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  1. Dee121

    All Episodes Talk

    Little bit late talking about this tweet, but I saw it mentioned elsewhere and wanted to bring it up for discussion. Her lack of utility to the show has nothing to do with her gender, and it annoys me that he pulled that card out as a response to it. I would have respected an answer about how she brings a unique perspective or nearly anything else far more than this strawman argument.
  2. I was going to disagree with this, until I realized that most sexually active women not on birth control are trying to get pregnant and possibly do hope that the start of menstrual symptoms are signs of pregnancy. Which confuses me. Was this really an accident, or does this oddball think it was a cute way to announce the pregnancy?
  3. Dee121

    S05.E12: Vince & Alyssa

    I would really like to read or watch a crew interview on this one. The way even Nev was already seeming like he had enough Vince before the started the road trip makes me wonder just how badly he presented himself during the taping. I imagine the production crew could tell some interesting stories about most of these episodes.