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  1. TrininisaScorp

    S03.E04: The Hour and the Day

    That dinner scene for Hays and Amelia's date was both cringe-y, hilarious, flirty, and awkward. I think the two actors really played off each other well in this courting scene (fair warning: Mahershala turning up the charm in any capacity is gonna make me swoon). Contrast that with the continued 1990s argument in the kitchen and bedroom, and you see that it has been a tough ten years in the Hays marriage, yet they are still very attracted to each other, but go about things in a very different ways. The fight felt very honest to me, very real...loving someone and knowing where to punch to make it hurt...I was almost uncomfortable that I was intruding. 2015 Wayne is pretty great! The writing and the actor have done a marvelous job in building a well rounded character whose layers are still somewhat a mystery. All his 2015 decisions feel very in character. I'm very tense about this shootout scenario with Woodard and the mob. I don't know whose fault this all is, right? Like, that mob is racist, clearly, but Woodard seems a little weird with the kids. I would love to understand a bit more about why the daughter is estranged from older Wayne. Something about their mom? Also, does Wayne's son have something going with the producer lady? There seemed to be a great undercurrent between both conversations with Wayne/Henry and Wayne/Producer lady. Man, Mamie Gummer sold me on Lucy's traumatic experience. She is a deeply unhappy woman living her life in a deeply unhappy way, and her kids were a constant reminder of that, and now they are gone and she probably feels like it is punishment. I saw that Streep magic in that scene with Amelia, I tell ya!
  2. Mahershala Ali is an amazing actor, and he just compels you to follow him when he's on screen. Can he be in all the things!? I'm already in this season! Loving the side characters, and appreciating the great acting from Dorff and Ejogo. I love the darkness that is infused even in the good guys. There is something a little dangerous about Hays, and I like Amelia, but there is something a little weird about her too. Additionally, I can't wait to see the mystery unfold. Who killed Will? How is Julie alive? What the what happened in the 90s between Julie and her dad?!
  3. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    The trainwreck continues… Shaun (once all hell has broken loose): “This is not what we want” **SERIOUSLY**, this is exactly what you all want. Asuelo continues to drop the truth: “They come in late and they act like asshole…”, but also acting uncomfortably weird. Colt and Larissa are a set of nut balls. I. Cannot. I totally agree with Jon’s “Colt is arrogant. For some reason.” I don’t understand their weird superior attitudes. “We. Never. Attack. Anyone.” Ok, dude. Ridic, as we are literally seeing them attack other people. They also can’t talk about the arrest(S), so…why did they come?! Debbie is “moving out”; I see a bindle, a Tupperware of bith phtew, and a single tear to be used as guilt currency in the near future. Why did we go on a long tangent about compliments?! My hate for Leida and Eric continues. Tasha doesn’t seem like an easy person, but she doesn’t deserve for her father’s import to dictate terms that should be between her and her father. I 100% believe that mess in the apartment wasn’t just her and was, in fact, also Eric. But Eric doesn’t want to face the wrath of Leida, so he took the coward’s way out and blamed it solely on Tasha. We can quibble about age all we want, but she was 19 at the time. While legally an adult, she is still his child that he allowed to be abused by Leida. Watching the clips all together genuinely upset me. “I love you Tasha, but…” basically negates the beginning of the sentence. For the first time ever, I agree with something Steven said; I will never forgive Leida/Eric for THAT either. LOL. I can’t WAIT for little Alessandro to assimilate and give them heartache in the next 10-12 years (if they last that long)…Asuelo was right about karma, but he was looking at it the wrong way. Can someone please hug Tasha and give her a tissue?! In the filler/follow-up, Eric’s rant and rave about how adult = 18 and everyone is a snowflake, so it’s ok to be a dick to your daughter. Bite me. Ashley is really sublimating and projecting on E’RRYBODY today. Her rage is just flying everywhere. I think we know Natalie is not a good friend, but we also know that Jay was cheating the ENTIRE time. Ashley is being a bit…wait for it…cunt-ie. (I felt uncomfortable even typing that word) I’m of 2 minds with Asuelo’s dancing…he is always so joyful when he does it, but it seemed a little exploitive. Maybe I’m a snowflake? I dunno. But. We could have finished the show right there, as the rest of this feels like painful filler. BRUH. Was that a commercial for 90DF: HEA? with family de Chantel and a taser?! They keep sucking me back in with these terrible people. I am HERE for “harvesting the American dollar” and other such insanity.
  4. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Ashley/Jay They are trying to work through things. Bwahahaha. Ok, girl. He is just going to spend your life cheating on you. I don’t trust a damn thing that Jay says. Period. “Mistake”, my ass. That said, I don’t care for Ashley’s continued attitude b/c you have decided to stay in a mess that 1) you helped make, 2) you knew was always happening, and 3) you are saying can’t be fixed. Also, Ashley seems like a fake tough chick; like she talks the talk, but can she walk the walk. Leida/Eric I like that the first thing out of her mouth is about money. First, middle, and last. “Can we not talk about how we trashed my daughter?” Ok. Sure. OMG. Thanks for pointing out those terrible contacts, guys! I can’t see anything else but them. LOL. You can actually see Leida working herself up to make herself cry. I don’t believe a damn bit of those crocodile tears, and from the looks of the rest of the couch, no one there believes it either. Steven/Olga I’ve never been so happy to have two people apart. Steven is such a little bitch. He 100% speaks to people like someone who hasn’t been punched in the face, and he clearly needs to get his face punched. You know…for educational purposes. Asshole. Take responsibility for your actions and bad behavior, and speak to people with respect in order to gain it from them. Ashley squeezing the life out of her face trying not to scream obscenities at Steven while he was bitching was HILARIOUS! Go back and watch if you didn’t see it! Asuelo/Kahlani The giant puffer jacket with shorts are HILARIOUS. That’s what we Floridians do too! We’re ridiculous. Oliver is sooo damn cute. My ovaries cannot handle it. OMG. Look at his hair all ruffled in his wittle onesie. Also, yay to Kalani breastfeeding on tv! This is normal! **claps** Kolini HATES Asuelo because of the damn mess her sister has made of her life. Her words of “I mean, that’s my sister’s husbands, so…” felt like what she thought she should say. Asuelo really seems sweet, but def has something going on with him; his reaction to the arguing at the end freaked me out. I’m on Asuelo’s side until he does some question shit like “it’s a big country…what would she need…no, I didn’t ask if my baby mama needed anything”. Dude. Be a little better. Jonathan/Fernanda They seem distant; I guess the split may be the real deal. Thanks for educating me, ya’ll! I never figured out the underage grooming either. Ewwww. Really puts an unsavory spin on things. The only time I’ve ever been on Fernanda’s wavelength was her explaining what would happen if she spoke to her mom with disrespect like Jon. **smack** Yup. Same. Colt/Larissa Man. She’s a crazy chick, and he pretends to be not a crazy person. These two are going to end up on Dateline. Freaks me out. Interactions: I like that EVERYONE got a thing to say about Larissa and Colt, and the fake drama of if they will be on the show. Like many of you, I feel like the Larissa-Colt united hate stopped the group from going in on the other folks as much. Fernanda and Larissa are both in the wrong. Ew. I’m tired of women jumping in to insult each other and starting with looks. Like, the patriarchy does enough to remind us that we aren’t good enough; must we reinforce those norms?! With these two, there are LOTS of VALID reasons to pick on each other, but I hate that we focusing on looks. I like Jon and Asuelo’s little bro hug. It was sweet. **shrug**
  5. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    I've been in bed with a sinus thing today bc I spent the last week enjoying the holidays and family too much. Thus, I have limited patience for high levels of fuckery. I never talk about Ashley and Jay at all bc...what's the point? Obviously, this is what was going to happen. Ashley should just get the ah-nool-ment and let Jay go Tinder his dick off in JamRock. Olga/Steven - Girl. You free from this asshole! Woot! Larissa/Coltee - what a gd mess! We know L has a temper, but I just don't trust Coltee and his mama. I read too many gothic novels. Fuck you, John. Fernanda/Jon - You know, that was actually sweet with the vows. But. I sideeyed grammy being sick being the reason mom wasn't there, and Jon's bro riding his dick was uncomfortable. Eric/Leida - Man, he just keeps digging himself further into the doghouse with his girls. Leida doesn't even front about why she's putting up with Eric to be taken care of in America. She continues to be the absolute worst. I finally pinpointed why I dislike her as much as I do: The fact that's she's kicking out Eric's 19 yo is extra nasty bc in most Asian cultures (prob inclusive of hers) an unmarried daughter stays with the family until she leaves for school or marriage. So this entitled, nasty bitch totally recieved that privilege from daddy in Indonesia, but won't let Eric's daughter. Gross. Plus, I was totally blindsided by how their officiant sounded like he was a busted ass MovieFone guy. Cannot. Unhear. "Eric and Lay-da...for Spiderman press 1....for Aquaman press 2..." Kahlani/Aseulo - Their wedding was cute! Her family has serious bitch face, all these ppl dressed like they were attending very different events. Asuelo seems so joyous repping his culture. Father K just staring (with embarassment? Sadness? Envy?) while Asuelo danced was so indicative. My fav thing this episode is how busted all the brides look: Fernanda and her dark undergarments, Kahlani blowing all over, Larissa in the Goodwill special, and Leida looking boxy was hell. Bruh. The director these last couple of episodes has been fire! Between Kahlani's serious talk with her sister whist wearing Party City chain 'o dicks and the comic beats of Eric in the slowest elevator at the Days Inn while Leida stews were cracking me up.
  6. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    I'm beat after a long weekend of holiday prep, so I'm keep this simple tonight: 1) Go fuck yourself, Steven. You can't rip a 3 week old from his mother with ZERO regard for anything other than making him an 'Murican and pretend it is the right thing to do, not the selfish thing to do for yourself. Who is going to take care of that baby in America b/c it sure as shit isn't Steven. Fuck outta here, man. Don't let me see you in these streetz, asshole. 2) At 30, I would like to think Kalani could figure something out. But, my guess is her Mormon parents didn't allow her pregnancy/STD prevention courses in school and she didn't educate herself as a very fertile adult. Christ, Kalani. Now, her whole family is going to blame Asuelo for "ruining her life", even though it takes 2 to tango. 3) Leida. Bitch, you ain't shit. No one agrees with you. No one believes you are right. Just you, yourself, and yours. Eric SHOULD cry and feel crunchy for pushing his kid around to look like a big man in front Leida. I did really like Father Eric and the clear judgement of his son's utter bullshit, so I wonder how Eric hit the stupid tree so much. 4) Fernanda and Jon love each other, I truly believe. Fernanda and Jon are not mature enough to get married. Neither of them. At. All. 5) You know what? I kind of like Larissa's crazy ass. I never want to meet ppl like that IRL, but on tv, that shit is gold. We were giggling at my house at Colt-ie purposely avoiding the poor waitress to the point of being insanely rude. What a dumbass! 6) The live show after: Molly looks good! Luis is married with a baby on the way...whhhatt?! Jesse still can't STFU. I think my opinion is unpopular, but I like this particular host's irreverent take. How else should you treat these people?!
  7. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    Can we talk about Colt-ie’s redneck cousin?! Umm, bro. Clean up your own house first before you start throwing stones b/c the look of fear and shame in headbands’ eyes while redneck was yelling was very telling. It was also very revealing that redneck and Larissa were screaming at each other and the kids were sitting with Aunt Debbie like nothing was going down. They are clearly used to dad flipping the fuck out and screaming “bitch” and other choice words at a woman. But, it’s all good b/c they got Jesus stickers on the car, right?! Larissa may not be handling this well, but I don’t disagree that it is her vs. Colt’s entire family, while Colt sits there and says nothing. I genuinely dislike the hell out of Leida. She is such a snotty bitch. The fact that she wants him to just stop paying child support and berates Eric into telling her that she (and I suppose her son…the accessory) is his number 1 priority makes me sick. Dude, you look like a tail between legs bitch. The irony of them going for their talk while asking the child who she is trying to cut out to look after her kid was not lost on me. I wish Eric would just call her on her bullshit: “Ok, go home to your rich family”, but I think she knows he won’t, so she can play tough girl. Also. Petty: I spotted Leida’s Miss Indonesia sash on the dresser knob. Bitch couldn’t bring toys, except for the iPad, for her kid, but that certainly had to come. Her and Tasha together are some really classy broads. Though Tasha said some nasty stuff, you can tell that she is pained by how much her father is under this evil woman’s thumb. Steven. Ugh. "I’m going make my son an American, but I guess your visa is gonna have to wait." You can tell Olga needed to see her friend, who is clearly seeing through all of Steven’s bullshit and gaslighting. I love Anne’s pointed “important to be a man”, and I kinda wish Olga and Anne can stay in Russia without Steven and raise the baby. That is probably best case scenario. I continue to feel a bit bad for Asuelo. He just cannot win. Of all of these people, I think I like Fernanda and BroJon the best. I can appreciate that she wants to have some family around, and that Jon clearly needs to work through stuff. I think her words were lovely, and actually a bit mature in how she supported him in his emotional state. I like Fernanda more and more. But. Like. Can y'all do that shit at home? I go to coffee shops for coffee and to yak with my friends. A crying Bro is gonna harsh my buzz. LOL. I’m going to ignore JamRock dude and that Virginia lady b/c I just cannot be bothered to care.
  8. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E08: Ready to Run

    I reach a point in every season where the tipping point of rage happens. That was this episode. Please go fuck yourself directly, Steven. You disgusting, selfish, narcissistic garbage human. Olga, not only did you get yourself with a newborn, but you have also have inherited a grown ass child. He’s jealous of his own son, and can’t get past his own supposed childhood trauma. What a small POS he is. She. Lived. In. A. Russian. Orphanage. And, YOU had it bad?! GTFO. The continued gaslighting is terrible…”if you would only not upset me” “if you could just pay attention to me”. I want Olga to be in America, but to be as far away from Steven as possible. My blood pressure rose when he kept talking. Leida and Eric are the worst. On the one side, he just picked and paid for a venue/food/etc without her?! Like. Did he have a coupon or something (I’m a bargain hunter myself, so no hate)?! On the other side, I hate that Leida still doesn’t understand that the lifestyle HER PARENTS have afforded her isn’t the one she should expect here. That ballroom looked way more respectable than I expected from Eric, and with the right décor and lighting, it would be a nice venue for a decent wedding. That is WAY better than I thought he would do. Leida is just rigid in what she thinks she deserves. She thinks she’s a 12 outta 10, when she’s really a 2.5. Maybe add some pops of color in the all white flower thang? Maybe stop fixating on the $300K wedding for the 2 yr marriage (cost $150K a year!!)? Maybe stop asking Eric to illegally and immorally stop paying child support for his kid? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN CHILD SUPPORT TO THIS USELESS BITCH?! You know she’s just mad that he didn’t take her dad’s money. Eric almost had me on his side…until he said to get rid of Indonesian culture background. Dude. This isn’t about her being Indonesian and people outside of America care about their families, asshole. It’s about her being a selfish bitch. I also love that Leida hates parenting her child. She only uses him to make the point of what she wants from Eric. Yay, more furniture shopping. That couch is really ugly for $4K (sorry, not my style). Eric created some terrible expectations for Leida, but she is the most unreasonable person (e.g. never had to work for a damn thing). They absolutely deserve each other. I like that the standard here is either no bed or a $7K bed. Nothing in the middle? Can’t go to the Sam’s and get a pretty decent mattress for $700? Why must you go to a Scandinavian boutique? I wonder why both of them haven’t had success in marriage as yet….the world may never know. Man, Kalani and Asuelo wouldn’t even talk today if it wasn’t for the baby existing. He just wanted to GTFO of Samoa, and I have no have why Kalani is here with him. They can’t communicate. Her family makes everything worse. Both continue to show their inherent immaturity and selfishness. Ashley and Jay. While I don’t care about them and I think they are terrible for each other, the situation with the trolling is truly vile. It is really tough moving from a country where you are part of the larger culture to one where you are a minority during a time where “otherness” is such a flashpoint. Also, Ashley’s auto-answer of “this never happened b/c I never dated a black man before…but it SO isn’t your fault or anything” felt very uncomfortable to me. I felt a little for Jay…to be 20 and get slapped with that vile racist bullshit is a hard pill to shallow. Colt-ie and his momma continue to be the most true love relationship on this entire show. The pain for both of them that they won’t be living together. Hee. I like Fernanda and Jackie a lot more after this episode. Jon’s mom is still reading “big ole bitch” to me. I thought Fernanda looked very pretty in all the gowns and color me surprised that she chose the simple, but sexy backed gown.
  9. TrininisaScorp

    S09.E08: Evolution

    If you told me 5 years ago that I would be bored to tears/annoyed beyond reason with a character played by JDM, I would have slapped you. Yet, here we are with me not GAF about Negan and annoyed that he lives while a significantly more interesting character like Jesus is dead. Sigh. I thoroughly enjoyed last week episode, and am annoyed that they are injecting so much filler in the midseason finale this week. Don't care about new teens. Interesting that Enid is with the one nice Savior guy now, but meh. Really, I'm still mostly here for the OGs: Michonne's mysterious convo with Carol drew me in. I want to know more about that. RIP, Jesus. I loved watching him fight (his style was the coolest out of anyone), appreciated his inherent goodness, and appreciate what Tom Payne brought to the role. I will say I was intrigued by the whole scary, spooky thing at the cemetery, and The Whisperers scared the heck out of me. When the "walker" dodged Jesus, I squeaked a little!
  10. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E07: Flirting With Disaster

    Well, I have a list... Larissa/Colt-ie Ok, I feel a little bad for Larissa today. She seemed a little homesick and missing her family while at the Brazilian place, and then Colt-ie seems to be going backwards on the plans they talked about before now. I think he was clearly willing to promise the moon at the time, but now that the 90 days is ticking away, it is a different story. I think that’s the core of their problem. (shallow) Colt-ie shouldn’t wear shorts. It was not a cute look. (/shallow) Steven/Olga I’m with Olga…Steven is acting like an asshole. I can’t believe Steven is randomly driving with a newborn in Russian, and he wants to have an argument while driving. I was so nervous. Him getting heated and going on and on while poor Olga is trying to explain her basic wants was sad to me. I wanted to shake his stupid head. Olga JUST HAD A BABY VIA C-SECTION. Can he just stop?! Please?! Stop yelling. Stop touching the baby with his dirty hands. Just. Stop. Ashley/Jay These ppl. So, she brought him from Jam Rock and didn’t care what he did here, but now, she’s all over his phone messaging like she owns him. Come on, man. These are 1) 20 yr old dude probs, so you get what you get, and 2) the great philosophers TLC have stated many a time that “you can’t trust a relationship with no trust”. Communication isn’t the biggest problem, sweetie. Your Caprisun drinking child bride is tripping out just like he was in Jamaica, and you own that now, Ashley. Eric/Leida The look on Leida’s mom/dad/bros’ faces when Eric was saying goodbye was HILARIOUS. Go back. Look at it. LOLOL. The saying goodbye to Aless was really sad, though. Eric’s greasy hair was all I could stare at while they were cleaning the apartment. Tasha was actually very mature and tried to be kind, but Leida was a really rude bitch to her from the start. “She’s my daughter, I’m not kicking her out” to throwing her under the bus and letting this random woman attempt to throw his daughter out in the first 5 mins being in her house was Eric at his lowest to me. I LOVED Tasha being like “you aren’t on the lease, bi-atch”. You can tell that Tasha was truly hurt by her father’s words and actions. Leida is a gross, self-centered, nasty person, and so is Eric. Those two deserve each other, but won’t someone think of the children?! BroJon/Fernanda The situation with Family Jon very much reminds me of Family Chantel and Pedro in their first season: The American has done a great disservice to their foreign “love” by not being an adult with their family, and the family takes it out on the foreigner instead of their precious child/sibling who, IMO, deserves a lion’s share of the blame. BroJon basically presented this poor girl on a trashcan lid to his family. Doesn’t matter if Fernanda is a filet mignon or not, she is still served on a trashcan. I also hate that Jon seemed to be projecting his fears and insecurities around commitment on Fernanda. That said, Jackie seems like a nice gal, but I completely understand her being a little reticent about all of this and who she probably sees as her player older bro. BUT, BroJon’s mom is kind of terrible. The cut of the eyes, “you’re tall”, “not that I see you regularly” in the first minute told me exactly how that interaction was going to go. I remember being 19 and meeting the people who would years later become my in-laws; it was scary for me then and they didn’t have the fire in their belly at their son the way that Jon’s mom did. You can tell that Jon and his mom fell back very quickly into their old patterns. I do believe that Jon handled himself as the conversation went forward and defended Fernanda well. My heart broke for Fernanda that Ceci couldn’t even commit to go dress shopping. Kalani/Asuelo Yeah. I just don’t like Kalani. She seems like a real…boohole. Do these people not have any empathy for people that aren’t exactly like them?! I appreciate that Nick told Kalani that she needed to talk to Asuelo about her concerns, but that the next suggestion was to babysit Asuelo. I was nervous with the way Asuelo was carrying Oliver. Nick does seem to have a decent head on his shoulders. I really lay the issue here as a huge cultural gap between 2 people that are very immature in different ways. Asuelo’s fav thing about Oliver is “he’s white and mom from America” is painful, even in jest. WTF?! Asuelo is no prize, but he is eclipsed by how horrid Ohana Kalani is.
  11. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Whew...these people, man. Steven made me want to punch him. I'm trying to appreciate that he is young and clearly has a lot of trauma in his life, but DAMN, BITCH...Olga JUST had a c-section. That's not minor surgery, and he's all pissy that she isn't jumping up and down? Also, I cannot with his dirty hands all over that baby. WTF?! The underlying rage and Olga's look of pure exasperation, but also fear, was not cute to watch and not a great portent for their future. Steven needs a damn therapist and NOT an insta-family. Kalani is the worst. How in the hell is he suppose to know the rules of the road in the States if she can't be bothered to tell him? I'm from a 3rd world country and maybe there are car seats now, but I'll tell you that I probably didn't have a car seat when I was a wee Trininisa. I don't blame Asuelo for not talking to Kahlani. She is being a real dick, and continues to be a dick. "I apologized for my terrible behavior...why won't this asshole talk to me and get over it?!" I think this maybe an unpopular opinion, but I appreciate that Nick had jokes, and I was almost on his side until he said Kalani doesn't need him. Can NONE of these people appreciate that he's Oliver's father, and their girl is just as much to blame for their current situation??!! Ummm, also someone needs to educate Asuelo about the importance of condom usage, and that these people are NOT ready for another baby. I got secondhand embarrassment from watching Leida take her family through that shithole of an apartment. I love the **lewks** that her parents were giving each other and the apartment, and that they tried a little to not comment (I'm sure production kept pushing too). I also feel a renewed appreciation for Leida's sister. I have a hunch that Leida has always been this flighty, useless person, and her sister is constantly having to pick up the pieces and is just so tired of her sister's entitled, shitty decision making. If there wasn't a kid involved, I would be much more amused at Leida's choice of American. Eric is a lazy, useless asshole. Maybe I'm projecting b/c Baraboo has been in the news for very uncool reasons, but Eric seems the type that is...how to say...more "nationalist" than "patriot"? Leida may not understand the racial tension and such in small midwest town, but she, and unfortunately, that kid are gonna learn today. BroJohn and Fernanda...bruh. Like, is his family racist or something? Does he have a relationship with his mom that's Colt/Deb like? There is this (for lack of a better analogy for this dreck) "madwomen in the tower" vibe that BroJohn gives off when he talks about this family. I feel bad for Fernanda. She isn't secure enough to be married, she doesn't have a man, IMO, who feels like a stable foundation when she has no family nearby, and CLEARLY, BroJohn's family is NOT going to be a support system. Colt and Larissa are such a damn mess. She's a harpy who wants all the things with no thought process of how to pay for them, and he's an asshole who can't be bothered to respect that she is afraid of heights and other basic human things. Their proposal was one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever seen, and I've watched every damn season of this godforsaken show. "Wanna get married?" I've also informed my husband that I'm calling my wedding set my "ring-ies" from here onwards. Jay/Ashley...can we just fastforward to their ill advised relationship combusting b/c I'd really not like to take the scenic route?
  12. TrininisaScorp

    S06.E01: The Clock Is Tickin'

    Here we go! I struggled a bit with the Mormon chick's dad basically saying he doesn't want his daughter with people that are like him. Like. What?! Fun slightly OT story: When my husband and I (we're South Asian) went to Hawaii for a conference, I was surprised at some of the nasty treatment we got. One of the valets we struck up in convo (he's a NYer and my husband is a NYer) mentioned it might be because there is bias toward the Somoan population and as Indians we look a bit like that. I guess what strikes me is if there is already possible bias, why pile on with your own people, bro?! Colt is a little strange, but actually seems sweet (compare him to a Paul type of guy). Larissa seems like a real bitch. That'll be fun! Eric's "I'm a patriot, but gimme a foreign chick" mentality feels weird. I hope Lita takes him on a ride, but she has a kid, so I hope that ends up ok. I def feel like the life Eric can offer her will not be to her liking. Shades of Annie and David Poor. 31 yr old bartender chick and the barely not a teen Jamaican are going to be a trainwreck. He already admitted to golddigging his pop's chick, and his sis blew up his spot that he is trying to be like his player dad. So excited! The bro-ham realtor and the 19 yr old pretty Mexican girl feel a little like Pedro and Chantel...lots of initial chemistry, which leads to misery. He seems younger than 30-something, and really wistful for those youthful days. These people that go on vacation and "fall in love" forget that vacation style/mindset isn't what most of our lives in the US are regularly. That's why it is a damn vacation. How they can think the translation of carefree sexy beach goodness in paradise can easily translate to the day to day grind (and all the adulting headaches that come with it) without major issue is beyond me.
  13. TrininisaScorp

    S02.E12: Tell-All

    The kids of this show continue to amaze me. That these useless, self absorbed people could have pretty great, wise, fairly well-adjusted kids is quite a surprise. Potential, 1) they could be decent parents, or 2) these kids have had to grow up quickly b/c of their shitty parents (feels more likely). Michael started crying (again) b/c he is seeing his ticket to Trump-land (ugh) not getting punched and he "took many for the team" for nothing. Angela is acting exactly like the trashbag I would expect her to be. Xiamena dodged a GD bullet. Seriously. Even if useless Ricky wanted to be with her, he would be seesawing Xiamena under the guise of "doing what's right for his family", when he is just doing what's convenient for Ricky's dick and what makes him "look good". Xiamena needs to get her ass to a church rn, light a candle for every saint she knows, and thank her lucky stars that her watch over Ricky is done. Girl, go live and take this as a lesson well learned. Paul and Karine are useless people. She is good at getting pregnant, and he's good at doing and saying the wrong thing all the time. Him not being in Brasil got her looking cute, too. Yo, Jon scares me. Like, he'll be cute with Lucy in one second, and then, BAM, calling other dudes pussies with heavy aggression. It has never been more apparent why he got into so many fights. He's a scary dude, and Rachel really stepped in a money pit aggressive version of a person. Both Hazel and Tarik looked good! Nice to see folks not looking tore up. I never, however, have any interest in hearing about these ppl's sex lives and abortion/not abortion. Jesus. That escalated quickly. Lawd. Can we never see Darcy and Jesse again!? These ppl are the worst possible kind of trash. They are just gross and nasty and joy suckers. If any of this "reality" is real, then these people need to never speak/see them ever again. At the very least, fuck 'em...I don't want to have to see them again.
  14. So, I think Karine is a pain and Paul sucks, but, man, that was sad. Like with Pao's abuela, I struggle with the exploitative nature of something so tragic and deeply, deeply personal. So. Imma lay off this week. Except to say, did I catch them saying 8-9 weeks? That timeline gets weird for me. And Paul is the worst at giving basic human empathy and care. Oh. Gawd. Can Darcey and Pale Man not?! This is literally their entire existence. Also, Darcey's biography cover should be her wearing that ridic getup inclusive of fur coat on the side of road with baggage bigger than she is. Also. Her luggage. Hee. Whomever said that Jesse thinks he is super mature is 100% on it...he thinks he is wise beyond his years and he's just an egomaniac. I LOVE Ximena b/c I dislike Ricky. X: "Jump in the water and all is forgiven" R: "I cannot swim" X: "IDGAF, bitch" **SPLASH** **CRAMP** TrininisaScorp: **cackles** But, like. These ppl need to not get married. As we are talking "ppl who shouldn't get married", let's turn to Tarik and Hazel. That was the most lackluster acceptance of a proposal I've ever seen. It felt like 2 hrs for her to say yes. Can we talk about Tarik's shitty rap?! WTF? Did we know he made shitty music? Is there more? Can I torture my friends with it? I blame Post Malone and all these Lil' rappers for making people think they can hip hop. Michael looked like he got he golden ticket from Willy Wonka. Little does he know the amount of work he will be putting in to earn that red/white/blue. Should we tell him how our country is behaving toward brown/black immigrant these days? Nah. I'll let the state of Georgia handle that shit right quick. Edited to add: Forgot about Rachel and Jon. We've begun playing a game of "chicken little"-90 Day edition with Rachel. Basically, everytime Rachel says something dire for literally nothing or debbie downs, the first person to note it wins. The only flaw is that in this episode that was literally every utterance out of her mouth. So, it loses something. Jon's temper isn't cute, nor is his casual attitude about his many, many exs.
  15. TrininisaScorp

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)

    I feel like between this and Crazy Rich Asians there is some new life being put into the rom com again. I like a good, not lady bashing, rom com, and a good one has been few and far between. To echo many of you, I adored the family dynamic in this movie. The love and annoyance between the sisters, and their relationship with their dad. I ADORE the exchange between Kitty and John Corbett's character re: menstruation. It was very amusing. I love that Lara Jean is so likeable, yet flawed, but she doesn't change who she is or tries to fix the dude. Her relationship with Peter is just precious first love goodness at its finest. Peter K is pretty great. The chemistry between the leads was really good. All of their important scenes (e.g. the letter reveal on the track, the "plan", the diner, the party, the kitchen, the hot tub, etc) hit the right notes and I just really wanted in my cold, dark heart for these 2 crazy kids to truly fall for each other. Noah Centineo is having A MOMENT, right? I have a wee crush! The voice and mannerisms are really a bit of Ruffalo back in the day (13 going on 30 or that terrible movie with Paltrow he did) and Matthew Lawrence (besides JTT, he was my man back in the day), and he is really charming.