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  1. Lilacly

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    I didn't find the naming too weird especially after i read tiny blurb about the tragedy. Nate essentially became a widow and lost the first love of his life. Jeremiah would be a fool to not respect that and Oskar will always be a part of their lives. If Nate was a divorcee instead of a widow, it'd be different story.
  2. Lilacly

    S02.E09: The General / S02.E10: Chinatown

    I’ve got a lot of thoughts but the main two were, if Rufus knows he has a high chance of dying by a non head wound why on earth is he not wearing a bulletproof vest under his clothes? Secondly I spent this entire episodes wishing Wyatt could just be tossed out of the bunker. How dare he threaten to abandon the team?
  3. Lilacly

    S07.E07: Episode 7

    I'm kinda into it but I could also do without it. Valerie got less boring for me as the series went on but initially i thought she was dull and unnecessary and didn't really fit
  4. Lilacly

    S07.E07: Episode 7

  5. Lilacly

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    I can definitely see people moving out at least the ones who aren't plotted in their parents backyard. Reminds me of this The thing I hate the most is how those same people will be sneering at or pitying families who are forced to share a basic one room apartment out of necessity and not because of the lofty, privileged choices.
  6. Lilacly

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    They are likely just asexual. Aspies can be sexual or asexual, but being sexual is just harder because it's like getting a guide book and map but in a foreign language with no translations or knowledge of places to visit and all foreign currency you've never used before. It's hard to pick up body language or social cues in the first place and then it's hard to understand how to be romantic or sexual once they want to try. Arguably 'tiny houses' and their community areas, are glorified just trailer parks. Except the difference is there are often more expensive customizations and the clientele is more privileged.
  7. Lilacly

    On My Block

    This. I hated this trope. I hated that they cast an older actress alongside the kids. I hated how she was written and its tone deaf to gloss over the fact that she's the only fat female in the whole show. There's another show Letterkenny which does deal in parody but has the the only dark skinned black character in the whole town as a hypersexualized, disgusting bartender who is constantly hitting on the all white cast and making crude suggestive remarks. I've even seen in the message boards commenters being disgusted and grossed out by the character.
  8. Lilacly

    S02.E06: The King of the Delta Blues

    Funnily enough I just stumbled on the Supernatural episode today and thought how coincidental it was that someone else had featured Robert Johnson in a show
  9. Lilacly

    S02.E06: The King of the Delta Blues

    Rufus and Wyatt were so obnoxious and hypocritical in the beginning. Wyatt the nascar fanboy and Rufus who's usually so up on black history icons being so dismissive of a cultural music icon. Thank god for Lucy giving Mason the time of day
  10. Lilacly

    S03.E18: The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly

    The Beebo fight was ridiculous but immensely enjoyable. I'm glad Rip's death was put right at the beginning. Frankly I could do without any of the romantic pairings. They all feel forced
  11. Lilacly

    S07.E07: Episode 7

    She didn't want to be tempted to come back
  12. Lilacly

    S07.E03: Episode 3

    Im reference to Violet's haircut, there's a behind the scenes video that talks about the celebrities that hair was inspired by
  13. Lilacly

    S03.E17: Guest Starring John Noble

    I'm actively wishing that Nate's role is either downsized or eliminated because he's so useless between Lucy on Timeless and Jacob on the Librarians, Nate's the worst historian time -traveler i've ever seen. I hate the way he acts around Amaya. I watced the first two seasons on and off but have rarely missed an episode this season, why exactly does everyone hate Rip beyond what he did to Ava and Sara?
  14. Lilacly

    S07.E03: Episode 3

    Although plenty of people opt out. There's a good documentary I watched that featured three families, one family all but one sibling choose to get tested and two out six had the gene and another family of siblings only one got tested and the rest chose to stay in the dark, one brother at the behest of his newlywed daughter.
  15. Lilacly

    S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    I was definitely trying to be very generous and careful with my words.