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  1. Biosynth

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    All I can say is, can we be done with Moclans for a little while? I'm burning out.
  2. Biosynth

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    Not to mention that there was that episode, "Mad Idolatry" in which Isaac went to that planet from a different timeline. He spent 7 centuries there. So, technically, Isaac had quite a lot of years on him. He's centuries old. Just because his character LOOKS 25 doesn't mean that he's 25. And anyway, what does it matter, really. I'm 6 years older than my husband and we make it work just fine.
  3. Biosynth

    S02.E04: Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes

    When I was a kid, my Aunt and Uncle took me to the Kennedy Center to see the play Ulysses. Yul Brynner was in it. When we were in the lobby during intermission, I saw him storm past, seemingly upset about something. I remember asking my aunt why he looked so angry. I don't really remember what she said, but it was still cool to see Yul in person so close!
  4. Biosynth

    The Umbrella Academy

    I thought about the same.
  5. Biosynth

    S03.E14: Showdown At Standard Burger

    I live near Washington DC and to be honest, if I had seen a $14 price on a burger, I'd either order something else or go somewhere else.
  6. Biosynth

    S06.E06: Jackie's Cookie Connection 2019.02.13

    I watched this with my husband. My parents were in the bakery business. I grew up seeing the operation of this business. It's not the easiest thing to do. I did turn to my husband and say "Geez, why didn't she start out like a lot of people and cater from a website rather than having a physical business right away?" A lot of people do that. After you save up the capital, then open a brick and mortar store? I guess people don't know that's an option? *shrug*
  7. Biosynth

    Kindred Spirits

    They did a show on the Farnsworth house and a haunted mirror. I got so excited because I have a friend who works there. I asked him about it and he confirms that that mirror is bad news.
  8. Everyone is coming down on Lolo about being upset, but I don't blame her. She feels betrayed and frustrated. To be honest, if it were me, I'd have a little snark for someone who I kept safe who then turned around and booted me. I get trying to be a graceful loser, but still, it's got to be upsetting when you put your whole game on someone who couldn't care less about you. She must have been thinking that she should have stuck with Tom and Kato.
  9. Biosynth

    S02.E11: Double Eviction

    I keep telling my husband that they ought to do an all older BB and they gang up on the youngsters and boot them out. haha. All the comps would be intellect based. HA!
  10. Yeah, but at least Jim could speak. I know it seemed disconnected with his voice, but Tamar opens her mouth and it really sounds like her vocal chords are non functional at first.
  11. Biosynth

    The Masked Singer

    Maybe it's just me, but figuring out who these singers are is secondary to the fabulous costumes for me. But then, that's the cosplay in me. Also, Nick, please stop using a hard G in Singer. Seen G ur. Ug.
  12. Biosynth

    Season Five Episode Talk

    I have to say, I've had premade fondant and it's terrible and I've had hand made marshmallow fondant and it's amazing. But I'm sure they aren't making it by hand on this show.
  13. Biosynth

    Season Five Episode Talk

    I noticed two of the 3 cakes were leaning, yet they only commented on one. Strange. The winning cake, in fact, was one of them. I didn't really like any of the cakes, honestly. And these days if something isn't punch you in the face red and green I pretty much say to the TV, "They're going to hate it. There's some brown in there!"
  14. Biosynth

    S11. E16. Grudge Match Finale

    Hey Christian! How's it feel to lose, you loud mouthed jerk? I'm grateful that this season is over. I never want to see Christian again. If they bring him back next year, I'm dropping this show. If EJ is back, I'm out too. I hate him equally as much as I hate Christian.
  15. Biosynth


    You all echoed some of my thoughts. I thought it was interesting, but confusing. I'm willing to give it a few more episodes though. At some point I turned to my husband and said, "Why don't they just put the telepath into a coma and get him out when they are ready?" Also, I think the telepath may have saved that woman in the shower rather than hurt her because there is apparently some other baddie on the ship. Oh, we'll see how it goes.