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  1. Marley

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Randall sucks and his bs councilman job or whatever it is is idiotic. It’s also really boring and stupid. I was hoping Beth wouldn’t show up. I mean she asked him to stop the campaign and he wouldn’t after promising so she should’ve bailed on his jerk ass. Hope Kevin is being truthful about the no kids things but who knows on this show. Altho Kevin doesn’t seem like the dad type just someone who thinks it’s what ppl do so I hope there’s not some annoying him wanting kids storyline down the road. This is mean but Kate and Toby’s storyline really bored me this week.
  2. Marley

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Lol James thinking LaLa is jealous of Raquel. Yea no one is jealous of dummy Raquel who is with sleazy James. And James was totally hoping LVP would be all no James no you have to come to the Tom Tom opening. LaLa does need to chill tho. And I hate when ppl think they are better then other ppl. Ugh wish Billie was off the show tho she sucks. Who cares about her dumb event. Scheana is trying so hard to make everyone care about her and Adam. No one cares lol. She also totally wants a relationship but is trying to seem like the cool chick. Their chat at SUR seemed so awkward. Kristen comes off so weird and awkward with LVP.
  3. Marley

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Hm so apparently Jax was in the Navy going by instagram. I take back what I said previously.
  4. Marley

    S15.E17: And Dream of Sheep

    Whoever the writers are suck at putting ppl together. No one has chemistry. Now Linc and Amelia? Ugh annoying and already doesn’t work for me. The Delucas suck. They are boring and annoying. Enough with the Italian. Maggie and Jackson are another dud pairing. They are just so bad together it’s hard to watch. And Maggie isn’t famous and neither are her parents. Why would she go on tv to talk about her family. Who the hell would watch that. I FF most of that crap tho anyways. Owen needed to fuck off the whole episode.
  5. Marley

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    What a lame and gross prank. What is the prank even? Walking in on your dad going to the bathroom? Gross. Also that prank is fake as hell lol. Totally staged which actually makes it worse.
  6. Marley

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Typical LVP tho just be real about it all.
  7. Marley

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I believe Teddi now. But still don’t like Dorit. LVP is starting to look bad to me and I was thinking she wasn’t last week. The whole plan is becoming so obvious and it seems def set up by LVP or at least she has a part and I did not believe that before.
  8. Marley

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    James anger management is really working lol. I can see him being mad and upset for being uninvited but just flying off the handle like that is embarrassing. Chill out. Also James wants to get back to SUR because the show obviously. It’s not because SUR is where the heart is or he wants validation. Lol such bs. Carter is actually creepy. I guess he was never shown much before so I didn’t mind him but the more I see him the more I’m not a fan. I’m sure Kristen is no peach either in a relationship. To me it seems like Jax is always high. The way he acts and moves when they are out and stuff is totally how ppl high on coke act. Also Katie is a bitch but I don’t blame her for not wanting James on vacation. Especially on a vacation where she’s gonna be in a bathing suit. It would not be fun to relax in the sun with a guy who has called you fat multiple times.
  9. Marley

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    The Tracy stuff is boring to me. I don’t care that she is going to Dubai and I don’t care what she wears there. I watch this show to see cool houses that I will never be able to afford. Oh and for Josh Flagg and Bobby. Now if they were going to Dubai maybe I would care lol.
  10. Marley

    Million Dollar Listing LA

    I really liked that house Flagg was selling this episode. It was unique but updated.
  11. Marley

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Why do these D list stars think we want them to put out a clothing line tho lol. Like honestly I like Chelsea and Cole but this is so lame. Just because a couple of ppl ask you about your baby gear or baby clothes doesn’t mean the world is desperate for some baby fashion from you lol.
  12. Marley


    Yea I mean good for her for becoming a billionaire but come on self made? What a load of bs.
  13. Marley

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Everyone is acting all omg poor Dorit tho. Also the start of the episode had Dorit staring off basically wondering how it all went wrong. What a bunch of crap. Apparently she got confronted on this trip too about her and shitty PK. Like I rather see that then watch them all talk about this dog drama again. Why wouldn’t they show that?
  14. Marley

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Jax was in the Navy? What a bunch of bs. He definitely hasn’t changed he’s just fooling everyone for longer. His father dying probably is making it easier for him to fake this change longer. That sounds harsh but the guy is just a total douche. He also seems like he’s starting to buy his own hype and really thinks he’s something amazing.
  15. Marley

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Yes Camille is speaking the truth. So Dorit returned one dog and then didn’t return the 2nd? That is weird. There must be something else going on. She goes on to say that she didn’t tell Lisa right away but I think she’s changing her story now in real time. Also I’m just gonna say again I don’t give a fuck if LVP is being sneaky and talking about Dorit and the dog. Maybe she is but what Dorit did is fucked. Everyone should be talking about it. All these idiots are getting hung up on the wrong thing. Watching these ladies all comfort each other over some bs is embarrassing. Lisa Rinna needs to shut the fuck up about Dorit protecting her kids. Dorit and PK are disgusting fake losers. Her kids were fucking fine. Maybe she needs to teach her kids how to properly behave with dogs. Teddi acting all sad all episode when she had a part in this is weird. It’s like she changed her mind halfway thru and now wants to switch sides or something it’s really weird. You think if she was involved a bit she would’ve shut up and tried to change the subject lol. Lisa probably is a sneaky bitch but Dorit is the worst so shut the hell up Teddi. Her blog sucks too.