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  1. SimoneS

    The Flash in the Media

    I don't like either of Candice's dresses, but she looks lovely as usual. I hope that the rumors about Carlos leaving are wrong, but I can see how living in Vancouver could limit both his professional and personal life. As for DP, I'll go with its a negotiating tactic and she isn't going any where.
  2. Did people actually demand that Candice "show proof" that she attended Grant's wedding? You know if she posted a photo, they would have screamed that it was photoshopped! These people are lunatics who have long lost tough with reality.
  3. SimoneS

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    There is speculation that it is Lia Nelson, a Flash from the comics.
  4. Are you referring to the false story that the Snowbarry fans were spreading that Candice was the only main cast member who didn't attend Grant's wedding? This wasn't true. Candice did attend Grant's wedding.
  5. SimoneS

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    More news. Godspeed is coming. Below are some photos from the filming yesterday. I have seen speculation that it is a flash forward before Nora traveled back to he past because of her long hair. Godspeed chases Leah and Nora and he catches them and kills Leah. I think that Nora goes to the future and Godspeed chases and injures Nora, but Barry saves her. The poster also shows a new villain, Razor. Honestly, I don't get why the show is spending so much time on Nora who will be gone sooner than later.
  6. You have wonder how women running a prostitution ring through strip mall massage parlors can have a clientele comprised of some of this country's wealthiest and most powerful men. To get access to those kind of clients, they must have influential insider connections to that elite group.
  7. Now I regret responding to the post. I don't want to get into the details of the social media chatter and gossip on this topic. I'll just say that Kreisberg's reported skeevy behavior wasn't confined to the writers' room and that it had negative impact on Candice and at least one other actress in the Arrowverse shows that he was involved in.
  8. SimoneS

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    Uh? You either missed the point of my comment or you misunderstood. I specifically wrote that I thought a recast was feasible, but "Daniels just needs to find the right actor and that will be difficult." It will be difficult to find a talented actor who can sing and perform and have chemistry with the other actors to cast as Jamal, but is possible.
  9. I watched Michael Avenatti's press conference on R Kelly yesterday. He would have been a successful snake oil salesman back in the day. However, I give him credit for accomplishing his two goals after his first which was obviously promoting himself. First, he put the Chicago DA on notice that the evidence he provided was overwhelming and persuasive so don't fuck up. Second, he put R Kelly's enablers on notice that they are in legal jeopardy which should make them less inclined to tamper with witnesses or evidence against him this time around. We'll see how it goes.
  10. I was just reading one of the Miami Herald's articles on Epstein. Guess who shows up in the middle of the drama, Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan DA, the same one who declined to prosecute Weinstein for sexually assaulting Ambra Battilana and loves to prosecute the poor and minorities in his district. Vance had one of his prosecutors in his office argue to support Epstein's petition to reduce his sexual offender status in New York which was at the highest level. Thank goodness the astonished judge who had never seen such a spectacle refused. The wealthy and powerful have bought and corrupted the legal system, no wonder women, girls, and other victims struggle to get justice. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article220097825.html
  11. SimoneS

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    Over the years, I have watched many primetime soaps that recast main characters. Some worked, some didn't. You never forget the original actor, but you adjust. Daniels just needs to find the right actor and that will be difficult.
  12. I don't know what you are referring to here, but there have always been rumors about BTS drama that suggested that it was more than people "not getting along." Kreisberg's firing caused more info to come out, confirming that there are issues about race and gender that impacted Candice more than anyone else in the cast.
  13. Kill me now. They cast Tyler Posey as Michael. Why did I bother hoping? Why? They don't even have one African American actor in the main cast. I will just give this a miss. https://deadline.com/2019/02/the-lost-boys-tyler-posey-kiele-sanchez-medalion-rahimi-dakota-shapiro-cast-catherine-hardwicke-direct-the-cw-pilot-1202561404/
  14. SimoneS

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    I hadn't considered that Lee Daniels would want to recast Jamal, but it makes sense. So much of the character is based on Daniels' real life experiences that he doesn't want lose Jamal just because Jussie fucked up. Hopefully, they will find the right actor to take over the role. That person better be ready for the spotlight because it will burn bright.
  15. So DP omitted; Jesse L Martin, Candice Patton, Danielle Nicolet (they are both besties with Kreisberg so I am surprised she wasn't mentioned), Hartley Sawyer, and Jessica Kennedy Parker. Oh well, I am sure that none of them are crying about it.