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  1. immortalfrieza

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    How about BraiNia? Yeah, I figured that Lex was behind the shooting pretty much since the promo, and manipulating Lena into testing the super serum as the motive became pretty obvious once they started talking about the stuff. Lex does those kind of things and Lena was pretty stupid for falling for it, but Lex did pretty effectively maneuver her into a situation where she had no choice but to finish and use the super serum regardless of whether Lena knew Lex was manipulating her or not. I would have found it more believable if Lena had known that and threw in some counter moves that Lex blew through anyway, rather than as it is where she fell for it hook line and sinker, she should be too smart for that. Of course, the best liars tell the truth.
  2. If Lala coming back again wasn't for the sole purpose of having someone around to kill Tobias at the end in order to keep the Jefferson family's hands clean I'd be surprised. Because of course the heroes could never kill the villains! That would make too much sense.
  3. immortalfrieza

    S04.E12: Menagerie (2019.02.17)

    My problem with the breakup is it hinges on James having a rather nonsensical reaction. Lena said the government wanted to use her human enhancement project, not that she had agreed to it. Yet James acted like Lena had just told him that she was going through with it already. If anything, James' attitude pushed Lena to accepting the government contract when she otherwise wouldn't have. The government of the Supergirl universe has already demonstrated it has rocks for brains. What with having Supergirl in their palm of their hand for the past 4 years when they decided to be remotely reasonable and would have continued to if they had stayed that way instead of becoming obsessed with making Kara say how high when they said jump. As others have said, there's no way the government is not going to use Lena's enhancement project to make supervillains. Hell, I would put money on them doing it in the stupidest manner possible, like using complete psychopaths as test subjects. Maybe the writers could throw us a bone and have James get enhanced somewhere along the line so he can go back to being Guardian plus not being completely useless, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  4. The School Board simply not getting another Principal for Garfield, that much I buy. Considering what a hellhole Freeland is not to mention the widely publicized PR and literal disasters at the school I highly doubt there's a Principal or potential Principal on the planet willing to take the job. That, and promoting a current teacher of Garfield to the position would probably be pointless since they all back Jefferson, making him the de facto Principal anyway.
  5. immortalfrieza

    S05.E14: Cause and XS

    The same reason that Barry can run fast enough to make a nuclear explosion look like it's standing still for an hour yet can't use that same speed to effortlessly defeat any villains he comes across. It's because if either of them did any given episode would be over in 5 minutes. It's the reason I didn't mind the fact that the Big Bads of the first 3 seasons were evil speedsters, at least then I didn't spend each episode constantly thinking that Barry could defeat the Big Bad in literally less than 2 seconds if that. In fact, I'd love to see an episode about another good guy speedster who spends most of the episode effortlessly defeating one villain after another, all the while lecturing Barry about how easily he could be beating villains if he used his powers at even a fraction of what he's been shown to be capable of. I feel like they should at least massively depower Barry to roughly season 1 levels sometime in the near future and keep him that way, it would make everything a lot more bearable. The real reason is because if Nora did tell Team Flash about Cicada after at most the first 1 or 2 times she went back, then the episode would've been over, or at least with how bad the writers are they wouldn't have had the competence to make the episode last longer. It would have been easy enough to do and still have the episode go for as long as it did. If Nora told the team even if Nora subsequently failed a few more times she would have had Team Flash around to come up with ideas and as backup for the fight making it much much more likely she'd succeed and much much sooner than she did. These DC superhero shows are TERRIBLE at making season long Big Bads, the reason being all of them could have been defeated at least a half a dozen times throughout the season had the protagonists simply not been total idiots or even outright LET them escape. This isn't the first time they let Cicada get away when they very easily could have gotten him this season and I doubt it'll be the last. Every single person Cicada kills after this is going to be the direct fault of Team Flash's stupidity.
  6. immortalfrieza

    MacGyver (2016)

    I've seen this kind of thing before. Step 1: Endear the new guy/girl to the audience by making them a total badass the first episode/book/whatever they appear in. Step 2: Watch as the new guy/girl's competence sinks like a stone and they proceed to get more and more grating with each passing episode until the viewers end up despising them. Step 3: Remove said new character now that the viewers hate them. Step 4: Repeat until the series dies, likely after nearly every one of the original main characters is gone. I hope I'm wrong, I really do, but it happens way way too much when an established series brings in a new character, especially one that exists to replace another character that people liked.
  7. Wow, I didn't think Principal Obviously-A-Total-Dick-Just-So-Jefferson-Can-Get-His-Job-Back would ever end up having any valid points to make, but he did. Khalil is being treated as a saint all of a sudden despite all he had done just because he's dead, Jen DID just throw a "you're a racist" at Principal Dogfood (great name Perfect Xero) and dismiss anything and everything he said right out of the gate and continued to do so. Principle Dogfood also had a point to make that white people just as easily can end up have to crawl up from nothing just like any other race but nobody seems to care. It's one of those "Jerkass Has A Point" kind of moments. Too bad that in all likelihood everything Dogfood says is going to be thrown out of the window and he'll be shown as a generic over the top racist from this point on so that he causes enough problems to get booted so Jefferson becomes principal again. Here we go again with this storyline with Jen, the same old superhero storyline they've been doing pretty much since there has been superheroes. Jen's desire to waste Tobias already is and will be treated as her skirting the dark side because of revenge, because of course it's not remotely possible that Tobias has proven he is legally untouchable, that the only workable and reasonable way to deal with him is to put him down, and that he'll continue to hurt and kill people while the Pierces try to find a way to legally nail Tobias to a wall. If Jefferson had put a million volts through Tobias not long after the series started or even back when he first was Black Lightning years ago for that matter nearly every bad thing that had happened in this series would have never happened. That's the real reason for these "No Kill" rules, there wouldn't be a plot if the heroes were sane and put down the villains after the 20th time they caused mass death, suffering, and other crimes and got off scot free or broke out of prison. This kind of storyline has always sickened me, because rather than justifying not killing the villain it always just highlights the absurdity and points out all the reasons why the hero really should. It's one thing to go all Punisher and kill every random mugger you come across, it's quite another to kill someone like Tobias, who has gone out of his way to show and even rub in the face of the heroes the fact that he can't be dealt with any other way.
  8. Speaking of which, Cutter SOMEHOW manages to take down an entire FBI convoy of SWAT officers armed with a assault rifles with a... knife. Even if she's a Meta, which I can't remember, Cutter hasn't been built up to be anywhere near badass enough to make her taking all those cops out by herself believable. It's no wonder they didn't bother to actually show it, besides budget reasons. Could the police or in this case the FBI BE more blatantly useless? It would have been much easier to buy if like half the FBI had been working for Tobias and just shot the other half while Cutter provided the distraction. I thought a good part of the reason Tobias was after Khalil was he could have ratted on him, leaving him alive kinda means Khalil still can. On top of that (though I doubt they'll mention it) Khalil now has a nice piece of evidence in the form of a removed mechanical spine that should have Tobias' fingerprints all over it.
  9. immortalfrieza

    S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    Even handed nothing, the fight should have been a total curbstomp battle in the real Superman's favor. It's been established on Supergirl that Clark has been fighting supervillains for years including other Kryptonians like Zod so the only reason Deegan lasted 2 minutes again him much less be on the verge of winning is because of plot. Not a particularly good excuse considering they've got Red Sun generators on Earth to keep Lois from having an explosive Kryptonian pregnancy, not to mention that there's no reason Clark shouldn't be able to pop into Earth for a couple weeks every couple of months or so. Of course. Barry is super busy dealing with all the villains that he could beat in literally less than 2 seconds but takes him all day if not months because plot while Oliver loves sticking arrows in bad guys and he knows Barry would make Star City a crime free utopia in the space of a week or two if he stuck around for any real length of time. It's better for everybody (i.e. the writers) if neither interacts with the other much if at all outside of crossovers.
  10. immortalfrieza

    S05.E07: O Come, All Ye Thankful

    That is one of those things the viewer just has to learn to ignore if they want to enjoy this show at all. For most of the run of this show Barry could beat anyone short of another speedster in literally less than a second if he used his powers remotely intelligently and at the levels he's been demonstrated to be capable of. I mean, last season he moved fast enough that he was able to make a nuclear explosion look like it wasn't even moving while running around Central City to have lengthy (through speeding them up too granted) conversations with almost all of Team Flash and STILL be able to cancel out of the explosion over what to the viewers looked like just under an hour. The fact that Barry can't deal with any situation he encounters effortlessly makes no sense and hasn't since pretty much the show's second year, you just got to let it go in the end. What's sad is the logic of Cicada and the doctor makes plenty of sense, it's just the twisted way they go about it that makes it wrong. Metas caused every catastrophe that Central City has ever faced, let's break it down: The world destroying black hole. Zoom's reign of terror then nearly destroying all reality. Savitar own brand of chaos thanks to Barry screwing with time. The Enlightenment and the subsequent fallout from that. Thanks to Thrawne's time travel shenanigans with this timeline even the creation of Metas to begin with. Not to mention all the miscellaneous Metas running around killing people, stealing things, and committing other crimes, and like Weather Witch there's even the odd second rate Meta who isn't even one of the Big Bads yet is powerful enough to destroy Central City and attempts to do so. All this, and the number of Metas that have been actually helpful or even just not evil could be counted on barely more than 1 hand. Sure, it's a group of Metas that stopped these other Metas from causing this damage or helped reduce it, but that wouldn't be necessary if there weren't Metas to begin with. It's a perfectly logical conclusion to make that the world would be better off without Metas after what has happened. The problem is how Cicada goes about it, deciding to just murder any random Meta he notices, something that he could spend the rest of his life trying to do and never come anywhere close to eradicating all Metas. Any sane person or at least anyone who realistically actually wanted to accomplish that goal would try to work out a way to depower Metas across the globe so that they are human again, restoring the world to what it should be. However, lip service aside getting rid of all Metas isn't what Cicada actually wants to do, he just wants to vent his rage towards Metas for what they did to Grace and his own self loathing by murdering as many Metas as he can because he can, regardless of what he says. On a side note, who wants to bet Grace got turned into a Meta at the Enlightenment? She's even in a coma just like Barry was for months when he got his powers.
  11. immortalfrieza

    Season 17 Discussion

    Anyone else notice that Lois was all "WE'VE GOT TO SAVE YOUR FATHER MEG!!!" and then Meg was the only one of them who actually so much as showed up to try and save Peter? Apparently the rest of the family were hanging out at their hotel while Peter was facing a firing squad... which I wish I could say was a surprise to me. What the hell? TWO episodes in a row where the writers don't treat Meg like she deserves to suffer for no reason? The last episode may have poked fun at her a bit but it's a pinprick compared to what they usually do.
  12. immortalfrieza

    S04.E06: Call to Action

    They've been going "*wink wink* Lena is going to go evil! *wink wink*" "Wait, no she's not, she's actually a fine upstanding person!" far far too much for me to really buy it if they ever actually DID make Lena evil, nor would I ever like it if they did. Make Lena morally ambiguous I could see working, but making her evil would just smack of bad writing no matter how they did it. There is only 1 way to deal with fringe like that, condemn them and then ignore them, only even acknowledging their existence when they do something harmful, and even then just stop them and move on. Trying to reason with or debate people like that especially in an official capacity just gives their position look like it has legitimacy particularly if they are good at twisting your words around to sound like you support them and/or make you look bad. Inflicting violence upon them for any reason other than trying to cease the violence they are or have already inflicted or trying to shut down their hate speech just bolsters them and may even turn them from fringe to mainstream. Nothing boosts a group faster than trying to shut them up and/or stop them by force when they aren't doing anything physically and obviously harmful. My thoughts were: "Oh poor little James, your boss decides to tell you what to do on matters involving your job! Surely this is an unprecedented event unheard of for every employee ever!" The fact that they turned what was an extremely reasonable position for Lena to take both for the sake of her boyfriend's safety and morally into her being "controlling" was ridiculous. It's just like Mutants with X-Men, humans actually have very GOOD reason to be scared of and despise aliens. When you've got beings that can destroy a city block with but a thought, maybe even by accident all over the place AND have actively tried to destroy the world more than once, wanting them gone is a pretty rational point of view all things considered. Bigotry is one thing, having legitimate cause is quite another. This is especially true with aliens since if DC lore is any indication while aliens were there before then ever since Superman showed up the world has gone pretty well to hell due to all the aliens deciding Earth is the only planet in the universe they could go to. To add to a cliched phrase, it's true, people fear what they don't understand, but they're downright terrified of what they DO understand. The more you know, the more reason one has to fear. I had to laugh at this, because it's so freaking true. Aside from sometimes Alex, Winn, Brainy, and J'onn when he decides to get off his butt the entire DEO is utterly worthless without Supergirl to swoop in and do their jobs for them. The number of threats that have been on this show that weren't of alien origin and thus the DEO isn't supposed to be designed to handle without a near invincible alien to bring in and solve could be counted on one hand. Yet, the whole organization can't do anything to stop these threats which the organization itself exists to stop and just die in droves if they even show up.
  13. immortalfrieza

    S05.E05: All Doll'd Up

    Nora IS trying to change the future, she's trying to prevent Barry from disappearing forever, as well as find and stop Cicada since according to her Barry never manages it. How they're going to handle the fact that Nora is trying to change an event 6 years before it actually happens is another question. I'm glad Iris recognized how awful what she will do is, though she still failed to actually address the problem that Nora actually had with what she will do. Suppressing Nora's powers isn't good, but it's something that could be defended with very few justifications. Not telling Nora that she had powers and is all but stated intended that she would never know isn't just bad, it's utterly monstrous and indefensible. It's taking a fundamental part of Nora away from her and then refusing to allow her to even know that it exists. I can't even come up with a scenario on our level to compare this to, that's how terrible it is. Considering that Nora's memories haven't updated to reflect the change like Savitar's did apparently Iris is at this point still going to do the chip. As Nora has said, what she's seen of the current Iris there's not much difference between now Iris and Future Iris, so it's no wonder Nora turns around when Iris actually starts doing things that run contrary to the restrictive controlling mother she knew. It's no surprise Nora treats current Iris like Future Iris when current Iris, you know, ACTS just like Future Iris.
  14. immortalfrieza

    S07.E04: Level Two

    Exactly. The people of Star City don't trust the police because the SCPD have been UTTERLY FUCKING USELESS the entire run of the show except, incidentally, when they're trying to bring down the protagonists. The same goes for Argus really, but at least their better at making themselves look like they might be able to do something. Judging by Dinah's and new Mayor's actions this season they seem to be making absolutely no efforts to change this, only getting in the way of the ones who are actually doing good for the city. Part of that is the anthropic principle, if we did have competent law enforcement and military on this show and ones like it there wouldn't be any need for the protagonists at all and thus the show would be over. However, the law enforcement and military need to be able to at least contribute, the SCPD and Argus aren't even able to do that much. It's telling that most of the threats on Arrow are just bog standard humans or really just barely above that while on Flash the threats are superbeings most of which capable of effortlessly shrugging off everything cops and even the Army could throw at them. Yet the CCPD are comparatively much more effective than the SCPD could ever be, with Barry and Co even actively trying to bolster the CCPD against the threats they have to face. Oliver was Mayor for 2 seasons and he pretty much did nothing to make the SCPD any more competent than they ever were Read: not at all. Both DC and Marvel comics have had the exact same problem. Every time a future is shown it's a horrible one that invalidates all the efforts of the protagonists and someone from that future ends up coming back or sending a message back to the past to fix. Everything seems hunky dory, until the next comic with the exact same storyline that shows that the resulting future from that change is just as bad if not worse. Yet again whatever it is the protagonists have been doing and will do still makes no difference and may in fact just make things worse for their intervention... if they haven't turned into some mass murdering lunatic dictator or something. If this and the Legends glimpses into the future are any indication the Arrowverse is going down the exact same path. This is the Anthropic Principle again, but there comes a point where that ceases to be a justification and just becomes an excuse, and the Arrowverse has past that. I'd like to at least once see that the efforts of the heroes lead to a utopian future... and there's some nutjob from the future who goes into the past to ensure that it changes to a dystopian one. With at least one of those plotlines it would seem like a good future would be a POSSIBILITY, thus make it feel like there's some point to what the protagonists are doing.
  15. immortalfrieza

    S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    I wonder which will come first: John Constantine wearing a period outfit or John Constantine finally telling the Legends what all powerful demon is after him. Place your bets ladies, gentlemen, and time traveling demonic beings!