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  1. The Crazed Spruce

    Under the Mask: Clues and Clue Discussion

    Posting from the other thread... ...and adding; After tonight's performance reminded me, I'm thinking that the Lion is probably Kelly Rowland. I missed the Monster's performance, though. But I'm taping it, so I'll watch it tomorrow, probably post my guess then.
  2. The Crazed Spruce

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    I'm just wondering if they're going with the format from the first two episodes, with three head-to-head battles rather than all the singers competing at once.
  3. The Crazed Spruce

    Whispers and Rumors: Spoilers

    Is this where we post our guesses? If it is... Peacock: I was leaning pretty heavily towards NPH, but that's probably just me buying into a red herring. After reading the other thread, I agree, it's more likely Donny Osmond. Alien: The first week, I thought she might be one of the lesser Kardashians, but now I'm convinced she's LaToya Jackson. Bee: Obviously a Motown legend. I'm going with Gladys Knight. (Unless the show was taped before Aretha Franklin passed.) Rabbit: Based on the clues from his first episode, it's definitely someone from N*Sync. Justin's too big a name, so it's gotta be one of the others. My first instinct was Lance Bass, but I agree with the crowd, it's proabably Joey Fatone. Lion: No clue. Monster: Same.
  4. The Crazed Spruce

    Murdoch Mysteries

  5. The Crazed Spruce

    S11.E13: Happy New Year

    A friendly reminder that our forums welcome all opinions of the shows we watch, both positive and negative. What we don't permit is denigrating other posters because they don't share your opinion. So play nice, folks.
  6. The Crazed Spruce

    S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    Well, with Black Lightning and Batwoman, they'd have 6 hours to work with. Just sayin'....
  7. The Crazed Spruce

    S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    Gotta say, I'm already psyched for next year's crossover. Hope they can work Black Lightning into it, too.
  8. The Crazed Spruce

    Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    His skill with archery probably translates to a good sense of angles and trajectories. *handwaves*
  9. The Crazed Spruce

    Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    Was wondering if they'd sneak a "World's Finest" reference.... :)
  10. The Crazed Spruce

    Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    Helloooooooo, Batwoman!
  11. The Crazed Spruce

    Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    So they're fighting a robot that copies people's powers, and they're bringing in two people with superstrength and invunerability. Yeah, this is gonna end well....
  12. The Crazed Spruce

    Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread