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  1. CarpeFelis

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    No sci-fi involved, just Gordon Page trying to make big bucks off the military with a bogus treatment.
  2. CarpeFelis

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    At first I was taken aback but this was my next thought. I hope he’s planning to screw Gordon over but good - and end up making a mint in the process.
  3. CarpeFelis

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Love Koracick, hate Owen. Kevin McKidd deserves better than this.
  4. CarpeFelis

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    I was hoping Saru would stay behind on Kaminar for a while. He’s becoming kind of obnoxious.
  5. CarpeFelis

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    He was a hoot as King Henry on Reign, chewing the scenery with Megan Follows’ Catherine de Medici.
  6. CarpeFelis

    S05.E12: Legends of the Fortieth

    One thing bugs me a little. It’s the late ‘90s and Louis is turning 40 - just as I did then. But college flashbacks make it look like he went to college in the mid-to-late ‘80s (the era of skinny ties, shoulder pads, etc.). But if Louis is around my age, he should have been in college in the late ‘70s - very early ‘80s before what we now think of as ‘80s style showed up. (Which reminds me, boards discussing The Americans had lots of people asking why in the early episodes - 1981 or so - they were dressed more like the ‘70s. Where were the big hair and shoulder pads?! Those of us who were around at that time knew this is why.)
  7. CarpeFelis

    S05.E12: Legends of the Fortieth

    I guess I’d forgotten just how big the age gap is between Honey and Marvin, or was thinking it was more like 20-some years. Because when Jessica asked Honey what she got Marvin for his 40th and she said “I was 8”, I kinda thought “ew”.
  8. CarpeFelis

    S01.E11: A Midwinter's Tale

    EXACTLY. This is something that bugs the hell out of me on a lot of shows. Characters will say something to each other and it’s obvious that it’s meant purely for the audience because it’s something they both know perfectly well and would never need to say IRL. Medical shows tend to be the worst offenders (looking at you this week, New Amsterdam).
  9. CarpeFelis

    S02.E11: Operator Error

    I was relieved that Bell didn’t give in to Quovadis in the end and blame the Raptor, instead stating cause of death was underlying disease. The look on his face when Mina told him AJ had benched himself said it all. Plus he knew if he pinned it on AJ, Mina would start digging and discover his conflict of interest. Darn it, I was looking forward to Mina, Conrad, Nic, and Devon teaming up on that effort. Note how, being Bell, he managed to weasel out of blame for both Quovadis AND Chastain... I swear he has more lives than a cat.
  10. CarpeFelis

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    YES! I also noticed she had no hat or gloves, even though she had no way of knowing what season she'd arrive in. (What engineer lacks the critical thinking skills to figure that one out?) And that ugly purse looked like a horrible anachronism. At least she wore pull-on boots, no zipper, and thought to bring matches. But regarding the clothing, she had plenty of resources at her disposal (library at Harvard, FFS!) to research it, and yet she throws on a Gunne Sax dress and calls it good?! She'd even spent some time studying history! Yeah, I've always despised book Brianna. Show Brianna is a bit better, but they're still portraying her as dumb.
  11. CarpeFelis

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    My impression was that he was hit with the double whammy of a) Claire was telling the truth about the time travel, and b) she will go back to Jamie. Did anyone else else think Brianna was being a dumbass limping along when she was surrounded by trees and could have grabbed a fallen branch to use as a cane? Isn't she supposed to be a mechanical engineer? I'm an engineer and I sure as hell would have thought to do that. ETA: Why was she surprised that Lallybroch was close by? Wasn't that where she was headed?
  12. CarpeFelis

    S05.E12: Murder Most Foul

    I don't think he cares who finds out. He was so ticked off at Alfred over the land that I suspect he seduced her just to get even.
  13. CarpeFelis

    S04.E05: Savages

    I was thinking that too. Especially because of the little scene at the beginning with the doll getting wrapped up when he bought it.
  14. CarpeFelis

    S04.E05: Savages

    MURTAGH!!! On a rather nitpicky note: any other knitters out there? Is it just me or is Claire holding her right-hand needle way too far back from the tip?
  15. CarpeFelis

    S02.E08: Stories

    Claire being more assertive with Andrews and Melendez is good, but I’m still really irritated at her overstepping with the rock climber girl a few episodes back. She seems to have a tendency to be self-righteous and stubborn - I sure wouldn’t want her to be my doctor!