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  1. Kiki777

    Stars In Other Roles: Doppelgangers!

    I think Spinelli is the stressed-out soccer dad in the McDonalds drive-through commercial.
  2. Barbara I think is a friend-of because I didn't see her in the credits. The taglines were awful. Luann bragging again about her legal troubles, Sonja being overly sexual again, Tinsley being corny, I don't even remember the others.
  3. Tinsley looked cute in her tennis outfit. Bethenny's silver muumuu... Holy Dorothy Zbornak. However, she does have great style when it comes to interior design. That rental property is to die for. I think I can see why she blows up at Luann this season. If it's about Lu being so full of herself I'm here for it. Soooo Dorinda is happy to be left alone so she can drink right? *small voice* I think I'm liking Ramona this season so far. She is amusing and speaks the truth in that odd way of hers.
  4. Kiki777

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I love Lucky Dog. I tear up when he gives the dogs over to their new families because you can tell he really gets attached to some of them. So sweet. Why couldn't he have been on WWHL when Dorit was there? That could have been interesting.
  5. Kiki777

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I wish there were more scenes of Erika at home. No, I don't give a crap about her, I just wanna see more of her dog. He is so handsome!!!!! Loved the scenes at college. I'm not a fan of Kyle or her bratty kids but I love her dogs and husband. No words on PuppyGate. Even posting about it would bore me. tl;dr Dogs and Mauricio are awesome!
  6. Kiki777

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    WTF is Lance Bass doing with this Jax mixer business? Unless Jax is just the face and this is really LVP's thing. I wanna go to a cat cafe! And I'm more of a dog person, but those lil kittens were so cute! Let's face it, a puppy cafe would be pee and poop everywhere.
  7. Kiki777

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    Honestly I think she'd forsake Joe and the kids for the show - not that it will come to that, but if the girls actually do choose to live wih their dad, I can't imagine Teresa giving up the D-list fame, money, and big crappy house for anything.
  8. Kiki777

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    Her saucy delivery of 'ya husband's in the pool' was fabulous. She's Mae West with a Jersey accent.
  9. Kiki777

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    Danielle's new cheekbones make her look like the masked villian in the Saw movies. And the necklace??? Awkies! I was cringing behind my throw blanket. When this friendship goes sour it will be epic. So the cast remains the same? I'm glad. Wonder if Danielle will try for a 'royal wedding' since the new fiancé is a duke. Teresa's go-to 'I have no husband' excuse falls even flatter when you consider her not-so-secret boyfriend.
  10. My favorite Ramona is The RaNoodle. If you hit 'mute' in that swimming scene so you can't hear the sexual harassment, she was child-like and adorable. Ditto on the understated (mostly) elegant style choices relative to other franchises. This is part of why I like NYC the best. Less makeup, lashes, extensions. And with the exception of Dorinda's hideous pink Gucci sweater, less label-whoring.
  11. Yay! A pretty much Uneventful episode yet it was far more entertaining than PuppyGate or Toxic Teresa! I missed these bitches and even at their worst I still love them. I love their messy casual schleppy clothes and minimal makeup (except for Tinsley who always has a full face). Barbara visually looks like she belongs to the Jersey cast, though.
  12. Kiki777

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    This fight is already reminding me of the 'epic' Bethenny vs Carole conflict: long, drawn-out and so boring that the only thing that could have saved the episode would be a massive group attack of Vacation Diarrhea. Well at least we got the adorable baby flamingoes...
  13. Kiki777

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    Oh I totally agree that there are some 'flowers in the attic'. Teresa hating Melissa is not personal - she would hate anyone he married. Remember when she revealed that she was witness to him losing his virginity? I bet she stood there watching for a while. I'm glad to see Mel standing up to T. T better look out because once she has alienated everyone, her husband goes back to Italy and her father passes away, she'll have nobody left to help with her kids (who I'm sure will also resent her for this whole boy toy business)
  14. Kiki777

    S07.E12: PJs on the PJ

    I loved Beau this episode for his reaction to Stassi's raving about the PJ - most commercial flights have those individual TV sets. That shut Stassi up quick. i agree that Sheana's hair looks like crap. She looks like every busted contestant of America's Next Top Model who gets cheap extensions for their makeover.
  15. Kiki777

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    I agree wih you that Jackie probably has an agenda. However, I don't think I would ever call Teresa shrewd - just paranoid, but this time she just happens to be right :-) I'm all for a Teresa takedown - her ego is totally out of control. I thought prison would humble her, but she's worse than ever.