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  1. Valmarmar

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Just took the survey. THAT was cathartic !!!
  2. Valmarmar

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I found Leisel (sp) !!! Ha ! Just saw her on an NCIS promo. Took 3 rwds to figure out "How do I know this woman???"
  3. Hey, the woman Brooke was talking to at her table before Bill walked up was Emma's (Nia) real life mom (Holly). Oh yes, she was a "Dance Mom" !!
  4. Happy Birthday to YOU, GAM 2 !!!!!
  5. Valmarmar

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    This Cam looks soooo much younger than Joss. Made that awkward kiss even more so. Oscar has matured over time, so he has kinda caught up w/ the mature looking/sounding Joss.
  6. You guys are right on. Thorne and Katie are sickening !!! The sister wives and the man in the middle are nauseating !!! I gotta take a break so that I can hold down some FOOD !!!
  7. Did ya'll notice Stuffy's face made emphatic movements today ? Methinks she is trying to ACT !!!!???
  8. Oh for Pete's sake, Liam STFU !!! I cannot stop throwing up!!!!!! Your praise of Steffy is so OTT, it makes me SICK !!
  9. THIS !!!!!!! She is the embodiment of the "mean girl" !!! Let her BE that and I would relish !!!!
  10. I have thought this since they 1st kissed. She still looks and acts like a child, so I feel very uncomfortable watching them make out and have the goo eyes.
  11. Hey. Hee- Hee- Hee Emma. Hee-Hee-Hee Please. Hee-Hee-Hee STOP !!!!
  12. Valmarmar

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Show, PLEASE, have pity on US, too!!!!!!
  13. Valmarmar

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Valmarmar

    S01.E05: At Last 2018.06.09

    Brilliant !!! Every aspect of the production was award worthy. Benedict, of course, was...well, Benedict !!! I enjoyed the characters, scenery, acting, the clever writing. The story had more impact because it wasn't pushed on the viewer front and center. The focus was on the character of Patrick and the story unfolded. Bravo !!
  15. Valmarmar

    The Staircase

    Thank you, AZCHRISTIAN ! I totally agree. Michael Peterson is a narcissist. I think we are all familiar with the traits that come with that attribute. He believes his own lies, and thinks he is charming and clever enough to convince everyone else they are true. I NEVER had a moment's doubt that he was guilty. I don't understand why they pushed so hard to blame a weapon for the lacerations. My 88 yr. old mother fell in her little room at an assisted living facility, and tore the back of her head open, making a "U" design with one arm of it longer than the other. She had about 40 staples, and her head is very small !! There was not a brain injury or skull fracture. Blood pooled on the floor by her bed. My theory is that he CAUSED her fall , and then continued to cause more scalp trauma by hitting her head against the wall, step or doorframe. We know she could not fight back because of the tox screen report. They admitted to her weakened condition, as well. When we were shown exactly how Ratliff's body was found, the location and amount of blood at the scene,and her scalp lacerations, I felt chills. I mean, what are the odds ? I am in the same place as AZCHRISTIAN, however. It would take more investigation to prove motive and opportunity. As for Kathleen, I am convinced he killed her.