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  1. morriss

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    Which rule ## is "Don't lie to Gibbs" ???
  2. morriss

    NFL Thread

    Robert Kraft- You know that rich people are above the law....lol
  3. morriss

    NCIS: New Orleans

    I liked Lasalle's comment "I still got it" after his fancy driving. (A reference to himself in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.)
  4. morriss

    S02.E11: Operator Error

    Is there any chance that Julian is still alive??? I hope so, because her and Devon were a good match.
  5. morriss

    NFL Thread

    Like I said before, the only two honest sports left in the world are WWE wrestling and NFL football. :)
  6. morriss

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    That was funny when Lea told "Glassy" she would let it slide (when he said she would hurt Shaun again)
  7. morriss

    Boston Legal

  8. morriss

    Season 10 all episodes talk

    I was laughing when they showed Eric's expressions each time Sam/Callen wrecked a drone.
  9. The woman pregnant for 3 years 7 months, has got to be the most asinine episode ever. Maybe I should go on the show to get help for why I keep watching ..........lol.
  10. morriss

    S05E05: In the Blood

    I liked Jimmy. Hope he becomes a regular character.
  11. morriss

    MLB Thread

    To beat the Dodgers, opponents sit back and let Roberts make all his managerial decisions until he ultimately outsmarts himself.....lol
  12. morriss

    Season 10 all episodes talk

    Is Mosely going to burn Hetty and the team to save her own skin ????i
  13. morriss

    MLB Thread

    The only thing I will say about the Boston-Houston series - That was some damn fine umpiring by Cowboy Joe West in game 4, and Chris Guccione in game 5.
  14. morriss

    MLB Thread

    After Counsell announced Miley (a left-hander) as starter, Roberts set his line-up accordingly. Then Counsell pulled Miley to put in a right-hander, hoping to get some better matchups.
  15. morriss

    MLB Thread

    Who would you want starting in an important playoff game? Clayton Kershaw or David Price..... That's an easy one......Madison Bumgarner.