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  1. MrsEVH

    S01:E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    I think it was Robin who guessed (or said) Haliey, Idaho.
  2. One was Nicole Hamilton and I think the other was Justine.
  3. Same thing with those with lots of tattoos or body piercings. People l are going to stare or look at you weird. I know they shouldn't but they will. I work in medical records at a large hospital and see all kinds of "unusual" names.
  4. Yes it is. Not crazy about the name Everett for a girl.
  5. Kelsey and Kelli were Ice Angels for a season.
  6. The New Orleans Saintsations have a male cheerleader.
  7. Looks like Brandi Kilby (Colbert) has her hands full with 6 kids From Her IG: brandi.colbert #4under4 has been my life since September! #4babiesin4years...... But tonight is the last night for that. My 2nd baby, Samara, will be 4 years old tomorrow! My life is full of little bitty people 24/7. Im always tired, I am doing laundry, changing diapers and cleaning throw up, seemingly, at all times, my house is pretty much always a mess (and so am I) and I absolutely wouldn't change it for anything!❤......oh, and another fun fact: 2019 is the first year I haven't been pregnant since 2013! 🤣
  8. I recall Kitty asking Katy if she was Hispanic but didn't catch the chocolate bar comment. Kelli asked Judy why are Brooke's arms were so thick.
  9. Is Gracie the Grace whose a current DSIG and former AAIA or is this a different girl?
  10. Is that Kylee from DSIG? Only saw her face briefly.
  11. It was mentioned during SG audition deliberations on that episode..