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  1. Now that I thnk of it, I wish we'd seen a cut to her apartment with all the warmup pumpkin carvings of his face.
  2. Honestly the most memorable Sarah line in this episode is "Your Snow Patrol CD."
  3. John Ramos

    S01.E07 Go Pirates!: It Sounded Like A Falling Body

  4. Definitely room in my heart for both Ashmores. Re Killjoys, doesn't he play a buttoned-up gay character?
  5. She's got the salty language part down, hee.
  6. John Ramos

    S01.E04 Go Pirates!: You Love Me, Don't You

    I think we didn't mention it in this episode, but we definitely reference it in the future!
  7. John Ramos

    S01.E03 Go Pirates: Nice Meeting Everyone?

    Thanks for the info about school counselors! ...especially because Veronica could really use one when she applies to college, but WE'LL GET TO THAT. That's awesome. We need more effective PSAs about mental health, in my opinion. (Preferably better-acted ones, but still.)
  8. John Ramos

    S01.E02 Go Pirates!: All Is Not As It Seems

    I still answer to that, hee.
  9. "Just me, Ohndrea's baby, and Eudora Welty." (@Tara Ariano @David T. Cole)
  10. New theory for @Sarah D. Bunting and @Tara Ariano re Erica: They wrote her as a slow five-year-old to forestall questions about why she couldn't pick up a phone and call Dylan from Brazil instead of trying and failing to leave a gum note.
  11. John Ramos

    Dawson's Creek

    If @Sarah D. Bunting hadn't killed me, I would want to go rewatch the ep where Grams epically smacked him down for his churchy homophobia.
  12. John Ramos

    Dawson's Creek

    Thanks so much for spitting up this piece!