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  1. GussieK

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yeah, I just didn't understand how they got hold of that. I wish that were better explained. Defendants are entitled to impeach witnesses using the witnesses' own statements, but I'm not sure how the defendant here was really entitled to these private journals. Also, why did they run this episode now -- was it an update?
  2. GussieK


    I guess this explains why IMDB has reviews from a year ago.
  3. GussieK

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    I tuned in particularly to see Dubai and Carolyn Stanbury. I used to watch that London show. What a massive load of crap that Atlantis project is and what a lot of fake promotion for it. They are building this massive waste producing hulk in the middle of nowhere. Who will buy those residences? How will Tracy function as brand ambassador. I imagine she will do little more than just get this promo on the teevee. Please let me know if you have any other ideas. And what does Carolyn’s husband really do? Always thought he just did shady finance deals. Josh F and Bobby were looking at some ugly ass houses for scripted disagreement. We’ll eventually see the real one, which will be some miraculous compromise.
  4. GussieK

    S20.E18: Blackout

    That was Titus Welliver? I missed it in the credits and did not realize or recognize him with that beard. And Mr. K and I are Bosch superfans both the show and the audio books read by Titus Welliver (we listen in the car). My husband does not watch SVU so I’m going to show him a shot of TW and see if he recognizes him.
  5. GussieK


    New show started three weeks ago starring Chris Noth and Danny Pino. It's like the old Without a Trace combined with Breakout Kings. It's on WGN, so maybe people will not be able to see it. I think it's really good.
  6. GussieK

    Without A Trace

    Thank you. Too bad you will not be able to watch.
  7. I watched both and found they were useful companions. Each had different info and focus.
  8. GussieK

    Without A Trace

    I came here to say there’s a great new show called Gone on WGN. It’s Just like this. Everyone watch so it will stay on air! I’m trying to see how to get a forum going for it. It also has elements of Breakout Kings, where prisoners helped law enforcement track escapees. The premise starts with a former kidnapped child who is plucked to help the team of her former FBI rescuer because she has helpful insights. Also the cast includes L&O alums Chris Noth and Danny Pino.
  9. GussieK

    Good Girls

    I’ve been thinking it has to be deliberate. It’s so crazy mixed up. This week I couldn’t make it through the whole episode so I came here to find out what happened.
  10. GussieK

    Good Girls

    This show is all about the cognitive dissonance. Every scene.
  11. How does one request new shows? I have not seen any instructions for that.
  12. GussieK


    Did anyone watch the story about dr sonnier’s murder by the jealous ex boyfriend of Sonnier’s girlfriend. Sad. Also crazy that his ex wife was killed in a murder suicide with her new husband.
  13. GussieK


    I watched both too and felt it was worthwhile. Each provided different insights. There’s still no understanding Holmes. Some kind of narcissistic sociopath.
  14. GussieK

    Pit Bulls And Parolees

    Darn, I'm bursting into tears reading this, and I haven't even watched the episode yet.
  15. Maybe I did not watch with my fullest attention, but I'm not sure how she suddenly got the idea for this business and started it. Was she just a college student who was looking around for something she could do? Her science teacher who went to work for her--what was HE thinking? I'm missing some steps here, which may be explained by her ability to charm people and they would have a confirmation bias not to check anything she said. I'm somebody who has to have blood tests frequently, and yes, they draw two or three tubes at once. But I'd never say--wow, what the world needs now is a fingerstick version of this. Yes, that's the ticket (in a Jon Lovitz voice).