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  1. Chuck was just on NCIS: New Orleans.
  2. mertensia

    The Passage

    Okay, I would have continued to let them fry. Call me heartless but then it's done. No more vampires.
  3. mertensia

    S01.E16: Estimated Time of Departure

    I figured out the Major would be Saanvi's therapist. I think Ben has it right: go spend the next 5 years relaxing on the beach. Take Saanvi with you.
  4. mertensia

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    "This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It's little and broken but still good. Yeah, still good. "
  5. mertensia

    The Masked Singer

    It seems to me I heard somewhere-maybe the Top Secret directors' commentary?- that some serious actor was thrilled to be in the silly movie and jumped at the chance to do it because no one had ever asked them before. Maybe Gladys is like that.
  6. Good for Mia. Bret: jerk to the end. Yeah, I think Gordon knows who he wants to win, and has a few second choices, especially after Joy' s breakdown a few years ago. That was her name, right?
  7. mertensia

    The Passage

    I still don't understand why they just didn't recruit some homeless guys.
  8. mertensia

    The Passage

    Shauna's poor and was probably made out to be white trash who killed Her Own Mother who Sacrificed All to Raise Her!! The ungrateful brat. Add in an extremely ambitious DA and boom. See ya on the other side. I did wonder if her stepfather was drinking buddies with some cops who decided to get revenge. As for Carter, black man kills rich white woman in the South. Death penalty was a given. 60 years ago he might've been lynched.
  9. mertensia

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    This was okay. I was also amused by the lighter taking forever to light. I will always take Sam's side when it comes to clowns. Always. Aw, Dean knows all about Marta's family. Poor Mary.
  10. mertensia

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    I'd look tired and beat up too if I had to be around Trev and Bret 24/7.
  11. mertensia

    S02.E08: POV #3. Live Eviction #3

    Oh, you did not just diss my boys. Joey, exactly how sheltered are your kids that Blossom is too explicit to show them? Also, had your beard been longer and if you were blonde you would be a dead ringer for an old co-worker of mine. Who drank like a fish and smoked both pot and cigarettes like they were going out of style. You even ramble incoherently like he did some times.
  12. mertensia

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    Yeah, that's certainly a possibility. I will miss his cheerful obliviousness to all the backstabbing, though.
  13. mertensia

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    I missed it - what was her expression?
  14. mertensia

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    I wonder if Motto realized that fast constant pace just wasn't for him. I do admire him for being all calm and collected about it. This is at least the second time Mia's been all "I'm Puerto Rican. Booze, baby, booze!" Oh, quiet. Also, judges at what is an extended job interview should never be asking you if you're drunk.
  15. mertensia

    S05.E05: Pena Dura

    Bane: There's a puzzle to be solved? Jim (blase): It's Gotham. There are always puzzles to be solved. Yep. You been there too long, Jim.