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  1. AriadneB

    S07.E02: Alyssa & Tyler

    I agree. Every single time I hear the person being catfished say they wouldn't care if the person was NOT the person in the photos and looks different because they fell in love with the person's personality, I always chalk it up to them being young. Mostly because typically, the average person WILL need to find someone attractive at least partially to want to date them. The other part is because of the person's personality. Most people who are in monogamous relationships don't fall in love with their significant other solely based on their personality. Something about their S/O physically attracted them to that person.
  2. AriadneB

    S07.E01: Sheklia & Talli

    As soon as I saw the preview clip where Sheklia told Nev that she was using a fake profile to talk to "Talli", I wasn't going to two f*cks about her. She can have all the preferences she wants, but she can't demand he accept her no matter what DESPITE her catfishing him to begin but won't do the same for him. Based off of these comments, I'm willing to bet she would have had an issue with him being upset she wasn't the person she portrayed herself to "Talli" even though she herself said multiple times she wouldn't accept him if he wasn't the person in the photos. I couldn't be bothered with her in this episode and they are made for each other.
  3. AriadneB

    S05.E04: Brandon & McKenna

    But Kharece was a moron. She (& her friends) kept trying to talk Brandon into wanting her, & she just wouldn't hear that he didn't. Even when they did the follow ups she still wouldn't give up "I think he misses me more than he admits" NO HE DOESN'T, he does not want you to be his girlfriend, he has no romantic feelings for you at all, the best you'll ever be is an easy source of sex, but he does not want to date you, he told you to your face, with your girlfriends sitting next to you, on national TV, that he doesn't think of you that way. How did you not hear him? That's EXACTLY I don't 100% believe her because at the end she said that she thought he misses her more than he lets on even though what she wanted was for him to explicitly tell her how he felt about her to which he did! He literally gave her an answer to the question she's been wondering about for the past four years and now she doesn't want to buy it? Naw, I don't believe whatsoever after hearing her in the two month follow up!
  4. AriadneB

    S05.E11: Paris & Tara

    Glad to hear that, because that "Tara" is nuttier than squirrel turds! I'm completely confused as to why a human adult would move a child to another state without a solid plan in place. I mean a solid plan. Not a plan for someone else you met online to take care of you, but a plan...and a backup plan. And how did you not have any money between you and your mom? Why should someone be saddled with the responsibility for financially supporting three people she isn't related to? Oh, and not to rain on Mary's pity parade, but most states have emergency aid/welfare, especially if you have a child. I suspect Mary, with her child, ended up with some sort of government aid. Which is fine, because a kid shouldn't have to suffer for being born to a fool....but I don't think this was the great betrayal that left Mary panhandling in the streets. Mary kept talking about that night in the women's shelter, so is this really all over one night in a shelter? Due to her piss poor planning? I knew something was up with Mary when she could only say that Paris was manipulative, but she couldn't really back it up with any examples. I mean, if I call a person horrible, you bet I've got a few stories to back my opinion. Exactly! I mean this is a woman who was at LEAST 5 years older than Paris. So she should have had a back up plan TO her back up plan. And it is odd that neither her nor her mother had ANY money between them when they moved.