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  1. magicdog

    The Sounds of Our Lives (formerly General Music Discussion)

    Always liked Tommy Roe, and Dizzy has always been a fave of mine! I liked his first hit, Sheila too, even it was was a bit too close to Buddy Holly's Peggy Sue. If Holly had lived, he might have sued.
  2. magicdog

    Paid Streaming Services

    I understand this since as long as it's a moneymaker they'll drag it out until it doesn't (like if the cast salary becomes too big or the show becomes too expensive to produce), but I see your point. There are so many shows over the years (even back in the days of classic TV) that should have ended their runs much sooner. As for Netflix, the Marvel shows were cancelled not because they weren't popular, but largely due to the recent merger with Disney. It's corporate politics that got those shows cancelled. I came across this YT poster (I really enjoy his commentaries on both culture and pop culture) who did an interesting analysis on where streaming sits are headed - and sadly, it seems they are headed down the path cable TV did.
  3. magicdog

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    Agreed, although there was a time when working hard meant promotions and raises and other perks. These jerks (along with a lot of other latter day bosses ) just don't bother with that anymore. I hope your co-worker is doing better. Guess who took the time to exploit their kid today? Yup - Bitcheroo! This time, her kid was shown counting in what seemed to be gibberish. According to her, it was Russian. She insists her kid is just so smart since no one speaks Russian at home (although he has an abuela who speaks Spanish). Supposedly he went to seek out speaking another language on his own. Now, normally, I encourage kids to seek out knowledge on their own and I applaud when they teach themselves something constructive. However, the only way this might have happened was if he was on the computer and maybe searched it out (or maybe someone has a language DVD at home), but if it's the former, that means he may have gone on the computer alone (mommy claimed it was a big surprise he started speaking Russian out of the blue) which I do not approve of, since kids should always be supervised when going online. Plus, this kid isn't even in kindergarten yet, so naturally, "The Boy Who Cried Yacht", has graced our viewers with his intellectual prowess! I should take it easy on Bitcheroo - so far she's kept her distance from me, and that's about all I can ask for!
  4. magicdog

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Larry Ditillio, co-creator of the original She-Ra, for Filmation has died . He went on to do plenty of other work in both live action and animated work including He Man, Centurians, Galaxy High School, Bionic Six, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, The Real Ghostbusters, Swamp Thing, and Babylon 5 (which was created by J Michael Straczynski)
  5. How's this for embarrassingly late: When I was in single digits, I used to watch Mission Magic, a Filmation cartoon featuring a young Rick Springfield. The show revolved around a magical teacher named Miss Tickle, and a class of students who used to accompany her and Rick on various magical adventures. Then I finally realized, Miss Tickle was a variant on the word, Mystical!!!
  6. magicdog

    The Karate Kid (1984)

    Looks like it's getting a re-release for its 35th anniversary!! I must go to this! Especially since I saw the film for the first time in theaters way back when! There will also be some exclusive clips from Season 2 of Cobra Kai (for those of you who have not yet seen it, I highly recommend it!)
  7. magicdog

    Cobra Kai

    Update: It seems the first 2 episodes of Season 2 have been prescreened at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, TX and so far, the love is off the charts according to those who've seen it! Here is one review: The reviewer is sworn to secrecy as he has seen all 10 eps of Season 2 but could say that the first episode as predicted, picked up moments from where the finale left off. Also, Looks like Kreese and Johnny DO get into it!! Found a few vids that may be of interest: ET Canada interviewed Ralph Macchio, William Zabka and Martin Kove on the upcoming season - although no real spoilers to chat about. The Kove interview: This one is a bit of a wildcard: It's from a fan who regularly did a chat on the show and discussing variables between characters. Now he did a video on speculation that Kreese is indeed real and not a ghost/hallucination of Johnny's: I like this guy's channel - and he did a great video on Easter eggs from Season 1. Now he does an examination on the Season 2 trailer:
  8. magicdog

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    I totally understand your plight. I think there are many people today who fall into one of two catagories in this scenario: plain rude, and indignant. The latter is usually born of frustration and the belief that people like your boss are too good to grace them with her presence. Then they thing you are the gatekeeper (and you are) and feel like they’re getting the brush off and treated like they don’t matter. Sure you were doing your job and I’m certain you were as honest and polite as possible, but that seems to be the prevailing perception these days.
  9. magicdog

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    So sorry to hear of JMV’s death but I expected it. He had been in fair to poor health for a while now. I saw an interview he did with an Australian reporter and he looked and sounded awful! I think his mind was affected as well, as he seemed to be constantly searching for words. i loved watching Airwolf back in the day but I’ll always remember him from one of his first regular roles on TV: Danger Island (from THe Banana Splits Show) . Of course he was also Charles Bronson’s protege in the original “The Mechanic”.
  10. magicdog

    TV Tropes You Hate

    I’m fine with that!
  11. magicdog

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Actually, Pete was the oldest of the four (born in 1942). Davy the youngest ((born 1945). I remember having a conversation with my father (who wasn’t much older than they were as he was born in 1939) and he was surprised when I told him how old the guys were at that point. Despite the guys being in their 70s now still makes me feel they were too young. It’s weird when you see birth years in the 1940s and hearing news of their passing. You forget they’re not 25 anymore. Since the show and music have been around so long and new fans introduced over the years, they seem eternally young. When the show was running on MTV back in ‘86, there were teens who thought the show was brand new!!
  12. magicdog

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Just now hearing of Pete's death saddens me deeply. I've seen the Monkees at various times (and various pairings depending on who was willing and able to tour at a given time) and enjoyed all the work these guys put into their concerts. Peter always came across to me as a sensitive soul. He had battled alcoholism (sober since '81) and battled so many other personal demons before finally being able to comfortably shoulder being a Monkee, but also being Peter Tork - musician, artist, part time actor, and full time character.
  13. magicdog

    The Monkees

    NO!!!! Not Peter! No!! No!! I'm in tears right now!!
  14. magicdog

    Cobra Kai

    I'm a bit annoyed the other threads for the show disappeared, but we can always rebuild them, right? I found this video in which the poster learned that a few more original KK cast members will likely be making appearances in Season 2 as they were listed under cast members (not sure if they'll be cameos/one-offs or as regulars): It seems Israel Juarbe ("Freddy Fernandez") and Sean Kanan ("Mike Barnes") will be there, as will Rob Thomas ("Bobby Brown"). This makes me suspect there may be a class reunion episode in the works since it would allow for one off appearances and allow viewers to find out what became of many of the characters. I predict with Freddy Fernandez, we'll learn he was the one who planned to use Daniel and set up the rivalry between him and Johnny so that the other guys could try to get a chance at Ali (since everyone feared incurring his wrath as he still considered her his girlfriend). There's also a podcast for the show called the Cobra Kai Kompanion. Here's the FB version: Cobra Kai Companion.
  15. My guess is TPTB wanted to show the audience that if the original actors appeared in it, then they were okay with the film. I also saw the film in theaters and it didn’t suck as much as I thought it would but I would have preferred the girls had been operating as a GB franchise in a different city in the same universe rather than what we ended up with.