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  1. Snow Apple

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Aren't some, if not all, of his siblings in show business? I recognize his sister Jurnee the most. I feel bad for them because how will this affect their own careers? I'm sure nobody believe they're like him, but it may be difficult seeing them in an acting role without thinking about their brother. And casting directors know that. And I'm furious to think that maybe someone won't report a real crime in fear they won't be believed or get dragged through the mud.
  2. Snow Apple

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Then this makes it stupider since a grown man should supposedly know better.
  3. Snow Apple

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I never understood it either. The money also provide pay for the service people. We see the glamour but service people like waiters and cleaners, etc. make it happen.
  4. I binged on my favorite Xanadu videos and also the Twist of Fate video this week too 😎 l remember Koala Blue. As a teenager, I could only afford one tshirt. I wish I kept it. I remember Olivia wearing the shop's outfits in a TV movie where she played a mannequin brought to life and bonding with a little girl and her dad.
  5. Snow Apple

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Now there's reports saying they planned the fake attack through text. How stupid is this kid to leave so many paper trails?
  6. Michael Beck's character also skated for the "Suddenly" number. The routine wasn't that difficult but still........ I was waiting for a mention of Two of a Kind too.
  7. Snow Apple

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    He could have gotten away with it if he just stuck with the story of being attacked. I was horrified when the story broke. But then he kept adding details. It reminded me of a child caught in a lie and kept making up bigger and bigger details so you believe them, but it just made it worse. But I'm glad he made it worse if it caused the truth to come out.
  8. Patrick is found? I thought he was still missing. I haven't kept up.
  9. Snow Apple

    S01.E14 Happy Cecil

    Well, once she found out his stance on children and punishments, she realized people worldwide aren't so different after all. Lol
  10. Snow Apple

    A Different World

    Maybe Hillman has an excellent program for Maggie's major. It was odd without Maggie and Denise when the second season started. But now it's odd watching the first season in reruns.
  11. I hope someone does the routine Blanche did when she tried to show up Dorothy. Or "Dot Dot What a Girl I Got" or the Miami song on seafood night. What about Sophia's medicare song?
  12. I remember seeing something on tv once where Chloe visits her father who was living in some sort of tent or teepee. He seemed happy living off the grid.
  13. Snow Apple

    S05.E15: Be a Man

    Sounds like the usual "Jessica is awful but learns a lesson in the end, but not really" plot. I mostly watch this show for the "B" plots now since they don't involve Jessica as much.
  14. I think it's worth watching. There's not really any frills or made up drama (although there is drama which happened in real life). It's pretty much a "just the facts, ma'am" type of movie. And according to the first post in this thread, it wasn't produced by Lifetime. Thank goodness.
  15. Snow Apple

    The Girls' Families: The Rude & Ungrateful

    I like Michael in the Loraine episode. Hated him in the one where he's mooching off his parents. I'm not sure how I feel about him in the episode where he slept with Rose's daughter. But I sure still liked him a whole lot better than that snobby hypocritical little bitch.