. I can't help but think that Jasmine's willingness to compromise "even though it will be hard" will be short lived. She's not going into it wanting to compromise, it's written all over her face that she truly thinks she should not have to do this that will be evident every time she has to give in. AJ could not be happier because he gets his way. Every time. How long will Stephanie be able to absorb his jabs over minor things. Maybe I’m weird or something but is is really necessary to hold hands at the table while looking at a menu? When you’re like 30 or something? So Keith’s father, who has ditched on him forever, which Keith is well used to by now (horrible as that is, seen it many times) but I’m sorry, that’s not a struggle that gives him a pass to be a man baby. From now on, Keith can pull that card out any time he does something that Kristine does not like and she’s supposed to freeze and say, “Oh, he’s had it rough so it’s okay.” It should not have to work that way. Was anyone else waiting for Jasmine to criticize Will doing the laundry or flipping out because he washed something he shouldn’t have. Kate is desperate. Luke’s family treating her so nicely makes her think that she could fall in love and this could work out? She should have told Lke’s mother what her experiences have been with her son and asked why mom thinks that happened. Kate seemed to believe that mom has inside info. I am seriously going to be so depressed if Will and Jasmine stay together. I think Keith and Kristine and Stephanie and AJ will and once they make that decision, if Keith is still a man baby that cries about dishes and AJ is still a whiny baby, they have no right to complain about that because they’ve accepted it. Luke and Kate are a lost cause. What’s saddest about this whole Kate/Luke thing is that if it does not work out for them, it seems to me that Kate will be sad. That a woman would be so desperate that she wants to hang on and stay with this guy is truly scary to me. Since I never watched this show, is there some sort of Tell All that we get to see similar to 90 Day where the people are free to speak or do they sign something that says they won’t talk about their true experience on the show?
  5. configdotsys

    Favorite Commercials

  6. configdotsys

    Megan & Michael & Sarah: Three's Company

    The key word being 'supposedly' there. I frankly am not buying that. I was going to write more but then I read the following post and cheered out loud: BINGO! He has to stay in NY for his parole so why not stay where he's pampered, fed, etc. and doesn't have to do anything except ask her if she's ovulating. His mom in a prior episode was talking to Megan on the phone and knew all about Michael two timing the one who waited for him and sent him phone cards. She didn't seem to mind it then so this righteous bullshit she's giving him now seems more designed to make her look good on television. I think Sarah is an idiot. Fine, she's young and naive and just wants a happy family but if you're in your 20s and constantly experiencing angst and fighting with your spouse on an almost daily basis with a small child in the house, and then you decide to have another one to try to further cement your relationship, then I don't care how old you are, you're an idiot. What happened to "Megan my Queen" Michael? He said he connected with her in ways that Sarah could never understand. He doesn't seem to be ditching Megan because he had this revelation that Sarah is truly his soulmate. He's cutting off Megan because it's too difficult to try to juggle the two of them. His phone would be blowing up with Megan calling and if he's with Sarah he can't answer and she might ask "Who is that?" Megan will wonder now that he has a phone why he never answers. Megan might just show up there on occasion as a "surprise." He has parole to deal with. Sarah would be onto him if he started a weekly fight with her and vanished for a day or two. It's too much trouble for him so he had his fun and will toss her to the street and Megan can bury herself in a pillow and cry about how "unfair" it is.
  7. configdotsys

    S02.E11: She Has To Go

    This episode kind of pissed me off. Last week in the preview, we saw Saran and Megan sitting at a table. Not only was that scene not on this week but it was not shown for next week either. I don’t understand Michael’s mother. He is totally a loser but what was all that “you think she’s the one for me?” and all that stuff? The mother tells him he needs to stay with his family because she was there for him. She does not know what he is feeling inside. Even if Sarah waited for him and sent him commissary, you can’t manufacture feelings that don’t exist. He was acting like he was going to make it work with Sarah because it’s the right thing to do, not because he wants to. Yeah, that’ll work. I guess we’ll find out next week maybe where Megan will be staying. On another note: I swear when Sarah was talking to her friend in the second episode, she said she “might” be pregnant. We never heard anything about confirmation, just her saying from that point on that she is. She's waiting for the right time to tell Michael? Prime time would have been when they made up when the friend walked out in disgust. I’m waiting to hear that this pregnancy was some false alarm or something. I love Matt’s friend. Straight, to the point, up front. Love, love, love him. Shocker about Caitlin’s mother. That was awful to see. Matt actually acted pretty decent with her. I felt so bad for her when she said she feels like an orphan because now she has no parents or grandparents. All she has is a meth head boyfriend who will undoubtedly be back in prison soon. I hope she makes it. If she has no ties there, she needs to work her ass off, save every penny and just get in her car and leave. Start fresh somewhere new. As I'm typing this, my heart is so heavy for her. I think Clint is a drug user too. He looks like a homeless person. He’s broken out, his fingernails are bitten to the pit which is just so disgusting and he just reeks of grossness. I can’t look at him without quivering. Maybe I’m out of the loop, but it was my understanding that if a car got impounded that was a rental, the police would contact the rental company. I also don’t understand why the rental company did not call the police when the car was not returned and Clint had no answer for them. Nothing to say about Lizzie and Scott except every week he goes on about being out of money but all of a sudden gets teeth and buys her a car. Give me a break. The teeth didn’t make him look less filthy. I ff’d past the stupid waste of time wedding dress scene. Brittany and Marcellino are on my FF list too. I saw some of the drama but I can’t stand his obnoxious voice and Brittany seems to love stirring shit among people. No thanks. Maybe I’m losing patience as I get older, but there’s too much filler: dress shopping, ring shopping, etc. Just get it to already. We’ve known from day one that Michael has a wife. It’s about time for the confrontation already or whatever it is that’s going to happen with these people. They’ve milked it enough.
  8. configdotsys

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I just cannot deal with that fucking Progressive box singing in the lounge. I can't.
  9. configdotsys

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Everything bad that has been written about Luke I agree with. That being said, to me, Kate is a desperate, foolish woman who is embarrassing to watch as she wonders just what she can do to make this work because she's so desperate for a husband. It's like she bought something and it arrived hopelessly broken but she sits staring at it saying, "I don't know what to do. Maybe it can work. Maybe it will magically spring to life." To me she has shown no backbone whatsoever. In the preview she says something like this is the first time she really feels like she is Luke's wife. That she even said that cements my belief that she is a total maroon.
  10. configdotsys

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I have not read above this comment because I am afraid to see anything about the dog case. Last week there was a case that said To be continued.... at the end. I can't even remember what it was about but my DVR never recorded the second half and I record both the 4-5 pm episodes and the 10-11 pm episodes because sometimes one or the other gets delayed or whatever for weather, news or basketball. Does anyone know what happened in the second half of that show?
  11. configdotsys

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    She seems unintelligent? Based on what? Because she is being abused? This is exactly what I was talking about in a different post. Kate is the victim of abuse, yet people can't stop saying she is slow, unintelligent, an idiot and so on. The fact that people don't see how that is problematic and contributes to how society fails victims of abuse is really scary. This is the post I was referring to. Doesn't that say WILL? I thought it was about the time he went to sleep on Jasmine.
  12. configdotsys

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    I think the post you commented on was about Will and Jasmine, not about Kate.
  13. configdotsys

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    I've never watched this show before this season so I have no idea who those people are or what they were like on the show that riled up people agains them. No matter what it was, I don't believe anyone should be harassed or threatened under any cirumstances.
  14. configdotsys

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    I just can't muster up any sympathy for Kate after Luke said to her that he was repulsed and dead inside after kissing her. To me, there is just no return from that. On another note: What is up with Luke on the Unfiltered shows? I don't watch them but saw the closing seconds on my DVR the last couple of weeks. What happened to his hair? Does he think that's an attractive look? Yikes.
  15. configdotsys

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Every time she whined, "I don't know what to do," or something along those lines after many experiences of Luke's dickishness for starters. Also, when talking to the producer she seemed clueless: "I don't understand, we are laying in bed, and cuddling and he won't kiss me." Why is she even trying to kiss him or be anything with him? She said if her friends don't like him then that puts up red flag for her? Has she not seen enough red flags of her own? I think the idea that she'd get "death threats" if she got a bad edit on the show for walking off is pretty far fetched.