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  1. jhlipton

    Into The Badlands

    I'm glad that they're wrapping it up, and that they knew beforehand that this was the end. I'm ready for Sunday (1st new episode) and Mondays (all other episodes).
  2. jhlipton

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    Nygma/Cobblepot are pretty close though!
  3. jhlipton

    The Village

    One more quibble -- the men at the home would have been Korean or Vietnam vets . It seemed like the show was treating them like WW2 vets, which just no.
  4. jhlipton

    Single Parents

    Not where I live. The only store that has a gas station nearby is Costco. The local grocery store has a gas station nearby, but getting from one to the other is a hassle (and it's one of the more expensive stations).
  5. jhlipton

    Good Girls

    Since we were talking about Claws: the other advantage that show has over this one is that those ladies wouldn't hesitate to cap a b***. Mary Pat should replace Beth as the brains of the operation. She might be scared of Rio, but she'd stand up to him (or find a way around him) better than the trio has.
  6. Especially since it looks like he shot her in the back and she went down. I expected the next thing to be a "POW! POW!" and that would be the end of her. Talk about THICK Plot Armor!!!
  7. jhlipton

    The Village

    I put it more in the "Sorry for your loss" after a death category -- where the thought matters more than the words. It's trite, but it's not counterproductive the way "thoughts and prayers" replace doing something to prevent a future tragedy.
  8. jhlipton

    Single Parents

    I thought Miggy looked better, actually. I was sad for no Prince reference, though, especially given the color of the hat.
  9. jhlipton

    God Friended Me

    And didn't the editor spefically site the Millenial Prophet as what he wanted Cara to cover (in which case she just says that she has a conflict of interest).
  10. jhlipton

    Single Parents

    No one watched this week or it was too meh to comment? None of the stories really resonated with me. And Rory was way over the top.
  11. jhlipton

    The Village

    Blah. So hackneyed and trite. Delightful old codger. Gruff but caring vet (did you know that he doesn't like "thank you for your service"?). Pregnant teen wo considers abortion for about 10 seconds (because no one on TV ever gets an abortian!). Magical Negroes with history-filled bar and cancer (because TV writers don't know any other diseases!) I'll watch because my wife likes it, but probably do something else while it plays. But will you sit? beg? roll over????
  12. More like Jackie Oh-NO!!!, amiright???
  13. jhlipton

    The Passage

    I want to see a movie headlined by Saiyya Sidney and Marsai Martin (Diane on black-ish) . These two young women are so accomplished -- I'm sure great things await them.
  14. jhlipton

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    I personally think it's a hugge fake-out and that Chimney's going to be fine. Unless the actor wanted to leave, he's got THICK Plot Armor. It was the flying tackle by the other two officers that made my day. WHAP!!! The newscast playing in the kidnappers house said that both were 'stable". Just ask Arachne! That was very cool.
  15. jhlipton

    The Passage

    BOOOO! Still, this is only "possible" and won't be sure until May. And there's always a chance it can find a home elsewhere.