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  1. chillenout

    S10.E14: We Need to Talk About Lily

    i loved jays reaction when he saw their mailman, him getting itchy, his panic when he realized they’re going to the vet, and him sticking his head out the Car window
  2. chillenout

    Single Parents

    I really hope Poppy and Douglas get together.
  3. chillenout

    S05.E04: Purple Rain

    Lots of good Prince songs, but the reverse discrimination on this show got old a long time ago.
  4. chillenout

    Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    I know a little bit of my dads moms side of the family. Some of my ancestors immigrated to this country from Germany in the early 1700’s. They planned to immigrate to Pennsylvania but the captian of the ship highjacked it and brought them to Germanna Virginia where they were sold as indentured servants to Governor Spotswood. They were in the second group of people who settled in Germanna. They along with other Germanna settlers eventually sued Govenor Spotswood for their freedom. my 7th great grandfather Majer ( pronounced Moyer)was awarded a land grant in what is now Tennessee for fighting at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War. My other 7th great grand father Blackburns family immigrated from Ireland in the early 1700’s. He and his brother fought in the Revolutionary War also but at The Battle of Kings Mountain. His brother was killed during the battle, my GGF and was awarded a land grant in what is now Tennessee.
  5. chillenout

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Has Willie been getting Botox injections in his lips?
  6. chillenout

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    IMO Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder had the best hair....
  7. chillenout

    Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    Season 1 episode 7. Hot damn! Gordon’s guest with the long curly brown hair is smokin’ he kinda looks like a young Chris Cornell
  8. chillenout

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Tomorrow’s/today’s show is going to be must see TV
  9. chillenout

    Joe and Mika Know Their Value: The Hosts Thread

    Those Brian Williams and dorky pen and paper in his mouth Steve Kornacky commercials are kinda funny.
  10. chillenout

    All Episodes Talk: I'm Listening

    While watching season 8 episode 9 of Cheers, Frasier started talking about his dad....who was a scientist and dead.
  11. chillenout

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Why is someone called an elitist when they don’t like something other people do? I was a 9 year old when Star Wars came out and I didn’t like it either, and I’m far from being an elitist.
  12. chillenout

    All In With Chris Hayes

    i just Love his thing one/thing two segments.. He talks 30 -45 seconds he then goes to several minutes of commercials. We then get his 30-40 second thing two segment and again we get several more minutes of commercials
  13. chillenout

    S13.E11: Full Tilt Boogie

    I wish they’d stop trying to make the guy who plays Matthew into the new Derrick Morgan, it’s annoying and it’s not working.
  14. chillenout

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

  15. chillenout

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I don’t care for the decor all that much, but the house and grounds are absolutely beautiful.