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  1. profdanglais

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    And yet that still didn't put them off.
  2. It's the magnification that's objectionable. Yes CS had issues, and especially with the whole Dark Ones/Underworld thing, but instead of having them work through it like a loving and committed couple, they brought teh melodramzz and it was just insulting, to the characters and their relationship. I'm not having it.
  3. Honestly, I just pretend S6 never happened. That was not my Captain Swan and I refuse to acknowledge it.
  4. profdanglais

    S04.E05: Breaking Glass

    Except most Swan Queen fans don't give a damn about Emma and just want Regina to have the shiny toy they think she wants, or has "chemistry" with. *SHUDDER* So if you shipped SQ you'd probably just think that Emma was finally giving Regina the appreciation she deserves, or some such abusive and offensive nonsense.
  5. profdanglais

    S04.E03: Rocky Road

    Yeah, this is how I always understood it. Rumple pulled Ingrid's magic out of it because she'd cast the spell on Zarian, but it wasn't her hair. Zarian is just epically idiotic.
  6. profdanglais

    S04.E04: The Apprentice

    This episode is emblematic of S4 for me. Tiny parts of it--little snapshots-- I love, but as a whole it's rubbish. Emma and Hook and their date are all just used here as plot devices. We get the date that Hook would definitely not have planned but had to because they needed to be somewhere Will could stumble on them, we get the absolutely idiotic hand plot which is not only wildly OOC for Hook but also makes no sense, and only exists as a way for Rumple to get Hook's heart. The whole date is really nothing to do with Emma and Hook and their relationship at all, it's just about advancing all the other nonsense. It's infuriating. Also, Emma just kind of shrugging when Killian's hand appears and then disappears again is as bad as him being dismissive of her concerns about the puddle. Would she not realise how important the whole thing was to him?
  7. profdanglais

    S04.E01: A Tale Of Two Sisters

    Coming into this premiere riding the high of the S3 finale and the kiss, it was such a letdown. It was the beginning of puppy dog Hook, and although Emma's "be patient" was cute, pushing him away because she felt guilty about Regina was some bullshit. However, I did generally like the Frozen stuff and the casting of the characters, particularly Anna. It's unfortunate that a show capable of giving us Hook's coat and Regina's mad Evil Queen wardrobe dropped the ball so badly on Elsa's dress, but the rest of it was solid. I think I was more positive about S4 while it was happening because I was so keen for any and all Captain Swan, but on rewatch it is disappointing.
  8. profdanglais

    S04.E02: White Out

    It's the same objection I have to All I can think about watching the ice cave scenes is that I wish Emma would zip up her freaking jacket.
  9. I've said this before. 100% agree. Emma at any age would be snapped up.
  10. Not to mention Merlin, who was played up as this amazing powerful wizard and then turned out to be pretty useless.
  11. I love how Hook just understands how time travel works. Or one of the prevailing theories anyway. This is peak Rumpel, IMO. I like him so much better as a conniving imp with a wry sense of humour ("Because what you had before was such an intricate disguise?") than as the all-powerful ultimate evil. Snow is not the greatest bandit -- she doesn't hear Charming come clomping into the room and why TF did she just stand there holding the ring for like half an hour instead of getting the heck out of there. (Also the ring is so ugly. I hated it from the beginning. Couldn't they have got one that looked more old-timey? It looks like something you could buy at Claire's)
  12. profdanglais

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    Hurrah! I have not been entirely faithful to this rewatch, but I am always here for the CS movie.
  13. profdanglais

    S03.E19: A Curious Thing

    If this is the one I think it is, it's still going on, and it's wonderful. It's everything I wish 3B had been.
  14. profdanglais

    S03.E20: Kansas

    He smiles with his face but his eyes are so sad.
  15. profdanglais

    S03.E17: The Jolly Roger

    This. So, so much. On the first watch of this episode I was super excited because I thought it would lead to some nice development of CS, opportunities for them to kiss that Hook pulled back from, leaving Emma confused, etc. Also, I hate that Hook swearing on Emma's name is framed as a selfish act. Him wanting to make amends for his past actions is not selfish, it's redemption. It's character development. So of course the show punishes him for it.