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  1. RHJunkie

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    I'm in the same group where I haven't heard anything beyond this forum that suggested that LVP asked for the season off before filming started. To my knowledge, she asked for the time off after filming started. I was under the impression that she had simply stopped showing up for filming to which I had agreed with a previous quote posted here by Rinna where she was pissed that LVP just took off just like that without saying anything. But then reading more, it seems LVP informed production and I guess got their blessing but she hadn't informed anyone on the cast that she wouldn't be showing up for the rest of the season. Rinna was very disappointed that LVP didn't contact them personally to tell them, because she said they all wish her well. LOL.
  2. RHJunkie


    Wouldn't be surprised if Kris Jenner's people manufactured this and send it to the press to be released. Make it seem like Tristian is desperate for a second chance, Khloe is being contemplative because her love was genuine and more importantly, she's a good mother that is willing to put True first even at her own expense, but in the end, we'll see (will likely be conveniently during filming) Khloe will have an epiphany and choose herself and her daughter, teaching women and young girls out there that even when it's hard, don't ever let people take advantage of you, disrespect you and make you feel less than you're worth because more important than sticking around in a relationship for the sake of a child, you walk away and serve as an example to your child. I can see redemption story coming.
  3. RHJunkie

    S33.E07: This Means War

    I think filming the last Challenge together, they got into an argument in the house to which Amanda said something to the effect 'I hope your horse dies'.
  4. RHJunkie

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Damn, I didn't know all of that. With that information, it seems almost impossible that the girls wouldn't have known that their parents were pulling strings to get them into the school. Maybe we can say that due to their wealthy lifestyle and upbringing, they may not have known that what they were doing was illegal, maybe their upbringing would not make them question whether their dishonesty was unfair to other hard working kids who didn't get accepted to make room for entitled and undeserving kids like them BUT their upbringing and wealth does not excuse lying. They took part in a lie and there's no money or fame that can make you think that's okay, especially when so many parties had to get involved in order to see this lie through. Knowing all this and hearing her blame her parents entirely for squandering her 'hard work' makes me hope all the more that she will have to learn the hard way what true hard work really is.
  5. RHJunkie

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The thing is, I find it hard to believe that wouldn't have known. Is there a level of dumb that exists that you would get accepted into college via the college rowing crew despite never being associated with a rowing team in high school or otherwise, and not even question how that happened? I mean they took part in staged photoshoots to make themselves appear as athletes while not participating on extra-curricular sports teams in high school. It genuinely doesn't make sense to me how they wouldn't have at least had a good sense that some behind the scenes things were happening to facilitate their acceptance to the college. Not having explicit knowledge doesn't excuse all culpability (in my mind) if there's a good chance that the daughters knew that something was up. I honestly don't feel bad for Olivia in this case. Her opportunities came from her parents name and money. It seems like she's more concerned that jeopardizing her 'hard work' may mean actually having to start from square one and do stuff the hard way without mom and dad's money and influence to help her along the way.
  6. RHJunkie

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    Well said. I thought his speak on his religious beliefs was two-fold. It set the tone for how his religion has informed his own personal values and he said, his religion does not hold a monopoly on those beliefs and the values it has instilled in him AND I felt he used the conversation to raise the argument that it's a fallacy that Republicans are the party of religious values and that Democrats should embrace spiritual values of religion as it relates to their proposed policies. I actually thought it was quite a brilliant comment to point out that Pence's religiousness seems concentrated in what his religion teaches him about sexuality while Mayor Pete and other Democrats are proposing ideas that concentrate on values founded in religion as well (taking care of the poor, finding sensible ways to stem greed and corruption from the wealthy so that opportunities stolen from the middle and lower class can be re-introduce to these societies, etc.). He seems incredibly thoughtful and genuine. Maybe being from the middle of the country (like actually, middle of the country) may help serve as a greater benefit to him than the discrimination out there because he is an openly gay man.
  7. RHJunkie

    S33.E07: This Means War

    I didn't mind Jenna's vote. Amanda and Josh are not the biggest competition in the game but this plays right into what Jenna's game has always been - stay under the radar. With Zach out of the house, she can't be used as collateral so she can afford to use personal reasons to vote in Amanda and doesn't have to worry about anyone in the house coming after her for it. Dee instructing Wes not to laugh had me going, haha. I was disappointed that Wes didn't target a Brit but at the same time, they're still devils that the vets still haven't totally figured out. I don't mind if they buy themselves a little more time to plan their next move but they have to pull the trigger at some point or risk their entire game. I would have definitely called it a cowards way out if we were talking about the same exact players, playing the exact same game they do every year. I just can't help but be entertained by Bear and I think it's because it's actually refreshing to see someone on this show who is a shit disturber and truly embraces the role. He's completely transparent about it even though he knows it puts a target on his back but he's such a cocky SOB he probably thinks being a target isn't a big deal because he can beat anyone. To be fair, after he gave up on Day in that one challenge, I really underestimated him as a competitor but he's held his own in two challenges so far to fight off elimination and to win power in the house. Maybe it's easy for me because I don't know Ninja's resume but girl can fuck the hell right off. Hope she walks away with nothing. Bear's reasoning made perfect sense and that's a target they put on their own backs by winning so many challenges. I feel bad that it exposes Day's game but also, Paulie is a garbage human being and as much as I enjoy Day, I have no respect for her friendship with someone like Paulie. So go on Bear, target away.
  8. RHJunkie

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    Ramona is a piece of work. It's like her foot lives in her mouth...it should fucking pay rent. She has some audacity to call other people bitches when some of the most nasty, inconsiderate things that have been said on this show have come out of her mouth. Lu was being a snarky bitch...but Ramona went around giving detailed second-hand accounts of Lu being publicly intoxicated and even when confronted by someone who was there that was able to discredit at least one story, she didn't apologize or acknowledge the gossip she was spreading, she quickly went into defending why she said it. Then her comment about Dennis. Sonja spoke so much truth (and her facial reactions were on point) when it came to Ramona, lol. Also, didn't Barbara say to take food for Dorinda? It looks liked Ramona and Sonja were also fixing plates for themselves to go. You only needed one lobster! Tinsley can be annoying, but at the heart of it, she seems like a kind person who is more about fun than drama. I don't think she's a malicious person and I felt bad for how snappy Lu was with her because she was already uncomfortable about leaving so quickly and then being urged to take food with her...Lu directing her snark toward her was uncalled for. I wish Tinsley had been more assertive in standing up to Lu. Not gonna lie, I laughed out loud at Bethenny's imitation of Ramona by the pool, lol. How emotionally stunted do two people have to be to have a multiple decade friendship halted because neither side is willing to acknowledge that they hurt each other? Intent and result are not mutually exclusive. Dorinda and Lu both want their feelings validated without offering the olive branch the other way. Just shut up with this shit already. I'll always give credit to any HW for using their platform on the show to highlight charities and important causes to them. Not everything is about shilling out their latest product and given how much product placement Bethenny does on this show, I'm glad she's mixing in some charitable footage as well. It was really sweet of Dennis to buy a ring for Bryn and include her in the moment.
  9. RHJunkie

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    I'm going to take exception to this comment for the fact that psychological grooming is a very real and serious tactic that certainly takes more than some months of filming and occasional conversation with someone. And I think it's a very baseless and dangerous accusation to throw out there for the sake of absolving Teddi of her behaviour simply because you don't like LVP and her behaviour. The relationship between LVP and Teddi or anyone else for that matter is not grooming, not even close. Grooming involves targeting, instilling the belief that you can only trust and rely on that one person, forcing isolation and dependency and control. People who are groomed are unaware that they are groomed and they carry an intense level of loyalty to the person that has groomed them. Teddi flipped like a light swtich. At the end of the day, this is a reality show of women who all have varying levels of bad qualities about them and some redeemable qualities about them - none of these women are worth of any kind of defense that diminishes the realities and severity of real grooming experiences that go on in this world and cause genuine harm to people.
  10. RHJunkie

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    Nothing Teddi is providing thus far is direct proof of LVP orchestrating things. She has no direct proof of anything actually (so far) though I am inclined to believe from the texts (and even without the texts) that LVP was at least aware of what was being said behind the scenes because this is truly what LVP's signature is. It's not "manipulation", it's her need to deny at all costs even when her admissions are far less offensive than what others have said or done but her denials are what often allows the focus to be shifted to what LVP did or didn't say behind the scenes versus what some idiot ACTUALLY said in front of the cameras. She hands them a pass each time but pulling her stupid 'I don't know what you're talking about'. It's the one thing that none of them have outwardly been able to prove but it's one thing that you can see on several occasions throughout the years that has flustered LVP and at times has caused her to change the timelines in her narrative - all because she wants to act like she didn't know something until the very moment someone else said it on camera. And why is Teddi getting credit for being honest when she intentionally omitted information that revealed the true extent of her involvement (and then claimed she did it to protect Dorit, LMFAO) after she was confronted with indisputable proof? Given the narrative Teddi first began with, I have no reason to believe that Teddi would have provided the honest truth about her role if she hadn't been caught red-handed with her own texts. Meanwhile, she claims that none of this situation would have happened without LVP's orders. Is LVP a fucking mob boss or something? Is this an example of what accountability is out there in Beverly Hills? None of this would have happened if Teddi hadn't agreed to whatever she agreed to with whoever the fuck she agreed to it with. THOSE ARE FACTS. Teddi is claiming manipulation because it distracts from her involvement and to an extent absolves her from it. Using second-hand information and filling in the blanks with assertions is not proof of anything. Erika and Rinna can kick rocks. They decided the outcome without all the information so I'm not inclined to believe there's much reason behind what either of them says. Camille was fair in both acknowledging the way LVP encourages behaviour but will leave you out to dry when it blows up in your face so as to keep her hands clean but at the same time, she called Dorit's fakeness as well. And unless I missed the part where Camille was fawning over Dorit to her face only to say behind her back that she doesn't find her authentic, I'm missing the 'flip-flopping' that Rinna is suggesting. Camille is being Hollywood nice the same way Rinna was exchanging air kisses with Dorit while sitting on the accusation that she does cocaine. Or the way she exchanges pleasantries with Lisa and saying she wishes her well when she's actively participating in taking her down and doing so with a grin on her face. Or the way she pretends to be concerned for Kim Richards while she talks about her being near death. Can we keep Denise and Camille and just get rid of the rest? LVP can be a friend who only provides house tours for the camera and nothing else.
  11. RHJunkie

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    Given that we haven't heard of incidents with the audience between takes and given that we don't hear the audience being disrespectful to any of the women regardless of how popular their views may be, is it safe to assume that Meghan 'thick skinned' McCain describes the audience as hostile simply because they rarely applaud her talking points? Is a lack of applause what we consider 'hostile' nowadays? LOL.
  12. RHJunkie

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    I assume that Whoopi and the show are being responsible and have ensured that whatever remaining remnants of sickness Whoopi is dealing with is not viral and easily transmitted to others because Abby's health during her pregnancy should be a higher priority than Whoopi being bored and needing to get out of the house. Though it's still gross to be close by to someone with a nasty cough even if not contagious.
  13. RHJunkie

    RHoA in the Media

    We'll have to wait and see the context of Kandi's comments but my initial reaction was that the quick move had to do with just having a big wedding that she openly spoke about being over budget for. If Eva is downsizing, then I can't think of what reasonable context Kandi would have to make that comment...but if she's upsizing her space, then I can see how that would look odd after complaining about her finances after a wedding.
  14. RHJunkie

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    There's a lot to complain about when it comes to Billie and Racquel but how they handled Lala is not one of those things. Lala instigated conversations with both women and went off the rails with both them. I don't know when and where Lala heard of what Racquel said but she isn't wrong, grief is not a hall pass for nasty behaviour and it doesn't mean that you can erase it from your ledger and pretend you didn't do or say stupid shit. Lala is the anthesis of everything she claims she stands for, especially when angry, she goes for the jugular (sounds like James, doesn't it Lala?). She was absolutely out of line with Billie and Racquel and it should be addressed. Also, you can put on a JLo inspired dress but you ain't no JLo so. James handled himself well confronting Lala but I thought it was funny when he volunteered to not go to the Tom Tom opening...it seemed obvious he was hoping Lisa would tell him that he should come. I hope he figures his shit out because there's no reason that the world should be subjected to his cocky idiocy. Like the rest of them, there are flickers of good quality set in a damaged qualities. He's not hopeless but he needs a lot of work. Scheana is always doing the most. She's trying to be the cool chick that's just going with the flow with a guy who doesn't want to officially commit to a relationship so she's convinced herself that she doesn't want one either. Seeing Sandoval brag about his bar and entrance to someone who couldn't care less about him and what his plans are was great to see, lol.
  15. RHJunkie

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    I've visited Sedona and I think it's absolutely stunning. And not going to lie, I've climbed some of those rocks and getting to the top, it was very peaceful and reflective for me. However, I've had similar experiences hiking the Niagara Trail, hiking national parks, standing on top of my city escarpment and looking at the greenery and blue waters away from the hustle and bustle of the city, discovering a beautiful waterfall hidden in an unassuming park, or being in the park during cherry blossom season. The point being, what is being sold as magical healing powers is really about an appreciation for Mother Nature. An appreciation for the beauty of earth that is untouched by man and you don't need to go to Sedona to experience that (though I recommend the trip, as I said, it's beautiful). There's a reason why spas imitate nature in its sounds and several of its services (hot rocks, mud baths, ice baths, salt springs, etc.) and there's a reason why rehab/wellness centres are often located on the outskirts of cities and surrounded by nature's trees and flowing rivers. This is not some formula unique to Sedona. There is a general concept and belief that nature is peacefulness and to be surrounded by it enables meditation and reflection, no surprise, we've seen Indigenous cultures say and practice this for centuries. But like you said, if someone goes to Sedona believing that that particular spot has healing powers, then they're more inclined to believe that because they've conditioned their mind to expect that.