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  1. mertensia

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    Jack just killed AUMichael in front of their eyes, though. They can be forgiven for being a little gun-shy of Jack at the moment.
  2. mertensia

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    It 's always nice seeing Adam Beach. I like that except for his knowledge of the origins of the monster his being Native American was irrelevant plot-wise. I'm fairly sure I have been in that bathroom at a state park. A little too realistic! The kohunta melting was new and the effect was cool. I'm fairly sure a teen can't sell beer, though.
  3. mertensia

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    Okay, call me a Philistine but I loved how the galaxy cake looked. Teehee! Champagne is for adults! Teehee! Adults like alcohol! Teehee! Go away, Sadie. Like mom didn't plan that whole bit out for you. Also, like I believe they're frosting warm cake. Nope. They clearly have a break for the cakes to cool.
  4. mertensia

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    Who dressed poor Nell? Those dresses were ugly. "I think I saw him on Arrow. " "You did." Heh.
  5. I know who I'm calling the next time I see one of those ginormous cockroaches in the lobby bathroom here at work. Because my usual modus operandi is to run out and make someone (usually my night cleaner) go kill it for me. I do so much better with snakes and lizards. Rob Benedict was on the NCIS: New Orleans again. He did not fare well.
  6. mertensia

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    I just watched Part one on Saturday night. Lordy Sadie's obnoxious. I'm glad they cut Neko (she's Irish, you know).
  7. mertensia

    S14.E15: Peace of Mind

    See, I saw that as the mayor's brainwashing rays working on Sam. He probably shared most people, had to let a few go because they were too famous/important to keep and may not have been able to control a paranoid schizophrenic not on his meds or an alcoholic too far gone but otherwise kept them.
  8. mertensia

    S14.E15: Peace of Mind

    Sam spelling out Hell like a little kid had me laughing. He does prissy really well. I didn't think it was the mayor, either. I actually thought it might be the woman running the boarding house as she had a walkman. My guess for the anachronisms is either writer error ( "so they didn't have walkable in the fifties? Really?" ) or the mayor allowed a few modernisms he liked. Walkmans while cleaning house, for example.
  9. mertensia

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    There is no reason you could not do both. Drown her as you are walking into the ocean. I wonder if Wendy is That Worker who is always pulling dumb pranks and trying to get everyone to go out karaoking after work and wins the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest every year.
  10. mertensia

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    I forgot this was on until the second hour. Why is there Tosi on my screen? Why?
  11. mertensia

    The Passage

    That was an excellent season ender. I love the interaction between Brad and Amy. Does Fox know how lucky they got with Saniyya Sidney? Babcock and Richards is both creepy and sad.
  12. mertensia

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    I enjoyed this. I have zero problems with Jack calling himself a Winchester. They think of him as one, so he is one. I keep wondering, though, if that grace wasn't a subterfuge of Michael's, though, and he slipped back into Dean or something while pretending to be absorbed by Jack.
  13. mertensia

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    I was somewhat surprised that Keith was the big explorer on the quest for rice (soon to be a Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay blockbuster movie) while Reem whined about everything as she dragged behind him. And lady, at least you got rice.
  14. mertensia

    The Enemy Within

    There was no security camera for Nemec's cell or door?
  15. It used to be - waaaay back when - that making canon characters gay in your fanfic, or when talking about them, was seen as very edgy. And boy, could some fans get vicious if you didn't agree that X or Y was gay.