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  1. Didn't AOC wear this jacket in white for the SOTU address? Looks similar.
  2. I'm wondering if Skunks futz's around with LoCo's clothes so maybe they will make another change in hosts. I wouldn't be caught dead in don't care for the line (though I know she has quite the following), but Skunks certainly doesn't add to the appeal. That Obi belt doesn't do her waistline appearance any favors either; looks a lot little fuller than in her doctored bikini pic. And does she ever take off those smelly well-worn shoes?
  3. Um, didn't she just get back from a girlfriends' trip? Um, and didn't she recently go to California for reasons unknown. Um, and didn't she and Joe go away alone not that long ago for a "getaway". Um, and now they are going away again??? Nice work, not work, if you can get it!
  4. Since she admittedly doesn't bathe/wash her hair regularly, the smells probably all melt together creating her special aroma stink.
  5. Latest work IG has Skunks again saying she and Jane are twins; uh no, while they are both pictured with Maria McTool, Shittish is literally falling out of her dress with so much bewbage overflowing, you can see her ladybug tattoo. (Made ya look!)
  6. Cut the toes out, put 5" stiletto or 4" stacked heels on them and they are Skunks.newest fashion trend.
  7. I watched a little of the LoGo show last night. Skunks was sure to read her cards to name the colors. I think maybe she had a talkin' too. I think all the vendors agree with the Bud Basso saying, "I'm trying to make a living here." LoCo did look thinner and didn't smile much at Skunks. There was the necessary air kiss at the end of the show, but the rest didn't seem so friendly. Skunks did try to suck up saying they should donate 30 seconds in every Monday show to hear about LoCo's weekend. Sell clothes and keep it professional. I don't care what any of you did over the weekend. Can someone at the Q burn those hideous peep toe clodhoppers she continues to think are chic. She also did some little backwards kick a lot--wonder if she picked that up from one of her "besties" over the weekend and decided to do it too.
  8. I agree, but ain't it a shame that after 2 hours she goes on air looking like she just rolled out of bed. Probably most of the time is spent troweling on her make-up. Her Pebbles do looks better than most of the hair styles she parades around in.
  9. For being on a bestie girlfriend's weekend, she sure is posting a lot of responses to her followers on IG. I would be shopping, eating, talking, recalling old memories....surely not spending hours on IG. Makes me wonder is someone else is really in charge of her page and throws in "Shawnspeak" to make it seem "real" and so much like Skunky.
  10. Go on her host page and you can see her IG. It's pretty pathetic so I hope you have a strong stomach. She wrote an extremely long post regarding the stranger on the train. And her followers luv, luv, luv whatever she says or pictures.
  11. Never a doubt! Thanks @Booney! Can't wait until the next contest! Sometimes we forget how really bad the last outfit, and the outfit before that, and the outfit before that.....was!
  12. That ridic Halloween costume outfit is a must-have for worst outfit pic/hair/hooves contest. The boots look like a well-worn pair from a construction worker's closet. How the Q thinks that hot mess is going to encourage customers to buy, buy, buy is beyond me. And is she just seeing how far she can go? Maybe Jack calls her into his office and spanks her when she crosses the line and she likes it....
  13. Well that would explain a lot...
  14. Taffy Apple

    Home Shopping Network

    I see Skinn is on pre-order now. The pic of Dimitri is his ode to plastic surgery look with the longish hair. Not a good look for a skin care pitchman. (And I actually like him 🙂
  15. I think other Q people post for her sometime (actually product or show related info which she would know nothing about) and maybe didn't know she was calling in sick.