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  1. newms

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    I’m team Rylee all the way, even with her interactions with Chandler, Ross, and Tyler. She does not put up with misogyny at all and all three have portrayed it at various levels. She knows her worth and is not afraid to be vocal about it. Chandler never saw her as competent because she’s a woman. Ross manplains to her even when she says she heard him. Tyler acts all sweet and asks her to a date and then freezes her out. I’m guessing she’s dealt with egotistical male shit all through her career and it just sick and tired of it. Adrian is a creepy guy masked in false zen. He’s your typical “nice guy” that acts all supportive but shows his true agenda with remarks like the meat thing. Josiah and the blond guy (forget his name right now) seem like actual nice men.
  2. newms

    Good Bones

    There are others that don’t like open concept? *gasp* I live in one now and am renovating to close it up a bit. If I want to see every room in the house when I walk in the front door, I’d live in a loft. Open concept opens don’t feel cozy to me. I’ve noticed that these ladies don’t make a lot of profit with their homes. Are they just pricing too low? It hardly seems worth the effort for such a low return.
  3. newms

    S01.E01 Pilot

    I loved the link to Trump as the first sign of the apocalypse and the feminist voice. We need lots of talk about this during these times of social injustice. I think Macy (the scientist?) is my favourite so far. I am eager to learn more about the sisters and their upcoming relationship plus Macy’s backstory. I though the girlfriend of the one sister was awful for breaking up with her because she was angry and in a fog. Dude, her mom just died. She’s allowed to grieve however she wants. The chanting and ridding of the demon was too easy and quick. This is a problem with supernatural shows; lots of build up and then an easy solution. It seems tacky. Overall, I’m glad to have a reboot and look forward to more.