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  1. greyhorse

    S06.E14: Ties That Bind

    Well, you can't help who you are attracted to, at least usually that's how it works. And her plan was to not have anyone find out. I'm not really sure how Voight found out, was it that they arrived together on scene at the same time prior to work one day, I can't recall. Did Kim clue in because of the tender moment prior to Adam going undercover? Did she know before hand? He said something like "leave the bad at home". Yeah, I'm not sure if he was referring to Halstead taking offense to Adam's assertion that he screwed up either. Or that Kim and Adam had a breakup? Not really sure what he was referring to. How convenient that Kim's gym is named Easton. What if it hadn't? Upton is such a tough ass woman. This is at least the second or third time that she's really gotten beat-up. Yet she always looks flawless the next week.
  2. greyhorse

    S02.E01: Season Premiere

    Meh. If you have to explain why everybody is a "celebrity", then they're probably not really celebrities. I wish it would be just regular folk. This is going to be a season of C and D list celebrities all trying to top one another at being the loudest, most obnoxious, fighting for the limelight, etc.
  3. Enjoyed the episode, but I could do without any more Koa. Can't stand him. The look, the hair, the slow dimwitted delivery of his words... meh. I hope he doesn't get the Adam treatment and become somehow become part of 5-0.
  4. greyhorse

    S06.E11: Trust

    As Halstead said... "This is Chicago." Admit it, if this was just cops chasing bad guys, the show would be boring and you wouldn't be watching. Corruption is what makes this show.
  5. greyhorse

    S06E10: Brotherhood

    Have Upton and Jay ever hooked up? I remember she and him were hanging out in her apartment drinking or something, but they've never actually been together, right? Upton telling Jay that she should have told him about her and Ruzek makes it seem like there was something between the two of them. I just can't recall.
  6. greyhorse

    S06.E06: True or False

    Not sure I follow your line of thinking. You are upset that Atwater is a straight and narrow, by-the-book cop who doesn't toe the line? I don't understand what him being black has anything to do with it. If you had a whole unit of corrupt cops, then how is that interesting? The drama surfaces because you have Antonio playing it straight vs. Voight's questionable tactics. Atwater was more than willing to watch Burgess allow that perp to die and not say anything, more because of his loyalty to Burgess rather than anything more sinister.
  7. greyhorse

    S04. E03. The Quantico Affair

    Missed the first episode because we had a power outage. Now trying to catch up. I think Weller's hair is grown out more this year? No longer the close cropped shaved look? I find it distracting. Not sure how much longer I'm going to be on this show. I can't stand that all of a sudden Jane is evil and this "I can't stand him" talk. Also hate this Roman stuff. Agree that the episode lacked because we didn't even see any of the train bomb action. Was their budget blown and therefore they couldn't show any at all?
  8. greyhorse

    S06.E05: Fathers and Sons

    I totally forgot that Ruzek's dad was a cop. Odd that it's not been mentioned more. Is Voight taking a backseat in a bunch of the latest episodes? Seems like he doesn't get as much screen time these days. I know it's not a popular opinion here on these boards, but I really like Upton. Maybe it's because I'm partial to blondes, but I think the actress is hot. Nice to see her in some normal clothes and nightclub wear. Yowza.
  9. greyhorse

    S07.E02: Going to War

    I just got caught up. Yeah, I get that the actress is off the show or will soon be off the show. But couldn't they have come up with a better storyline than Gaby goes to Puerto Rico and Casey is a Chicago guy? How does a married couple just make that decision and give each other a hug and that's it? So unrealistic. It would have been better off to kill off the character, or infidelity and divorce, etc. You can't just end a marriage in one episode and then expect everyone to believe it. Maybe they are leaving the door open for a return? Gosh I hope not.
  10. greyhorse

    S01.E10 Nobody is ever missing

    Never thought the hostile takeover would work, because without Logan as the head of the empire, then really what do we have? But wondering how long this show can go. It's called "Succession", so obviously there has to be some plan for the future and who gets to take over. If Logan is healthy and not retiring, then is that really going to be a focus again? Will be interesting to see if/how Kendall is brought back into the fold. Would like to really know what the deal is with Roman. He likes women, but he just doesn't sleep with them? Why bring the woman that hooked up with Tom to the wedding as his date? Was expecting so much more from the reception of Tom and Shiv. Seemed like any old wedding, aside from it being in what looked to be a castle. I think I heard the ubiquitous Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" that is played at every wedding and Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl", but some of the music seemed so stodgy for a youngish couple. I enjoyed Logan's speech about family (could see that speech being said a lot at many a wedding) and hated Roman's (but then again, that's what we expect from him). Shouldn't Tom's father have said a few words? Maybe I missed it.
  11. greyhorse

    S01.E05 Went to Market

    Forgot to add that I love the haunting score played at the end of each episode, as we get a brief snippet of each character deep in thought, pondering the day's mess and what is to come. Just beautifully shot and makes you wanting more. I'm really enjoying this series after reluctantly watching only because there wasn't anything that caught my interest.
  12. greyhorse

    S01.E05 Went to Market

    Yeah, I guess she really IS a call girl. I think at the hospital they just made references to it, but at the time I thought it was just because she was semi-attractive and much younger than Connor. The scene at the end where he is asleep and she is sitting up in bed staring makes us think that even with this financial arrangement, she really doesn't want to be part of this nonsense and would probably rather be hooking up with multiple other men each night. Money can't buy you happiness, as the saying goes. I absolutely find Tom to be the worst of all of them. His character is written so over-the-top it's comical, but I really do think there are people like this in corporate America. He's not at the top, but he's striving to get there, so he exerts his pseudo-power by belittling those beneath him. And he thinks he can most easily do to the family patsy in Greg. Pretty smart of Greg to keep a copy of it seems like random first pages to the files. What do you bet that Greg loses his backpack? Either that or they find a stored digital copy of everything that was copied on the copy machine. I think my copier at work has that option, so you always got to be careful what you put on there. I agree with those that think Roman is closeted. Certainly a lot of signs and the comment from Grace about having sex only once every 6 months is certainly suggestive. Who exactly is Grace? I don't remember her at all from the previous episodes. I think of all the siblings, I find Shiv the most real. Connor is probably the least objectionable because he's the one with the least ambition. But the character development of Shiv really comes across as the most authentic. We know that she won't cave into Tom's lawyer mother, so it'll be fun to see Tom get bent over and shafted with the prenup. What can Tom expect anyway? "You come from money, I don't." So Logan remembering everything at the very end? It suggests he has periods of lucency where he thinks crystal clear? I wonder if they're going to take it to a level where he acts all crazy but really knows what he is doing. Should be fun to watch.
  13. greyhorse

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    I'm too dumb to watch this show. Not that all the hosts aren't nude all the time, I'm not sure I'll be back for season 3...
  14. greyhorse

    S02.E07: Les Ecorches

    I've decided that I'm just not smart enough to understand this show. I'll keep watching, but I'll continue to be utterly confused at who is who, what is what, when is when. Not sure how I feel about watching a showing where I have to continue to look up recaps and discussion on the internet to figure out what the heck is going on. Kudos to all you posters here who really seem to get it, you are much much smarter than me!
  15. greyhorse

    S08.E25: Waiho wale kahiko (Ancients Exposed)

    Late to the party here, but finally caught up. I too am amazed this was the season finale. It ends with Junior telling Tani to do the right thing? Huh? That's the cliffhanger? I couldn't give two cents about what happens to Adam. Wish he would just go live with Kono...you know...his WIFE! Loved the scene where Grover, Tani, and Junior in the back seat are driving and Junior makes a comment about him being an expert in reading body language, and then Tani says something like "or is it just my body you're watching?", and then Junior starts to agree before he realizes what he is saying. The smirk on Tani's face and the eyebrow raising look by Grover was awesome. Those two just need to get it over with. I imagine the whole restaurant thing was for some comedic relief. But it's just dumb. Overplayed. Not needed. I'm hoping Kamekona buys them out and it turns out to be wildly successful.