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  1. yourdreamer

    The Fix (2019)

    I can see where they would go with Sevvy, the trainer client, or even the shark lawyer as the guilty party so I didn’t hate it as much as some of y’all seem to. I also read M Clark’s book (or first one) that was fiction and I enjoyed it. I appreciate that this is a 10-episode series so hopefully all will be revealed in the end. And so far it’s better than AA-A’s last episodic formula, 10 Days in the Valley. I hope Marc Blucas makes more appearances (feel like he would since he’s relatively well known for a one and done role).
  2. yourdreamer

    Season 5 Discussion

    Try seasons 4 and 5. They are both in Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta), and season 5 is a semi continuation of season 4. Much more drama. And one fake inmate goes 120 days in (no spoilers tho).
  3. yourdreamer

    S02.E17: Betrayal

    The actress who played female engineering student has Emily’s lips and chin! I am glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed how similar they look. It sucks to be a bad guy on this show - you will get killed. I was sad QuoVadis guy isn’t around for a trial, but he would have been like Lane and gotten out on bail. But now heart valve kid’s momma doesn’t have lifetime medical coverage.
  4. yourdreamer

    When Calls The Heart

    I just started watching them like 2 weeks ago so I thought they were new. Just got that channel! Thanks for info 🙂
  5. yourdreamer

    When Calls The Heart

    Brooke does do the Flower Shop Mysteries on Hallmark Movies & Mysterid already.
  6. yourdreamer

    Wishing and Hoping: Wishlist and Anticipation

    Joey wasn’t so much of a jerk and more of a snob (which may make him perfect for this show, since you are basically sequestered), but he is very diva-ish seeming and just wasn’t fun. (I only watch Celebrity version of BB) Yes to the more obvious voting. At least with all of the shenanigans on Dancjng w the Stars, you know what scores the judges gave. Also a big yes to not being so distracting during the singing. I want to see a silly monster or bee or lion singing, not the judges.
  7. Depending on what type of music he releases, I am willing to support his next album based on him being on this show. (T Pain) So he succeeded at least for me. I liked them explaining all the clues for the contestants.
  8. yourdreamer

    Wishing and Hoping: Wishlist and Anticipation

    I agree with the live taping rather than pretaped. Involve the home audience with tweets or texts like the Voice does for the save. More generic clues early on, more vague - i honestly kept hoping that somebody under the costume was different than the Vulture article said and everybody guessed on the Internet. It made it boring for me. Too many reaction shots from the judges overall. Distracting. My dream panel would be Robin (I don’t like him as a person but he was fine as a judge), Nicole (same), Kenan Thompson, and Joel McHale. Get rid of the stupidity in the middle of the panel. Dream contestants - John Stamos is good (he was also on Glee), Jayma Mays (also Glee), Joey McIntyre (NKOTB), Katharine McPhee (Idol and Empire), Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hanigan (she did well on Buffy’s musical episode) After Celeb Big Brother, I would prefer no Joey Lawrence. Please no Jane Lynch either.
  9. I thought Monster or Bee should have been first, then the other, and lastly Peacock. I never was impressed with his story nor his singing. Hopefully T Pain gets some boost from this show. I think that was his motivation. Donny had already done DWTS, so we know he’s down for whatever. Did Gladys do it also, I think she did. So again, even though she is a living legend, it’s something different to do and get her name out there, especially for some of the younger generation. I enjoyed the show overall. Glad I always recorded it and was able to fast forward. Wish they would replace Jenny with Joel permanently. And maybe Ken with Kenan.
  10. yourdreamer

    S01.E14: The Forsaken

    I had trouble deciphering the Mohinder and cancer doc (don’t remember her name) and their last scene as well. Yes he already had kids and yes that can be damaging when introduced too early in a new relationship. But was he saying hey you don’t need babies, I already have bigger ones? Or was it more hey, I love kids, already got a couple, ready for more! And was she like more oh shoot I don’t want big ones or whew, skip the difficulties of being pregnant and finding a donor and potty training etc and go straight to the other stuff? Curious also if Mohinder is a widow or divorcee or never married? And if they are going out of town for recreational events, does the ex or his family keep them? So many questions. I also wonder if new love interest for Floyd was having second thoughts when she figured out he was going to see Bloom and breaking off their date for it. And he didn’t get to Bloom until the next day, doesn’t he have to go to work or is on vacation too? Gah.
  11. yourdreamer

    S02.E02: Nominations #1

    I wish Ricky were in this more, he’s the reason I am watching. But maybe it is good since he seems to be off of everybody’s radar.
  12. yourdreamer

    The Neighborhood

    Grover wasn’t as bad tonight. I could tolerate him. I didn’t love this episode but I did smile in it, mostly with Marty and his brother.
  13. yourdreamer

    The Neighborhood

    I found tonight’s episode to be quite good. I actually teared up when Tichina goes to Marty’s house and he tells her she should have faith in her parenting skills. Awww. The “calm them down by acting more angry” bit was cute also. I have been enjoying this show more each week.
  14. yourdreamer

    S01.E09: Perspective

    A few thoughts - I think Maggie didn’t drive herself to chemo, she probably taxied or Uber’d A longer trip, like to the college, would have been too expensive so ask for help from Delilah. Also perhaps D isn’t lying because she and Jon had completely stopped intimate relations so she knew it wasn’t his for that reason. And I seem to be in the minority as far as understanding why Katherine was at the remission party. In my view, cancer sucks so she wanted to celebrate it being gone still. Or it was on her calendar because she and Jon were such good friends and she is a person who follows through. She made her statement last week at the party with Hunter, so she doesn’t need to prove that. Gary has seen her with Hunter before and told her she should be happy, which wasn’t a full on apology for being a dick to her, but at least an acknowledgement that he wasn’t always right. And then she had assumed Gary told Eddie about Hunter when he hadn’t so she wanted to support him a bit. Plus, I think with the hours she works, she just doesn’t have a lot of friends to bond with anyway. Her sons friends parents wouldn’t be necessarily hers if Eddie was primary parent when they were together. Sorry a lot of jumbled thought there.
  15. yourdreamer

    S01.E09: Perspective

    I figured Gary convinced Maggie to go to treatment when he had his meltdown/outburst at his party. I cried when it showed they were there for his remission party though. Gary is my favorite, and it’s partly that he says stuff nobody else will say out loud but also because I am enjoying seeing Shawn Spencer’s serious side. Also, I know that Gary was the focus of this episode to a large extent but I thought Rome’s story was affecting as well. It does speak to a generational gap that exists between the “shrinks are for crazy people” set and those who admit they can use the help. And Regina’s support is amazing for Rome. They have a great relationship honestly (until I remember about the small twinge of Rome wishing for a baby a while back). I have a feeling Delilah will be going to Blind Dog Whiskey or whatever before too long.