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  1. She's just plain silly if she didn't predict that everyone was going to go mental after the Olicitot reveal. She's not popular but she's plastered all over the show this season. She should be content with that and accept she's never going to be a thing. This just makes her look even more like a passive aggressive snake.
  2. Mellowyellow

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I'll admit I get some satisfaction in comic canon Laurel Lance (actually isn't it debatable whether this version is comic canon?) having to coo over the Olicity progeny and feed a pregnant Felicity πŸ˜‚
  3. What the hell is she taking about? No one has said anything about her! It has been all about the Olicitot. Even any squabbles have been about the pregnancy/ Olicitot.
  4. Mellowyellow

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Do you guys think they will factor Oliver's "deal" in Crisis in his reaction to the Olicitot? I can't decide if they will or not. Try to drop anvils or just have him be happy and revisit Crisis when it's crossover time.
  5. I am super surprised we beat Outlander actually! I think we did very well given the company! No other DCTV got even close to having a sniff of where we landed!
  6. Mellowyellow

    Clock Tower Theater: Fanfic, Fan Music Videos and Art

    @bettername2come my favourite part was the ending! Huge smile when I read it!
  7. Mellowyellow

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I can see it now. We'll be watching it and cursing for our Olicity scene while Oliver tries to be chummy with Emiko as she continues to act sour.
  8. Mellowyellow

    S07.E13: Star City Slayer

    I would find it weird if she didn't struggle with it. I mean I'd accept it but in my head she's not a "Omg yay baby" kind of person. She strikes me as being practical and looking at the logistics (and logistics are not good right now) rather than being swept up in the romance of it all. I see Oliver being the one to romanticize it more if their wedding is anything to go by. Haha all this speculation makes me want to write a spec fic and I normally don't like canon spec fics.
  9. Mellowyellow

    S07.E13: Star City Slayer

    We haven't got Oliver's view on kids either so it will be interesting to see how they handle this (if they handle it at all, I'm leaving room for them to ignore it and just have her be pregnant). I do think an oopsie was the most logical way to give them a baby since I can't see them actively trying for kids at this point given everything that's happened and where the plot seems to be heading. But since Oliver did just get out of prison after many months an oopsie makes total sense.
  10. What???? So you pay $225 to see a dubious movie? I can watch Captain Marvel for $25!!!!!!
  11. Do they get to meet him at that price?
  12. Mellowyellow

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Congrats on your new Bub @Angel12d!!!!!! πŸΌπŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ˜™ Haha you can marathon old seasons of Arrow during feeds and settling πŸ˜›
  13. Mellowyellow

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    People fall in love and get married. Quite a lot of them (most of them) go on to have kids. Why is that such a unique concept? If you tell a future story about married people chances are their kids will be running around. Why does a couple on one show need to be childless so as to not "copy" another show? Iris can have a dozen kids if that's the story they want to tell. The couple on This is Us had a bunch of kids. Fresh Off the Boat has 3 kids and a baby. Really it's nothing new in TV land. You just celebrate the baby/babies that you're invested in.
  14. Mellowyellow

    S07.E13: Star City Slayer

    I would worry about her being sidelined two seasons ago but she didn't have a baby in 6B and they didn't write much for her either so I don't think a baby is going to be an issue regardless. As much as I loathe NTA and Dinah's terrible acting, Curtis's infringement on Felicity's turf offended me the most so I'm glad he's gone. It was lovely the way they wrote him out and his speech to Felicity and the handing over of the company to her was nice. I took it as meta that my girl was getting back what was hers. *** I've seen some less than stellar reactions from certain ex members of the fandom. I get being angry at the show (hehe I'm angry like every other week) but I almost feel like they're angrier when something nice does happen these days cuz it proves them wrong.
  15. Mellowyellow

    S07.E13: Star City Slayer

    Yup! I can attest to that. Not just skin colour but facial features too. Hubs and I are both full Asian but the kid looks mixed so if he's only with one parent someone will ask if his other parent is white. Sometimes people even go so far as to suggest we have a white relative we don't know aboutπŸ˜‚ That said JJ is JJ right? I'm kinda confused now that a few people are debating it. He's the little dude who ate all the cookies yes????