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  1. AES13

    Aquaman (2018)

    I thought it was fun trash. What bothers me is the potential that gets squandered: they have the money to create great CGI effects, a decent director, and mostly fine actors, but they didn't bother writing a decent script. I don't think there was nearly enough character development for anyone. It really struck me as being analogous to Thor; I just hope I don't have to wait until the 3rd movie in the series to get a decent movie.
  2. The last one is Thor Ragnarok or Westworld, which I just started watching on Friday. :)
  3. AES13

    S06.E18: Fundamentals

    I'm just glad that for the first time in a long time, I feel optimistic and enthusiastic about watching the next episode. It's been ages since I didn't feel like I was wasting my time with this show. It does make me wonder if this was the writers' and show runners' first opportunity to course correct. I'm somewhat hopeful now that the rest of the season might be okay.
  4. I'm excited by the idea; I just hope it doesn't turn out looking like a copy of "Red Sparrow", whose main character seems to have a very similar background to Black Widow's. I have no idea what the official canon of BW's past is but judging by the movies (and the scads of fanfiction I've read), the film should have Bucky, Hawkeye, Coulson, Fury, and Hill at the very least.
  5. AES13

    S02.E07: Birdwatching

    I want to enjoy this show as much as I did during the 1st season but they keep asking me to suspend my disbelief too much. Riggs (supposedly a police officer) has actually been a danger to the public in the last couple of episodes and it's played for laughs. Murtaugh acts like a neanderthal doofus and I question why his wife is still with him. Both issues would be helped by not playing everything to the extreme. Given how quiet it's been here lately, it makes me think I'm not the only one who questions why I'm bothering to watch. The answer for me (of course) is Clayne Crawford. I find him very charismatic and just wish they would use him better. Once he's "over" his guilt about his father's death, what's next? Does his dog die? Whatever happened to his dog?
  6. AES13

    S02.E04: Flight Risk

    I enjoyed it but a few things bugged me: wouldn't the death of the robbery victim be on Adrian Pasdar's character's head? The victim died during the robbery committed by AP so even if it was his own gun, AP would be on the hook for it. Also, how did the bad guys know to go to Chinatown to find AP? Riggs and Murtaugh only knew because the daughter told them. Those kinds of things don't bother me that much though. What really irks me is how goofy Roger is getting. I don't mind him being playful but sometimes it verges on doofus territory.
  7. AES13

    Cahill, Palmer , or Somebody New for Riggs

    The ethical quagmire of a therapist having a relationship with a patient puts me off Cahill completely. The fact that the actress fits into the brittle, RBF, anorexic-looking mode of Katie Cassidy and Abigail Spencer puts me off too, but chacun a son gout!
  8. AES13

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Going back to the weather for a minute, I'm also in Vancouver which, as long as you don't have a problem not seeing the sun for a few weeks at a time, is very pleasant without many extremes. I did spend half my life in Montreal and while I would never want to move back and deal with snow for 5 months a year, I do miss the occasional snow storm and having your nose hairs freeze when it's -20 C.
  9. My rewatchables are: Iron Man 1 and 3, Capt 1 and 2, Avengers 1, 2 and 3 (Civil War); I also don't mind Ant-Man and Dr. Strange. I own pretty much all of them except Thor 1 & 2 which, apart from Chris Hemsworth's physique and the character of Darcy, didn't do much for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Thor: Ragnarok because the trailer was awesome and there's a distinct change in tone. I try not to rewatch them that often because it turns into a marathon every time. :)
  10. AES13

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Vancouver property is ridiculously expensive. You won't find much if anything under $1 million (almost par with Australian dollars or about $743,000 US). Our movie prices aren't great, ranging from about $12 to $25 for the VIP theatres. I'm not a fan of 3D since for the vast majority of movies it doesn't add much, but I'll happily pay the extra $3 to reserve my seat. The last movie I was willing to wait in line for 2 hours for decent seats was Superman Returns; I'm too old to do that anymore. Looking forward to Wonder Woman on Saturday!
  11. The craziest one I kept reading for far too long was this one: Still Waters and Quiet Men. The author stopped updating more than 2 years ago but she had written over 800,000 words before that. I probably gave up after 400,000 words but I regret waiting that long. There was a lot of clothes description in that one too. I can't imagine having read all of it only for the story to end with presumably no resolution.
  12. AES13

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    Thanks again for all the researching, cutting, pasting and bolding that you do, @tv echo! I'm grateful to have the round up every week.
  13. AES13

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Have you tried London Drugs, @statsgirl? I've seen them there.
  14. AES13

    S05.E14: The Sin-Eater

    I honestly thought this was worse than last week. The "very special" episode was at least an attempt, no matter how ham-fisted, at addressing an actual issue. It was laughably bad but they sort of tried. This week was just dumb. They had this all female team up (one blond, one brunette, one redhead, of course) but don't give them a chance to really interact. The B team seemed pretty inept, except for Dinah's superpower, and Oliver seemed to not have a clue as to how he was coming across, to Prometheus' mother, to Susan, or to the head of the ACU. He basically outed himself to the guy and made it apparent that the mayor's office was rife with corruption. I enjoyed seeing Thea (although I wish they'd stop crimping her hair) but they really dumbed Felicity down in order for the blame to fall squarely on Thea's shoulders. Thea approaches Felicity and has to specifically ask her to hack into Susan's computer? When confronted by Oliver, she has no idea what exactly Thea had her plant? I don't buy it. I'm hanging on with the eventual hope of Olicity coming back, but they are making it harder and harder.