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  1. Teddi and Dorit are happy that Lucygate brought them closer together.... Really!!! Because had I been Teddi, Lucygate would have confirmed that I was right to keep Dorit as far away from me as possible. I may submit a reunion question. "Hi there Kyle and Dorit. Prove you trust Dorit. Let her dog sit for you for one week. Just Dorit. No one else. https://www.google.com/amp/s/hollywoodlife.com/2019/03/23/rhobh-dorit-teddi-thankful-puppygate-lisa-vanderpump/amp/
  2. dosodog

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Why WOULD you want to be friends with people who don't like your boyfriend? Particularly because you only know them BECAUSE of your boyfriend? More tv time........ I can see being cordial, friendly and civil to them at public events, but to seek out private time to spend with them? More tv time........
  3. What!?! I thought it was impossible to love you more than I do. And then you mention Bob. Twin Peaks Bob! I always looked over my shoulder when he was on the screen. Always!
  4. https://sonjabysonjamorgan.com/collections/dresses/products/angelica-lace-cover-up-dress I think I would need a dress under the dress. It's cute. Actually a lot of it looked fun. Her collection is surprisingly "affordable". But only up to a size 6? Hold up! She's also got a Curvy Collection.
  5. I love you! You have the most politely enraged posts about Lucygate.
  6. Eloise is reported to have a "depletion in chromosome 8". Denise rarely talks specifics, but she did mention that in an interview. This is a link that gives some info. https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/chromosome-8-monosomy-8p/ From what we have seen, Denise has love, patience and kindness and that matters the most.
  7. On a positive note...... We're not going to get a repeat of pantylessgate! PK was no where to be seen!
  8. I got to half watch, so I'm missing parts. Need to see the new texts. Pandora? I swear I saw her name. I'm old and the screen shot didn't linger long enough. Also, I want to know why Teddi believed Lucy was kept in a basement for months. And what made her stop believing. Right now, after this, I'm inclined to believe LVP was involved. But I still have more disgusted side eye to the wives , except for Camille and Denise, because they just don't call Dorit out and made her a victim when she did the celebrity version of standing outside a grocery store and giving a dog to anyone who shows interest. Priorities.
  9. Ohhh my trashy tv peeps. We have dropped the ball. I had no idea that the Hamlin family already HAD a tv series about their life. Harry Loves Lisa. Aired in 2010. One season. 8 episodes.
  10. dosodog

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    In my opinion, the greatest moment on Vanderpump Rules. Ken coming in all boss bitch, taking charge and telling James he'd knock the spark out of him. While holding a tiny, fluffy dog in the crook of his arm. A 70+ year old man in less than 5 seconds, managed to do what no one else has. Humble James. OMG! I JUST NOTICED KEN IS HOLDING 2 DOGS! All this time I thought it was one. But no 2! And he makes James cry. http://www.bravotv.com/video/share/3430629
  11. dosodog

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I had to look up what a Mitchell Ahda was...... It's just a fancy name for a red beer. I always like my red beer with Clamato. That's my pretencious version.
  12. dosodog

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    My poor dad. For months my mom would wake him up on Friday and Saturday nights, wondering if I was safe and what was I doing. He put up with it for months. Finally, one night he responded with: She's drinking and smoking pot. I'm sure she's fine. Enough. I feel Kyle does that.... She looked like the girl who thinks she should be Prom Queen. But isn't! Kyle came off exasperated and annoyed. Andy sort of had a sour look when asking the LVP questions, Tom Queen Eye alum, sweetly shaded Dorit over the dog. Polls were about 2/3's in favor of LVP. And Mauricio won the poll runoff over Adam for hottest RHOBH husband. Harry didn't make the cut. I think Ken scored higher than Harry in the previous poll. Of course it is! LVP has lots of fluffy dogs. Tiny horses. Swans. Birds that recuperate in her cleavage. Possibly stowed away baby flamingos. And Rinna has teenage daughters. Who watch people eat entire pizzas in a sitting. It is entirely LVP'S fault that her life is more entertaining.
  13. dosodog

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Yes. Mine does the same thing. It's really Sessa. Maybe Sesna? I know it's not Cesar!
  14. dosodog

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Kyle's on WWHL tonight. And if you go to Bravo Twitter, you can see questions people want to ask.