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  1. Chippings

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    Clearly, I need a Life, but I looked him up - serious burns when he was a young person. I'm not sure why he chose to feature the damage by growing out the beard, but you are right about the burns.
  2. Chippings

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    It wasn't clear to me who designed and built the "Edison" box - certainly not the sophomore drop-out? There was a mention of another person whose name was on the patent application. I would like to have understood how she snookered him and what he understood was going on. Did he realize what the professor of medicine pointed out - that what she was claiming it did is physically impossible? Having watched the 20/20 coverage of the exact same story on Friday, I wondered if others thought it did really a better job on the story? The documentary certainly padded a lot with the same shots of her walking through the facility in her lab coat -- and vintage images of early Edison movies. Oops, also, I was sorry this documentary did not mention (which 20/20 did) the element of the ad agency (Chiat-Day) they hired to do ads, who refused to put her unproven claims into the ads because the FCC requires documentation of the things you claim in an ad ! I think they had to pull back what the ad said about 90% from what she was saying. The admen, really, were more sophisticated than the famous old rich guys and venture capitalists. But my main point is - about the box ?
  3. Chippings

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I haven't even seen the end of Guerneville yet, but my question is, how did the house she gets fare in the recent flooding? It was the worst Guerneville has seen in decades. The first house had a creek below it, and the realtor said it rises like two feet in the winter. Yeah, right. Mm hmm - she chose one by the river. Doesn't bode well.
  4. Chippings

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    Clumsiest winner ever, tripping over her dress - and then she'd put her speech in her phone ?? Hope she is more organized in her professional work, which obviously she must be.
  5. PRE-cisely !! Levis, Gap, sorry I mixed 'em up, but glad you recognized it. That's the one I was thinking of. Thank you for posting it ! It really makes you wonder why somebody cast him to meander through the Matchmaker movie when he has so much good energy .. Thanks again for the video !
  6. I was waiting for this one with interest, because I suspected Will Kemp could do a lot more than he had to do with the Prince character in the Royal Matchmaker one. He really brought it ! (Don't know if anybody mentioned that of course he was essentially a ballet dancer, and his first notice by the greater public (in England) was a commercial for Levis in which he danced like a maniac -) The Matchmaker thing really restricted him in every sense, but this one was delightful. My IMDB says also he did a period thing where he was Lord Darnley -- so he's got range. On top of that the backgrounds were really enjoyable. And, altho they had to use the "love interest mis-interprets seeing lady with other fellow ..", they at least avoided the "bumping into each other and spilling coffee." Points for that. My point is -- really enjoyed Will Kemp.
  7. I'm one who waits eagerly for the catfish shows, but this was not what I expected. There was in fact a real person in Nigeria, who wasn't just tapping out pre-created prose all day "Oh Baby You Are my Queen" .. His motive was not principally being sent money (as the others have been) but evidently just to come to America where he could have electricity 24 hours a day. I think he really liked the lady (Josie?) well enough. There was certainly a huge correlation with 90 Day Fiance, and Angela and Michael. Dr Phil probably was appropriate to warn her off of the thing in the long term, but I thought he was really too hard on the guy. p.s. How are we liking the very new set-up of Previously TV ??
  8. We've seen Charlemagne and a couple of those very early kings before (I think Brooke Shields was one). I think when you get back to certain people in the 1600s or so (and a lot of trees already searched go that far) they have already set out a track back to Charlemagne. It wasn't a matter in this case of researching all through the 700s and 800s and 900s and 1000s &c &c for this individual. But given the records available in those centuries, and we do have the Middle Ages in there too) it seems awfully unlikely to me that you can really believe it.
  9. Chippings

    House Hunters International

    Just watched the Poland episode a day late -- Which was refreshing, because I've spent several hours this week reading about life in Poland during World War II. Much nicer now, for sure. But what I came away with was disappointment with the realtor -- -- If a client asks for one bedroom as his first priority, you'd think she could come up with something closer to that than two studios and a three-bedroom !!? I've learned that the closer you are to the people's work (or the middle of town) the less space you get for the money (d'uh). But there must be some more options than right in town and too small, or twenty minutes out and more space than he can possibly use ?? No one-bedroom places close to his price in the entire town? Seemed very odd. (And I remind myself that when they started filming he already had a lease on the one he took. But, still.)
  10. I remember he did, but it was a little vague - she didn't have a chance to say 'Oh yes that'd be great' or anything else. But I did get that suggestion. So, a good sequel would be very welcome. Their characters were entirely as much fleshed out as the main characters, so I do miss a good solid resolution for them. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the news.
  11. Just watched much (but not all) of One Winter Proposal (Number One movie on the XX-standard, nobody knows what it is) .. Very nice, handsome people etc. I came away feeling much cheated by not having a solid resolution of the relationship between Megan and Sean -- ?? ?? -- One interrupted kiss (check), called away to help with the romantic finale for the main couple, and then they're shown together, and Megan nods mysteriously ... which probably means "We worked something out." Really ?? They really had me caring, after two entire movies, about this couple and we get a 'nod' as their resolution. Poor screenwriting, it seemed to me. (Maybe this was discussed when it first aired - sorry.)
  12. Wait !! Who split up a month later ?? (thank you ..)
  13. Chippings

    House Hunters International

    Only 2/3 of the way through the Dublin episode, and this lady really is on my last nerve (sorry about the cliche'). She hasn't cracked a smile yet, has no tolerance for the guy, and doesn't seem to have any tolerance for his wishes. That frustrated scowl of hers is blood-curdling. There are a lot more cheerful women out there, guy. Think about it. Interesting to see Dublin though, as always
  14. I watch this show intensely, because it's the same kind of work, at the highest level (like WDYTYA) that I do on my own level. I have uncovered some stories in my time.. But the Andy Samberg story was the first that actually made me cry -- I was so happy at the incredible science available, and his mother's being able to know her own story, at last. That was amazing -- As they say in 'Hamilton', How lucky we are to be alive right now .. (Side-bar: Andy Samberg surprised me by being a lovely, calm, and well spoken fellow.)