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  1. I think she made it to finals but not TC. She did re-audition for the KC Chiefs Cheerleaders but didn't make it. Not sure if it was after her cut from TC or after the cut from finals.
  2. Ashley Paige. For some reason Kelli didn't like her and picked on her. I have to wonder why they chose her for TC.
  3. Former DCC Jenna Lene https://710keel.com/mudbugs-plan-girls-with-goals-seminar-for-saturday-video/
  4. Anyone know if Lindsay Waldrop, former Spurs silver dancer is auditioning for the DCC? That girl just can't seem to make any other teams except USA cheerleaders. Also I wonder if Jenna Allison will audition for any others since the Silver dancers disbanded.
  5. According to the MDC Twitter page Brooke Nix taught a dance class. She must have not broken all the ties with them.
  6. Most HS seniors don't graduate until June; at least that's how it is here in Wisconsin. Since auditions are in May how does that work? I recall Kathryn Dunn in season 3 saying at prelims she " would" be graduating from (name) of school.
  7. Probably means by getting some tattoos, divorcing her husband so soon, having a baby and not married. I know these things are the norm today but most former DCCs haven't done it. JMO.
  8. OT: I think Starr Jones did that for her wedding. That marriage didn't last that long.
  9. The video of Shelly doing the 1994 calendar shoot after returning from having a baby. She mentions the baby's name as Dylan whose 2 years old. He must be her first born and Dayton must have come along later.
  10. The Allen Ice Angels did a calendar shoot there a few years ago.
  11. Yes that's her. She was in the same rookie class as Danielle and Jasmine. Kelli said she had " male appeal ". Seems like some of these former DCC s go back to their natural hair color. So they must not have been natural blondes.
  12. Jessica was on the podcast last year. Briana was on the podcast with Taylor. From what I recall neither was asked about re auditioning.
  13. Makes me think of that Duran Duran song Rio.
  14. Former DCC Emily Claire and her two kids.
  15. She's changed "careers" a few times.