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  1. tiramisue

    S06.E07: A Kick in the Astro

    Agreed! I was wary at first, because they are young kids. But if there is ever a Juniors vs. Adults All Stars a kid would win and not even as a gimmick, but an honest win (in both design skill and personality).
  2. tiramisue

    Speculation for Season Five

    Community actually did two D&D episodes without any sucking into the world. The episodes were awesome especially the first one, I could see this on the Librarians done the same way... Just not an entire season, but I'd be in for an episode of it. I also hope they will reference the episodes of this season around the time of their equivalent, because of the timey-wimey-ness of the situation, just a throwaway sentence about the camp or Feud. etc and then in the finale hopefully take things from both seasons (since it didn't happen this season and the way everything comes together is an aspect I really love about the show).
  3. tiramisue


    I considered that too. I think he knew for a long time that she didn't love him and never did. She actually wanted his dad all along. That must've been hard. Even if he was jealous, there was no way he could hate the guy. And I also remembered the conversation Jonas and Martha had about their kiss during the summer. They talked about what might've been if Michael hadn't killed himself (or was it about Jonas going away, either way, their first kiss was before the suicide). What if Michael found out? It might not have been the reason he killed himself, but if he was depressed, he might've felt responsible for something he wanted his son to have (love) and at the same time prevent and tell his son, that Martha is his aunt. It might've contributed to his depression. He might've seen himself as the person that stood in the way of his son's happiness, his wife's happiness, his dad's (and probably wouldn't want to see either of his parents suffer through his disappearance as a child and not telling them that their son is okay). Maybe he even felt responsible for making things complicated/ruining them just by existing. It's not a rational thought but feeling responsible for all sorts of things is not uncommon for people with depression. Plus the suicide note might've been the only way he knew how to tell his son the truth about himself. Maybe he remembered that Jonas' dad killed himself shortly before he travelled to the past and felt like his depressed thoughts must've been right, because it would always happen. I put way too much thought into this. And I so wish there was more about him and how he felt about everything that happened, how he acted around his parents, especially considering Hannah and Ulrich - how did he act around his mother considering the situation, how did he remember the time as a child; and how it felt like for him to see his siblings as his own son's playdates and at a time he never knew, because he wasn't even born yet. I hope he'll be in season 2, to show some of the complicated time travel feelings he had. The weird thing is, that the lack of those markers would put Winden in the north. People in southern Germany often have heavy accents/dialects, especially in the countryside (The Bundeland I grew up in even has the slogan "We can do everything except speak Standard German", though there are other regions not in the south with strong dialects). The clearest Standard German without an accent is spoken around Hannover. So if we go by dialect it could be around there somewhere. But on German TV it actually doesn't mean much. A lot of German shows, films and dubbing uses no regional accent or tries not to unless it's "Mundart", which makes full use of the different vocabulary of the dialect or it's that-one-weird-character. There are some exceptions, but they are few.
  4. tiramisue

    S04.E01: USS Callister

    I didn't love the episode as much as everyone seems to. I don't know why that is. It was an interesting concept and I liked that the protagonist was the antagonist, but I was a bit bothered by the fact, that there wasn't even the attempt of a handwave explanation on how DNA can transport all previous memories into a computer program and I couldn't suspend my disbelief. Without the memories it would've been a different story just veeeery similar likenesses to the people, but wouldn't seem so much like "real people", more like advanced Sims, even if he programmed the personalities and memories. They would still be more virtual beings, than if he also put something to their heads and copied their brainstucture like in other episodes with cookies. I didn't have a problem to accept the reality of the people in "White Christmas", but without it, they are just close approximations, like in "Be Right Back". Real, but there's something missing. And yes it's weird that I am bothered by something so small in a show about SciFi/Technology-Dystopia, but usually they put in a throwaway sentence how the memories are in the DNA, because the way I tried to explain it to myself with what we know from other episodes (that all seem to be in the same universe) they didn't seem real and with that I was missing something that resonated with a lot of you. I kind of feel like last year, when everyone loved San Junipero and I didn't.
  5. Yes, they were asked to comment in front of the "model mirror". And that's okay, because it's separate from the judging. That should be all we hear from the models, but Liris, also comments on the runway -though unlike the other models she sometimes gets asked, which isn't even needed since her expression makes it perfectly clear if she doesn't like it. I still don't get why it's even a factor during the judging how she feels in her clothes, it's not what it's about and even if it is, no other model seems to considered, it's just Liris. And what I found especially weird was her thanking the judges when they said something positive about the design. What for? She didn't design and sew it...
  6. tiramisue

    Pilot Season and Shows in Development

    While I agree with what's missing from the movies and it bothered me as well. My fear would be, that they would stray from the books after the first season and while they would know what to leave in they'd probably take even more liberties. So I don't know if I actually want to see it, Harry Potter is too close to my heart to want to see too many changes made. If it was in the vein of the Lemony Snicket show however I'd like to see it. While it does take some liberties it's very close to it and the whole atmosphere has the same charm the books had. And a series would actually have more of the "it's a whole school year" feeling that the HP books had. Back to topic: I think Lord of the Rings is too recent to be re-adapted. Though I never got into the books. I tried before each of the movies and once even before that, but I just couldn't. I did love the hobbit book though (probably because it was a bit more condensed).
  7. tiramisue

    Stranger Quotes

    Dustin: I'm on a curiosity voyage and I need my paddles to travel. These books are my paddles.
  8. tiramisue

    The Accessory Wall: Off-Topic Discussion Thread

    Soooo, according to that one article, Erin had the idea because she had underboob sweat and it's released with the smallest size being "big C to DD", because you wouldn't have underboob sweat with smaller breasts. Something doesn't add up about the origin story of those things, you can't tell me she her breasts are a large C or above. And seriously $45 for that?!
  9. tiramisue

    S16.E06: Models Off Duty

    This one for example: Though I doubt everything is as a reply to this particular comment, and a lot is just to address his insecurity, which was part of the episode and maybe some peoples own insecurity in not wanting to offend, but feeling they'd offend either way by saying or not saying something or asking. It's difficult to navigate at times.
  10. tiramisue

    S16.E06: Models Off Duty

    No, that was ChaCha. But, I didn't mind him asking either, better to ask, than to offend - especially on television. Maybe he thought he should rather say a specific country instead of a whole continent or something like it. Why, if you have a sister who'll do it for you? What's the point of having a twin on the same show then? ;)
  11. No! Classic mistake so many American tv shows fall into. And one of my favorite throw away lines from season one when Tahani talks about her favorite long running British shows....she had seen all 30 episodes! The Brits are so smart and know when to pull the plug. I actually agree, with the first quote. BUT, in the way that Michael Shur should have complete control over the length of the show. He should stop it when it's over without the network saying "but it has viewers, keep going!!" and he should be able to make it without the threat of cancellation. Shows that end on their own terms are just better than those, that stop suddenly or go on for too long. The arc often feels more natural and it has more of a resolution because it doesn't have to leave a door open for another season. Since he already said he only wanted 13 episodes for S1 and not more, I'd trust him to know when to end it.
  12. The interesting thing about that quote to me is, that she said religious freedom, tolerance, truth, equality etc. are important to her. She didn't say it was important to the Co$. Yes, she agreed that it was not true that the Co$ believes all outside sources are wrong and evil, but you could argue, that the ones that don't mention the Co$ are okay-ish. Buuuut maybe I'm reaching because I'd hope it's her. I just can't imagine her, with Handmaid's Tale (that's got to have you thinking!) and the publicity about Leah and the show to still worship everything. According to the bunker, her parents haven't been active in a long time, so that'd be a plus. And she avoids talking about the Co$ and I read an article she doesn't even want to talk to friends about it- not typical behaviour for the church... Here's the relevant excerpt: It's also interesting to note that she always seems to compare the curiosity in her involvement in Scientology to the curiosity people have in a break-up.
  13. tiramisue

    Black Mirror in the Media

    Same. Black Mirror deserves all the awards, but I didn't love San Junipero, this and Nosedive didn't really feel like Black Mirror - too pastellish, not as raw and both tried to get a sort of happy end in, and lost a bit because of it. They didn't have that dystopic feel of it, and were just expected when you hear "technology dystopia" (okay, Nosedive had the dystopic element, but was even more expected than San Junipero). It was just very literal, and neither shocking nor did the episodes stay with me after I watched them. And the change of heart at the end of San Junipero was sudden and I'm sure I'd have liked it more if they hadn't felt the need to tack a happy end on (and it really felt tacked on). But even if it wasn't really Black Mirror for me, I'm still glad the show got recognition.
  14. Wow. Just wow. No wonder he believes in everything Davey tells him. Xenu is more realistic than his own thoughts.
  15. tiramisue

    S16.E04: We're Sleeping Wear?

    On Face Off there was once a special where the judges competed with each other. They had the same time constraints and had to do more than one look, but got help by previous contestants. It was so interesting to see them struggle and admit, that it was hard and how much time they usually spend on the different steps. It would be so awesome, if the designers on PR would compete. Gunn, Posen, Kors, Mizrahi. Klum if she dares, I mean she calls herself a fashion designer because of her intimates line!