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  1. Cupcake04

    Flipping Out

    So now apparantly Jeff is doing a 180 and taking blame for everything. I would post the article but my ipad hates me at the moment! I get what he is saying and he seems more self aware than usual, but he always seems insinsere cuz he always has to add something flipping it back on the other person. I think he may for once be truly scared that he will alienate everyone in his life, especially his daughter, and end up truly alone. Hope he really means it this time. Gage was never a favorite of mine, nor Zoila, but life with Jeff must be exhausting!
  2. Cupcake04

    True Tori

    The premise sounds intersting....the way I understood it they are themselves doing a reboot....like a show within a show. Its about Tori and Jen and Jason and Brian etc doing a 90210 reboot so we see them as themselves And as their characters. Could be good. And its sounds like Shannon is part of it too which will be very intersting, especially if they are themselves irl.
  3. Her husband Bat McGrath was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer with only a few months. He is a muscian from my hometown and played a final concert here last week and Tricia was here with him.
  4. Cupcake04

    True Tori

    Just saw on ET that the 90210 reboot is a go. As much as I have come to loathe Tori, I think this may be what she needs for her health and self esteem and overall well being, not to mention the money, which I am sure was the real motivation for this happening. I watched it back in the day so I will be tuning in. The premise sounds good and orginal and I think all of the original cast is doing it so I am in. I think getting out of the house and away from Deano and the brood will be good for her. And she may just meet her next husband! LOL
  5. Cupcake04

    Flipping Out

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/jeff-lewis-splits-from-longtime-boyfriend-says-hes-a-single-dad/ar-BBT0YwV?li=BBnb2gh Not surprised....especially because Jeff is saying it's on Gage. Classic Jeff.....how could HE have done anything wrong. Poor Monroe.
  6. Cupcake04

    The Conners: Speculation and Spoilers

    https://tvline.com/2019/01/23/the-conners-ratings-season-1-finale-renewed-or-cancelled/ Season 2 looking good. This is ABCs #2 show behind only Greys.
  7. Cupcake04

    Unpopular Opinions

    The actor playing Leo creeps me the F out. Has from day one. I cannot put my finger on it but I can't look at him, besides the fact he looks way older than the character is supposed to be. I have no clue what is going on with his story, and dont really care, because I have to ff through every scene he is in, so I am sure I am missing some story. I dont care for Xander either. I know a lot of people think he is hot but I just can't see it! Its only been a few eps but I am sick of seeing the two of them prance around shirtless. I know from past GH experince with RC that there will be way more to come. Also a UO I have posted before, but I am dreading AZ coming back.
  8. Spent my snow day today trying to catch up.....loved the family dinner with Jack, Jen, Abby & JJ. They all seem so comfortable and natural together. Jack and Jen's hey day was my fave days of the show and I was so happy to still see the spark they have. Some things never change! I know we got renewed but did they get a bigger budget or new makeup/hair/stylists because it seems that everyone looks fantastic lately! The hair and makeup are perfection as is the wardrobes ( although they are still dressing Gabi is non-season appropriate clothes....its January, not June people). Hope has never looked better....same with Julie...and everyone really. I covet all their clothes! And the dialog seems better too...more natural.
  9. Cupcake04

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So I haven't watched in nearly a year...the last episode I saw was Nathan's funeral. I had a snow day today and tuned in and what do I see but Carly telling Ava she's a POS and will never get Avery, again, for the 5 millionth time. Same shit, different year.
  10. Cupcake04

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Thanks to the poster in qvc thread that sent me over here....I have been over there all alone repeating WHAT THE F is she wearing??? WHAT THE F???? How in the hell did that awful thing make it on live tv???? Now I have to know everything about it......who makes it...where did it come from....how much is it? What is it? OMG I can't stop watching! Did she lose a bet and wearing that on LIVE TV is her punishment? Or is it like the puffy shirt on Seinfeld and she didnt know she agreed to wear it? It has to be a joke, right? RIGHT??
  11. Cupcake04


    What in the hell does Jane have on??? OMG seriously that is the fugliest thing I have ever seen! LOL. She looks awful in it, not that it would look good on anyone but how in all that is holy did anyone let her on the air with that on??? I wouldnt let her out of the basement let alone live tv! WTF? I do not understand the blue velvet in the middle of the front??? The blue doesnt go with the metallic colors? And is she wearing black tights??? WTF I can't stop saying WHAT THE F??
  12. Me too. Some of my greatest childhood memories are trying to stay awake till 10 pm to watch her show with my mom She looks FABULOUS!!!
  13. OMG Frank Gallagher Pepsi commerical is great!
  14. LMAO Patricia Arquette blew off Gaga when she walked to the stage!! That was all kinds of awesome!!
  15. wtf is that black on front of Julias dress? lol. looks like shes wearing an apron? i thought dress and hair was best she looked in years until they panned out and I saw the black apron? wtf!! lol