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  1. LisainCali

    S07.E05: On the Prowl

    I really am only committed to two reality competition shows - Top Chef and Project Runway. For the life of me I cannot figure out why Alyssa Milano has that job. She just looks like a mess. Who the hell is her stylist? I cringed this week when she left the stage with the snake and her back and arms were pouring out over the top. It’s hard for me to listen to her critiques. By the way, I’m not a small woman, but I don’t try to pour my Size 14 self into a size 10 dress. Alyssa needs a new stylist.
  2. LisainCali

    Good Eats Reloaded

    I bought an electronic kitchen scale a number of years ago and am still surprised how often I pull it out. It has quite a few uses, not the least of which is measuring mail and packages so I don’t have to stand in line at the Post Office! I don’t seriously bake very often anymore but it sure came in handy when I did.
  3. LisainCali

    Good Eats Reloaded

    I’m not used to it either! 😱
  4. LisainCali

    The Good Karma Hospital

    Yes, it gets better. For me, it was calm yet boring at first. I rejoined it a few months later and have watched all episodes. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for Season 3. Its not particularly funny, not political, not hair-raising. It won’t have you clenching your fists or get get your adrenaline going. It’s sweet, mildly humorous drama in an exotic and beautiful setting. I love it...
  5. LisainCali

    Good Morning America

    Eva Pilgrim has the worst eyebrows I’ve seen in a long time. I’m guessing she’s had a brow lift, or facelift. But she looks like a bad kabuki mask now. It’s a shame. For me, it’s so distracting that I almost can’t watch the show. Love George and Whit though....
  6. LisainCali

    Good Morning America

    I always give Robin a pass that she’s off so much. She had a couple of nasty runs with cancer. I always hope that she’s okay and that she is just easily tired or something. I’m hoping she’s not “living with chemo.” Weekend GMA is another story. I hate that Dan is gone (or seems to be). Whit left NBC Los Angeles to go BACK to ABC. He was a morning anchor here. I prefer a different show here, but he was my second choice. He’s very solid and easy on the eyes. No real opinion on the two women that are on this morning.
  7. LisainCali

    S02.E09: White Rock

    Latecomer to this show and this board.....I LOVE this show. The kids are jerks, but that’s the way kids are in adolescence, which seems to be a correct time. Later in life is a catastrophe... IMHO, everyone rebels at some point in their lives. The people who don’t rebel in high school, rebel in their 40s. Leave their wives and children, or have an affair with their boss, go live on some island, etc. IMHO, everyone rebels at some point. But I live in SoCal, so maybe we’re different. I doubt it.
  8. LisainCali

    S05.E08: Week 5: Part 1

    Because it’s a full time job. Because it’s a full time job
  9. LisainCali

    Christopher Kimball's Milk Street

    Just an update that I have deleted this show from my DVR. So boring, so uninspiring. Too bad.
  10. LisainCali

    S05.E15: Simply Slices

    My impression is that they DIDN’T have hard numbers, which is why he culled together a random focus group. Did you notice the “financials” that Dear Old Dad provided? Very, very basic - Sales made, money spent. I think Marcus would have been very impressed if DOD had provided a detailed P&L. Plus, even DOD would know enough to trim down his flavors drastically to match what is actually popular. I think. My DVR cut off at the exact one hour mark so I’d love to know if anything happened with the ostracized son.
  11. LisainCali

    Christopher Kimball's Milk Street

    I was really disappointed when I found out ATK was suing Chris for stealing, well, everything. I’m a little late to this party. I’ve DVR’d Milk Street and have watched 3 episodes so far. To me, it’s an identical program with different cooks. Milk Street is a total rip-off of ATK, imho. Add to it, the stolen emails ATK has posted online and the blatant employee-robbing....well, I hope Chris has a lot of ? for the attorney fees and settlement.... His hatred of any heat whatsoever in food doesn’t pair well with a lot of International cuisines like Thai, Indian, Mexican, Korean, etc. if you don’t like spice, I’m not going to trust your palate on Mexican food. I personally don’t believe it when he now eats something with even a hint of spice in it and claims it is wonderful. I guess what I’m saying is that his palate is suspect to me in this environment, whereas it was mostly spot-on in the Northern European style of cooking that he is trying to leave behind.
  12. LisainCali

    S06.E02: Once You've Ruled Out God

    I might be on my own on this, but Joan’s wardrobe is often the LEAST of my favorite things about the show. I often feel like they’re trying to strangle her. Case in point, that black and white number she wore last week. Heavy long-sleeve white T-shirt under that very cute black sleeveless sweater. Suit and tie this week. Add heavy, masculine shoes/boots . She used to dress a lot quirkier. Sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss. I’m not saying they need to make her a sex kitten, but it’s nice when they occasionally make her look like something less than an uptight schoolmarm.
  13. LisainCali

    S31.E35: The Clown Did It (Marlene Warren)

    Last night, 20/20 DID show the clown room and Marlene’s mom explained that these paintings were drawn by Marlene when she was just a girl. They also said that Marlene always loved clowns. I think John Wayne Gacy ruined clown-love for most of us....I don’t know how you reconcile your daughters love for clowns, her personal artwork about her funny, loving clowns...and her being murdered by a clown.
  14. LisainCali

    S16.E02: Auditions

    I’m out. I think the selection of the judges is pretty bad. You’ve got 3 people who are known for being “very nice” which makes for a snooze fest at parties and on TV. Someone is going to have to be the a-hole, imho. Guess it will be Katy, if she’s willing to be BitchKitty. Youve got amazingly talented and successful judges on The Voice, but I don’t believe they’ve produced a superstar, ever. AI sure did because of Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. They made a great living prior to AI finding talent and shaping them into stars. Paula brought the crazy ?, along with some of the contestants. So far I hate this show and have only been able to watch half of Episode 1 and 2.
  15. LisainCali

    S05.E10: Fighting for Farrell's

    I can’t figure out the allure of the prep station for kids. I believe Marcus said that was a big profit center for them I’m in the minority on the Toy Department hate. When I used to take my kids to Farrell’s, we always had to wait in a pretty long line for a table. I wasn’t much of a candy-briber, so one of their random trinkets would help keep them occupied. I don’t know about “forgetting” to buy a gift for todays birthday, but I DO know about being slammed with boy and girl commitments and thinking, “I’ll just grab something when I get there.” Small selection of cards, and gift bags with tissue paper. Seems to me the toy area is a good use of otherwise unused space.