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  1. Larry didn't eat the pig because he IS a pig. He didn't want to ingest his own kind.
  2. More sex happens in that hospital than happened in my co-ed college dorm!
  3. There's a saying, "after 40, it's Botox or bangs." Darcey clearly made the wrong choice. As a woman of a certain age, it's sad (pathetic) that she doesn't grasp the concept of "the harder you try to look younger, the older you look."
  4. You are correct. Guess my brain could not bring itself to put "Paul" and "sex" in the same sentence. Thank you for catching that
  5. I'm going on The Paul Diet. Whenever I crave something I shouldn't eat, I think of Paul having, either with himself or another person, and my hunger disappears. For days.
  6. katenm

    S10.E01: It's not about a f***ing tree

    I am concerned that what Jeff's views as teasing, his daughter will view as harsh criticism. That can be very damaging.
  7. I think she has used "doing this for my kids" as an excuse for every stupid decision she has made. Is that too harsh? I think not. lol
  8. katenm

    Master Of None

    Just binged watched this show. I love it. It's funny but it's also sweet without being cloying. It's a bonus that the older characters are portrayed as real and not sitcom caricatures, ..as they so often a. As an old person myself, I appreciate that. (Kevin Costner was cut out of the Big Chill, except for the scenes of his body at the funeral home. )
  9. Did you know Chris Hardwick got married? And that they had a 2-week honeymoon in Japan? Each time he mentioned it, I thought it was because he couldn't think of anything positive to about FTWD
  10. I don't really care who (whom?) Negan killed. As a loyal viewer since the first episode, I'm feeling sad about that. I'm not angry about the cliffhanger, per se, it simply killed my interest in the show.
  11. katenm

    Season 7 Preview Special - 08/14/16

    OK, so now you've got me shipping Jesus & Darryl lol
  12. katenm

    S02.E08: Grotesque

    Only my love for Paul Calderone kept me awake during this episode.
  13. katenm

    S02.E01: The Day of the Beast / S02.E02 Caraquet

    Perhaps I am mutating mutant but I have to love a show where it rains blood.
  14. katenm

    S04.E07: Travel Agents

    I loved this episode. I also love Martha's ability to walk long distances while wearing heels.