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  1. DNR

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    During couch interviews when Meri said the wife with the marriage certificate isn’t the one in charge or something to that effect....... LMAO 😂 OH HELL YES , MANJAW ROBIN IS IN CHARGE . What she says GOES. Also, Robin should never sit on that side of the couch again, during close ups her profile looked awful , she looked like a cartoon wicked witch with the huge nose & chin ( all was missing was a big ol wart) kodys nonstop talking & lame jokes is so annoying. No one ever laughs , he & the kids seems uncomfortable with each other all the time. His dance with Aspen was bizarro. Aspen is like a goofy minime of Christine. Meri looked HIDEOUS
  2. DNR

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    Wow. $4G a year . Where i live in the NorthEast USA my taxes are over $11,000 a year. I can’t believe the Browns have the money for land & 4 brand new homes... it’s unbelievable
  3. DNR

    S09.E05: Stripes and a Stripper Pole

    I’ve always hated Hildis designs ( if you can call them that ) and tonight was no exception. She’s awful. Every room she does is a dud. If i knew she was the designer for my room I’d be worried 😧
  4. DNR

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    The first scene i thought oh Jeanne has a pretty face and listening to her childhood story i had sympathy. But her demeanor changed drastically at DrNow’s office and i thought its hard to root for this brat . I realize she’s in need of mental help but grrrrr she was a whiner! Cannot imagine the stench that must have emitted from No-hi-Jeanne’s hind quarters . 🤢🤮 Those poor pups ! Living in filth . Jeanne was walking around by the end of the episode , she couldn’t take a *Swiffer to the walls or sponge off the fan , pick up some of the shit off the floors ( i wonder if the dogs started tearing things up when the father passed and they were alone & hungry ?) Sorry but that’s pure laziness. Jeanne & mom will die soon in those 4 walls of filth. She’ll NEVER lose the weight.
  5. DNR

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    I loved that Henchie the Cat bailed when Buddy started banging on the piano keys. 🙀😾🙀😾🙀
  6. DNR

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    Whooops wrong show !
  7. DNR

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    🤢🤮 when Twitney bent over....the gross cellulite, bumps & blobs of fat on back of her thighs. For someone who’s shown working out all the time she doesn’t lose an ounce
  8. DNR

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    Robin gets her dig in “meri hasn’t said anything”. This bitch and her manipulative ways. They can drive to Flagstaff but cuz Robin wants to move there cuz her son is going to college @UNA , they’re uprooting Gabe etc etc . I can see why Gabe is pissed. What ManJaw Robin wants , ManJaw gets !
  9. DNR

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    That was the scene out on the street ? Jazz seemed to look 👀 at him as puzzled ( did she tell Blahmir it bothered her?) but Jeannette should have gone into Mom mode . Is Blahmir brain dead ? Or not have access to google ? Jazz is so hellbent on having a bf that she’s convinced herself this loser is worth her time * I’m not thru the whole episode yet so I’ve only seen the NYC Street convo so far
  10. DNR

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    How could Jeanette & Jazz have ZERO reaction to BLAH-mir saying “eww that’s creepy” to Jazz explaining her transition surgery ?? That was a major red flag. I’m just a viewer of the show and i was like WTF
  11. DNR

    S05.E08: Missing in Action

    Jeanette interrupts Greg and barely lets him get a word in edgewise and NOTHING he says goes. I agree it was nice to see her finally doing something nice for him but when DrBowers called and he said “we’re in a restaurant” - Jeanette should have answered and said we’ll call you tomorrow . Instead she again disregarded Greg and spoiled the mood . I’m not sure if the time of the “jazz is missing call “ but jazz did have the car till 11pm and i doubt they were eating dinner at that time in the restaurant scene. Buzzkill Jeanette. Guess Greg didn’t get to model his green Speedo that nite
  12. DNR

    S07.E08: Maja's Story LIVE CHAT

    ONE successful weigh in and NO surgery . Why did they even air this waste of space Maja
  13. DNR

    S07.E08: Maja's Story LIVE CHAT

    What a waste of my time . She’s quitting
  14. DNR

    S07.E08: Maja's Story LIVE CHAT

    I rescind my Christian as #1 bad 600 lb life spouse cuz i tuned in late . If he was dealing with verbal abuse & being blamed for her being 600lbs then yes he had every right to GTFO there
  15. DNR

    S07.E08: Maja's Story LIVE CHAT

    LOLA !!!! Yes!!!!!! Yeah maja , therapy won’t help you at all /sarc