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  1. sinkwriter

    S03. E11. Separate Together

    I'm kind of disappointed that they cut away before Bull told Diana about his heart attack. After all the build-up throughout the episode, especially with Bull understandably freaking out about his heart rate, then he tells her that he'll talk with her about it later? I can't stand her character, but at least seeing her reaction to that might have given her a little bit more depth. (Eh, who am I kidding... I probably still wouldn't like her.)
  2. sinkwriter

    S02.E12: Aftermath

    They usually have one song of some sort playing over a scene for the characters, but this episode felt like it was unusually filled with musical montages. I started to wonder if they were treating this episode as filler, trying to stretch out the suspense before the "surprise" reveal that most of us already knew because of "next week on The Good Doctor" previews last week, already telling us that they were going to vote for suspension of Lim, Melendez and Shaun. So while I appreciated seeing some of these characters outside of work, I also felt like they were stringing me along, waiting for a pivotal moment or scene that belonged earlier in the episode. I half expected them to close the episode with that bureaucratic woman's announcement about the suspension recommendations - in which case I would have been ticked off, because they'd already told us that it was going to happen so it's not a cliffhanger surprise sort of reveal.
  3. sinkwriter

    S03. E11. Separate Together

    I tried to give her a chance, but... Diana still bugs me.
  4. sinkwriter

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    Is Shaun planning on working in the ER as a career, though? Or is he simply required to work the ER right now as part of his residency and eventually he may be able to focus solely on surgery as his main thing? Not that surgery can't be stressful, but at least the overall environment is much more controlled.
  5. sinkwriter

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    Oh yeah! I actually cheered a little. LOL FINALLY! Seriously. By the time the bone marrow patient's father died, I was trying to remember all the patients in my head, and if ANY of them had gone smoothly. I don't think so... I'm also glad they didn't kill off that baby's mother. I was leery of that, the way she kept telling her husband that if anything happened to her, he needed to be alive to raise the baby. They faked me out on that one. I was so sure that the previews for this week's episode with Shaun shouting NOOO! was about losing a patient. Thank goodness it was only him trying to take control of the moment and get everyone to shut up. LOL. P.S. I felt bad for Park's son. The poor kid just came there to visit with his father (which he was already begrudgingly doing because of their strained relationship), and he ends up in quarantine, fights with his father, has a severe asthma attack, sees people die, sees people throwing up on one another, and has to help perform CPR on a baby (no stress there!). I admit, I got a little teary at the end, when Park and son talked and hugged, and then met up with the ex-wife and she gave Park a hug because he lost his patient. Aw man...
  6. sinkwriter

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    Well, all things considered, that was a much happier ending than the first part of this 2-parter. The last one's ending was so bleak! Also: I'm really glad Dr. Lim survived.
  7. sinkwriter

    S02.E06: Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)

    Years ago, I answered phones for a day spa and used to watch the manicurists work (and sometimes they'd do my nails for free or for cost of polish, if the schedule was slow - my nails always looked so pretty all the time back then; I miss that, LOL). Seriously though, not all nail salons are awful. But you have to go somewhere very clean, with technicians who are meticulous about cleaning and sanitizing their tools properly between every customer.
  8. sinkwriter

    S03. E08. But for the Grace

    Catching up on a few episodes... Bull's a pretty shitty psychologist if his response to his client legitimately freaking out about the possibility of losing his wife and his freedom for 20 years is to simply say, "If you're unhappy with the quality of representation you're getting..." Seriously?! Yes, he needs to calm down and stop showing so much anger in front of the jury, but behind the scenes, he's allowed to feel angry and scared, and if Bull can't help him through that, what kind of doctor is he?
  9. sinkwriter

    S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    I think if the couple had been nicer to Gary and Maggie about it, they might have let it go. But first that husband had a truckload of crap (it was definitely a cartful or flatbed full of stuff), and second, he cut in front of them, and third, when Gary and Maggie asked nicely if it would be okay since they only had one item, the couple was rude to them. So... it's not my choice to double down and give the rude couple a bunch of crap for their rudeness, but I have a friend who totally would in that circumstance (with me standing there turning bright red and feeling totally embarrassed, LOL), because my friend doesn't like people who are illogical or insulting, which that wife totally was. So, it wasn't cool of Gary and Maggie, but a part of me understood their behavior because that part of me would have wished that if I were in that circumstance I could have at least been brave enough to call out rude behavior with a quick, "Uh... we were here first and you just cut in front of us with a truckload of stuff." Not because I can't wait, but because some people need to be reminded that it's not acceptable behavior. If not, they continue to get away with it every damn time, because they think they can. Anyway... that scene cracked me up, mainly because once they started in on the "we both have / had cancer," Gary immediately followed it with his traditional comment "Yep, men get breast cancer too," which made me sad the first few times he's said it, that he has to defend himself from people who feel like he's weird for getting breast cancer or something, but now I laugh whenever he says it, because he says it to ANYONE who pauses or looks at him funny when he says he had breast cancer. It's like a line meant for a Million Little Things drinking game. "Drink a shot anytime Gary tells someone that men get breast cancer too." ;) P.S. I was begging Gary not to kiss Maggie after she threw up. Just begging the TV screen... LOL. That was nasty. I'm glad he was so happy that she's undergoing treatment, but still... nasty. P.S. If Ashley and Jon had an affair... *sigh ... Way too cliche. I hope that's not the real story, come January or whenever the show comes back.
  10. sinkwriter

    S01.E09: Perspective

    This x 10. :)
  11. sinkwriter

    S01.E09: Perspective

    Seriously. They were partway through the road trip scenes when I remembered her collapsing in the previous episode, and I had to pause and make sure I hadn't accidentally skipped ahead one too many episodes and missed the resolution to her collapse. WTF? Why write something so dramatic and then not address it at all? So bizarre. Agreed. Also, I was really surprised to see her at Gary's remission party. It makes no sense for her to be there after the big fight they had at the previous group gathering. Why on earth would she (or any of Gary's friends) think it would be appropriate for her to be there, celebrating a milestone for Gary that Maggie herself had decided was not something she wanted to fight for in regard to her own health? It seems like it would be a bit of pouring salt on Gary's wounds for her to be there. A slap in the face, and all other cliches. It's kind of mean and insensitive of her to attend. Nevertheless, I thought his meltdown at the remission party was pretty powerful, and it was good for everyone to see him lose it about Jon in that way. (And I did like the symmetry of it, given that earlier in the episode Maggie had given a speech about how grief takes so many forms and you cannot say one reaction is more "right" than another reaction.) Also effective to me was Rome and Regina's final scene after his dad left. I'll admit it; I got teary. Also, his quiet determination in telling his father the truth and standing firm that even if it wasn't something his father understood, it was the right thing for Rome... that was really wonderful. Great moment of growth and strength on his part. I like his character a lot. What else... I liked the scenes with Jon and Gary. I hope we see more flashbacks to Gary's cancer treatments if it means seeing more of his relationship with Jon. And I found it intriguing that Jon told Gary that Gary would outlive him... as Gary worried, was Jon hinting, had he actually been planning it that far back, or was it just a general comment that out of context seems like creepy / sad premonition? One final detail I appreciated: seeing Gary doing a breast exam on himself, the day of his anniversary. I know it may seem like no big deal, or maybe even extraneous / unnecessary, but as someone who once had to have two biopsies (one in each breast) because they weren't sure if I had breast cancer (thankfully not), there are still times when I get paranoid and start poking around, thinking, "Is that a bruise or a lump? Has my cyst turned into cancer? Am I imagining things?" So I can see why he'd be extra careful on anniversary day, just thinking about what he'd been through and wanting to make sure everything still felt okay, and I appreciated that little character detail. Random extra thought: I haven't decided if I'm annoyed or relieved that Katherine decided not to be a partner. For one, I really don't think her request was unreasonable, especially given that most courthouses close by 5pm so her taking a couple hours off from 6-8pm and then continuing to work into the later evening wouldn't mean she's making herself unavailable during prime working hours. On the other hand, if she truly would rather be spending time with Theo and only took on the extra work load aiming at partner because of her previous relationship with Eddie (and his not working steadily), then I think she's got every right to decide that being partner isn't her big dream. But I just don't know how I feel yet about how she's treated on the show; in some ways, it feels like this is another punishment put on her shoulders while her ex Eddie is making big decisions to go on the road, clearly not even thinking about his son or anyone else but himself. So I don't know if I like this. Hmm...
  12. sinkwriter

    S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    Very true, possibilities. It's just that we're often too close to the subject to see it clearly, so I doubt Gary's thinking it through consciously or rationally. He's acting with emotion (understandably so, even if it isn't fair or "right" behavior). Also, it's a pretty big "minimum" to ask of another person who has gone through cancer (especially while still hanging out with his friends, whom she's only known for a month). One of my issues with it is that his own friends aren't there for him through this - not one of them came out to talk with him or to verbalize that they understand what he's feeling (while gently reminding him that it's Maggie's decision). I don't know if that should be chalked up to shitty friends or shitty writing (so that they could force the Gary-sleeps-with-Ashley incident).
  13. sinkwriter

    S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    This is actually the issue I have with Maggie. She's a therapist and she can't see why Gary's trying SO hard to get her to accept treatment? It's not selfishness, it's not about him not wanting to lose her (at least, not entirely about that). I think deep down for him it's about fear. He had cancer, he could have died, so the idea that someone else is choosing not to fight for their life has got to be terrifying for him. Especially if his own cancer ever comes back. And then to see ALL of his friends know about her decision and ALL of them side with her? (I'm not including Ashley - she's not really a friend in that group.) Seriously though, how is he supposed to feel about that? Frankly, I'm surprised it's taken him this long to have a meltdown about it. It's got to be really scary for him. And yes, this isn't about him, it's about Maggie's health and he doesn't get to decide what she does with her body. But even if she weren't a therapist, it doesn't take a genius to see that the topic in general is so deeply personal to him, he simply cannot be unbiased about it. It's scary and upsetting. So for her -- and all the rest of them -- to be insensitive to that is really frustrating for me to watch. In this particular case, I'm with Gary. The "why" behind his behavior is really compelling to me. And he was right -- he doesn't know her at all. And part of that is her own fault. She yells at him for bringing up her brother's name, but she won't share anything with him. He's tried many times, but she avoids. Weirdly, she's stayed friends with all of his friends, she's gotten to know all of them, she's gotten to know Gary and his stories, but she shares nothing of herself. That's supposed to be his fault? I just can't side with her on this.
  14. sinkwriter

    S02 Ep 05 Carrots

    It's too late at night to go into more detail, but... Claire is pissing me off. First with the previous episode when she felt like her way was the best way, even though that thrill seeker / climber had every right to not go through with a surgery that would leave her with potential limited neck mobility, and now with this episode where she went behind her boss's back to present a treatment that has very little paperwork to back it up. I can understand the anorexic mom wanting to take a chance, given that she's tried everything else, but for Claire to decide for that 18-year-old who was perfectly competent to make her own choice just infuriated me. And her going behind Melendez's back? If it's simply a ploy to get those two to hook up eventually... ugh. He had every right to bench her for that.
  15. sinkwriter

    Season Two: Puberty Hits Clark

    Just re-watched "Rosetta" - when they play a few bars of the original Superman movie theme right at the end (and a scene earlier, when Clark's talking with Dr. Swann), it still gives me chills. I love it SO much.