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  1. sinkwriter

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    Anyone know how many episodes are left in the season? Do they have a full amount (i.e. 22 to 24)?
  2. sinkwriter

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I liked the Captain a lot, but to me Bishop's the best woman on the show. If they ever even think of killing her off, the show is dead to me. No matter how much I like Nathan Fillion.
  3. sinkwriter

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    As a fan of Joss Whedon shows, I'm used to being tortured in that way. LOL. But it was still a bummer because I liked her character. At least she went out like a badass. I thought for a moment she was going to take out the whole crew and the cops would show up just in time to see her uncuffing Nolan from the chair and she'd be all, 'What took you so long?' Sadly, not how it went down.
  4. sinkwriter

    S05. E15. Between the Seats.

    Seconded! And then I would have liked to have punched her in the face. What the hell are you doing, making up stories about other people on the plane and posting them online as fact? Like many said above... yeah, I'd never be a good diplomat either. LOL. Nevertheless, I really wanted that social media girl to get taken to task and made to see what a terrible mess she made, all in her attempts to be cute. I found this episode infuriating for so many reasons, all starting with her. So much for the calm I gained from watching the episode involving Russell and the panda cam. I think I need Russell's 15 minutes "off the grid," because I'm still mad about this episode. I'm glad they don't end every episode as sunshine and roses, because we know that's not reality, but sometimes reality really sucks.
  5. sinkwriter

    S05. E14. Something Better

    I've been having a really shitty day, so watching that Russell panda stuff made me feel a little better. (Sorry, Russell.)
  6. sinkwriter

    S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    When I caught on that that's what Blake was doing, I thought it was hilarious. I suppose it would be undignified if the Russian foreign minister realized that Elizabeth was actually crammed in a closet with her team members, to have the call (LOL), so they have to have a fake seal to make it seem like she's in an official conference room. Nevertheless, I kept watching Blake during that scene, and was rewarded because after Elizabeth ended the call and Blake was free to stop holding up the paper, he shook his arm out and made a face like "Owwwww" which was so funny, and a nice touch, because that's exactly what I was thinking - how long has he been holding that paper up for the call? Gotta love the little details... ❤️
  7. sinkwriter

    S03. E13. Prior Bad Acts

    I'm really behind on this show so it's pretty pointless for me to comment belatedly, LOL. But I wanted to chime in my relief that other people thought the music in this episode was really out of whack. It was SO disjointed! Part noir, part random piano piece that sounded like a person trying to tune the piano because they kept loudly hitting the same note in succession (so it didn't sound gentle or romantic or whatever the hell they were trying to accomplish with that recurring theme). It was so strange.
  8. sinkwriter

    The Good Doctor: Spoiler Thread

    Miranda Richardson is still alive. I think you're thinking of Liam Neeson's late wife Natasha Richardson. 🙂 But agreed - Shaun's injuries could end up being more severe than expected at first glance. OR... the conversation he's having with Claire while sitting in the back of the ambulance is part of a dream state conversation (if the show wants to go the route of trippy lessons-learned-while-unconscious trope). Either way, I'm curious to see next week's episode. I want to know what happens! I hope it's not a cliffhanger. I hate waiting months to find out what happens. LOL.
  9. sinkwriter

    S02.E17: Breakdown

    Seconding what bros402 said. Glassman wasn't just waiting for his food; he was waiting anxiously for test results. That kind of wait is pretty agonizing. From the point of "hmm... we think this might be cause for concern; we'd like to check it out," to getting biopsied, and then waiting for results, I had about 5 weeks of torturous worrying, and I didn't even end up having cancer (thank goodness). I can only imagine how stressful it would be for a person waiting to hear if their cancer was gone or not, after all that treatment and the hell that goes with it. I haven't always loved Glassman's attitude of pushing people away, but I did love the bakery lady telling him the truth about his behavior. And when Richard Schiff cries, I cry. He really got to me, when he tried not to break down in front of his doctor, after he got his good news. Freddie was fantastic as well. I couldn't help but cry for him when he lost it in Han's office and again in the locker room, and when Claire sat next to him. Just gut-wrenching.
  10. I recently did a rewatch of the TV series Leverage, and Luke was a guest star in one memorable episode. He played a con man pretending to be a psychic who could speak to the dead, and the Leverage team fought to take him down after he took a young pregnant woman's life savings (preying on her emotions, telling her that he could speak to her dead husband). He was particularly loathsome, but he managed to make the role really fascinating to watch. It's definitely one of my favorite episodes of the series. I remember watching 90210 as a late teen and I'm less than 10 years younger than Luke, so his death feels particularly surreal and too close to home. Definitely gone too soon...
  11. Will Previously.TV pay tribute to Luke in some way? It seems fitting, especially given how prominent Beverly Hills 90210 has been featured on this site. I think it would be really lovely.
  12. sinkwriter

    S03. E11. Separate Together

    I'm kind of disappointed that they cut away before Bull told Diana about his heart attack. After all the build-up throughout the episode, especially with Bull understandably freaking out about his heart rate, then he tells her that he'll talk with her about it later? I can't stand her character, but at least seeing her reaction to that might have given her a little bit more depth. (Eh, who am I kidding... I probably still wouldn't like her.)
  13. sinkwriter

    S02.E12: Aftermath

    They usually have one song of some sort playing over a scene for the characters, but this episode felt like it was unusually filled with musical montages. I started to wonder if they were treating this episode as filler, trying to stretch out the suspense before the "surprise" reveal that most of us already knew because of "next week on The Good Doctor" previews last week, already telling us that they were going to vote for suspension of Lim, Melendez and Shaun. So while I appreciated seeing some of these characters outside of work, I also felt like they were stringing me along, waiting for a pivotal moment or scene that belonged earlier in the episode. I half expected them to close the episode with that bureaucratic woman's announcement about the suspension recommendations - in which case I would have been ticked off, because they'd already told us that it was going to happen so it's not a cliffhanger surprise sort of reveal.
  14. sinkwriter

    S03. E11. Separate Together

    I tried to give her a chance, but... Diana still bugs me.
  15. sinkwriter

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    Is Shaun planning on working in the ER as a career, though? Or is he simply required to work the ER right now as part of his residency and eventually he may be able to focus solely on surgery as his main thing? Not that surgery can't be stressful, but at least the overall environment is much more controlled.