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  1. estellasmum

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    I have watched all of these and had no idea Joseph came into money by blackmail. Shows you how much I paid attention to that storyline.
  2. estellasmum

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I know I'm behind, but I couldn't get on. JHud made my ears bleed. That was baaad.
  3. estellasmum

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    I can see that happening, too, and if it does, I'm out. I'm only sticking around this season because Laurence Fox brings the pretty to the show. This show has strayed so far from history, we might as well get a show where English people do revolt against the crown, and Victoria and Albert are out, and in their place, Lord Pam and Ernst are installed. That way London gets the swinging 60's about a century early. We're just basically watching a soap opera, anyway, so why not?
  4. I find it laughable (not surprising) how easily Scientology shot itself in the foot on this one. If they didn't call the cops, Mike and Leah would have had a fairly boring segment. Instead they did, and only proved the point that Mike and Leah were trying to make. What I want to know is how did the Clearwater PD have so many resources that they could have that many officers show up for 3 people sitting on a park bench? That just blows my mind. IDK of any police department around here that would do that for a non-emergency call.
  5. Could not agree with you more, @kicotan. I just am a pessimist, I guess, and can see the government possibly going after the "weird cult" religions, but I think the big ones are too powerful to ever have to worry about that. If something as small and bothersome as Scientology has so much power, imagine what the ones with millions to billions of followers have.
  6. I'm so happy to see Leah and Mike go for the tax exempt status this year. Unfortunately, I think taking that away is the only thing that will do damage. As an ex-Jehovah's Witness, I have seen several scandals go down in that organization, and a lot of the ex members always think that this is going to be the catalyst of what causes their eventual downfall, but it never does. I'd love to see the Scientology tax exempt status go away, and then have the IRS look into the status of other religions. The JW's have moved their headquarters from Brooklyn, NY to a tax exempt haven in upstate NY. They have sold over a billion dollars worth of buildings, all of which had free labor renovations provided by their members, all tax exempt. And they still have quite a bit of prime Brooklyn real estate in their portfolio that they haven't sold. Think of how much money has stayed in the hands of the "church" that should have made its way back to the government, and how much more will stay in their hands should they chose to unload their remaining properties. Unfortunately, there's always going to be a vulnerable population that easily falls into a cult like this, and there's always going to be a hardcore membership that the more you attack, the more they dig in and support the organization.
  7. Look up cognitive dissonance, it is a very common thing among people in cults.
  8. estellasmum

    S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    Other than Gary and Katherine, none of them really have jobs, do they? They don't really have anything else better to do. I get there's the restaurant, but it doesn't seem like much is happening there. They're bored.
  9. So much this. My cousin died because my aunt and uncle refused a blood transfusion for her. She was a minor, so some authority managed to get a court order to force them to give her one, but it was too late. And what I remember most from that is being somewhere in the hospital and even though the room was full because all of my family was there, and I felt so alone, because I felt like I was the only person from the family that was sad she died. They had various hospital people there, and my family was trying to tell them how it was a good thing, because now she will be resurrected because the family stood firm in their beliefs. They sent the hospital chaplain down, and all my grandpa wanted to do was tell him how he was a minister for Jehovah's Witnesses and get in to a doctrinal debate with him about the scriptures and what they had to say about blood. The hospital chaplain didn't take the bait, graciously said something to the effect of then he was going to go and let the family grieve, since my grandpa seemed to have it covered. I was only 8 or 9 at the time, and I remember comprehending on some level that the chaplain wasn't afraid of my grandpa's superior knowledge, he just was trying to be a decent person. I never did feel like anyone thought twice about her as a person after she died, she was just a symbol of how much faith my aunt and uncle had to let her die.
  10. Yes, they do it themselves. People from surrounding congregations come and help, and they have regional building committees to take charge. Some of the more specialized work might require bringing in someone from a congregation farther away, and they do so on their own time and expenses. My uncle was not raised a JW, and he has a college education, and he was constantly travelling on his own dime. When I was in, they were very proud they could build a Kingdom Hall in about a weekend, so I'm surprised it took such a long time. They did have it pretty worked out how to do it.
  11. It is mostly financed on the backs of the members. They used to charge for their publications years ago, but then that would have taken away their tax exempt status, so Jehovah changed his mind, and went to a donation only arrangement for everything. They are very proud of the fact that they don't tithe, but there are constant reminders to donate, and they have things set up like, how you can leave your money to them in your will, and other financial arrangements like that, and they have taken credit cards at their gatherings for awhile now. My grandpa used to be in charge of the money at assemblies, and once I went with him to pick up money from the contribution boxes. They were packed full, yet they made an announcement that the assembly was running at a large deficit. I don't ever remember them not running at a large deficit, and then people would contribute more. Rlb was correct, they had vast properties in Brooklyn and Brooklyn heights, and not only have they sold them for $1billion, they had free renovations on those properties from the people working at their headquarters. When a Kingdom Hall is built, the individual congregation takes out a loan from headquarters, which is then paid back with interest, (from donations from people in the hall) and then if the hall is ever sold, the money goes straight back to headquarters, not the people who donated, because it is the property of the organization. A lot of ex-Jws that I've seen call it a real estate corporation, not a religion.
  12. Some people in JW land certainly aren't as strict as others. My mom's family has nothing to do with me to the point of I was at Costco once, and saw my aunt (her sister) and the aunt saw me, and took a hard right with her cart to get as far away from me as possible, and crashed her cart into a little older lady. One of my aunts in my dad's family has actively pursued a Facebook relationship with me at least. But most of my generation on that side of my family has left, and I know that my mom's family felt she was marrying "down" when she married my dad because they "weren't as strong in the truth" as my family was. Other factors can be if the person has gotten baptized or not. If you haven't gotten baptized there is less they can do to you. I was actively encouraged to do so from about age 8, and got baptized at age 12, which is when you should be making all big life decisions, right? It also depends on the culture. My Kingdom Hall shared the same building with a Spanish speaking congregation, and they were nowhere near as strict about shunning disfellowshipped people as the English speaking congregation was. I remember one of the Elders in our congregation saying in a very disparaging way that if they made the Spanish congregation enforce the no contact with DF'd people rule, most of the congregation would leave.
  13. I knew Mike and Leah would do right by us. I am so glad they chose to do a special on Jehovah's Witnesses. Nothing they said on there wasn't true. I was in tears last night the whole time, because it brought back so many memories, and I have been out of the cult for so long. I have been married to my husband for 20+ years, and I think last night was the most he's ever understood of my life before I left, because I don't want to tell the stories of what happened to me back then. I am hoping beyond hope that this does to the JWs what it has done to Scientology. Suicide, hidden molestation, and ripping apart families happens over and over and over, and it is so frustrating that people don't see and think that JWs are only those kooky, nice people that come to your door. They did a great job showing how joyless life is in the cult, and how you spend your whole life doing things for the organization as busy work to keep you occupied and brainwashed. Your life is nothing but joyless and being afraid. Thank you so much for this.
  14. estellasmum

    S14. E15. Greenhorn Overboard

    I've had my issues with Bill, too (I believe he would trade Nick for Zach as his son in a split second), but kudos his crew. I was really impressed with how (relatively) calm, speedy, professional and encouraging they were as soon as Spencer hit the water. There was definitely luck involved, but a lot of skill in that rescue. That being said, my daughter echoed exactly what I was thinking when she said that he was lucky he wasn't on Jake or Josh's boat, because she doesn't know if they would be able to get him out.
  15. estellasmum

    S14.E03: Dead In The Water

    Way to "captain" from the driver's seat, Josh. Nope, you're not back for the cameras at all. I can't even with Jake. The only difference between Josh and Jake is that Josh has the person doing all the work in the boat with him. Jake has all of his crab finders on other boats. I can't believe anyone out there would pick up the phone to talk to him unless it is a producer driven story from now on.