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  1. I'm not saying Rinna has an issue about the money. I'm saying that it's the principle of the matter that you shouldn't take money for a job that you chose not to do and if that is what LVP did, then I most certainly agree with Rinna's comment (regardless of what her personal reasons are for saying it) that LVP shouldn't be on the show if she's unwilling to show up to work. That said, I totally understand why any of her coworkers would be upset and think she deserves an ultimatum. I would be pissed if I was showing up to work every day and doing my job, honouring my contract and representing my company while the company allowed my co-worker to show up whenever they wanted and still got paid and received all of the same benefits as me when they hadn't truly earned it. It's not about it being disrespectful to the company's finances, it's about the company showing a disregard for their other employees by allowing that kind of behaviour to go unchallenged.
  2. I don't disagree with Rinna - if LVP is taking the full pay that was negotiated for the season even though she only filmed for a fraction of it, that's just not right. If you think your peace of mind and well-being is being compromised and you need to remove yourself from the situation, then don't return, it's really as simple as that. She has a whole other show that promotes her various restaurants and she's built a large enough fanbase that she can continue to successfully promote her charities and rescue centre.
  3. RHJunkie

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    I was speaking in context of Jennifer's attitude and how she refused to see the impression she was leaving despite the women explaining to her how she came across and that was my theory as to why she couldn't understand the criticism - however, I think you took what I said in a far too literal sense than what I intended. Most relationships begin with discussions/commonalities on relatively shallow and mundane things. It's often what we rely on to get a first look at someone's personalities and what their life is like. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. I don't know how successful someone would be if they tried to bond with people by asking them philosophical questions or talking politics right out of the gate.
  4. RHJunkie

    S33.E03: Casualties of War

    Cara comes across as really obsessed with Kyle. And her fawning over Paulie...she doesn't make wise decisions when it comes to men and I'm beginning to think that says more about her than the men she dates. Wes flips between annoying and entertaining for me but for his past couple of seasons, he's been more entertaining because I've begun to appreciate just how much he uses the platform for entertainment value and not as a meal ticket. I think Wes cares more about simply outlasting Bananas on these shows and being the one to mastermind his demise and that's amusing to me, lol. Bananas constantly describes Wes as dumb and lucky yet he also conveniently believes that Wes was able to masterfully convince one of his closest allies to flip on him and sabotage the challenge to ensure he gets voted in. What could Wes offer Zach that would make it so enticing for him to sacrifice a real life friendship? It doesn't add up and I wonder if Bananas was truly blinded by his dislike for Wes that he was willing to believe anything to make Wes look like a bigger villain OR maybe he's trying to get on record a 'rival' just in case a Rivals challenge comes, lol. Amazing to me that Amanda still can't own what a bitch she is. Drunk or not, the fact that you unnecessarily insult and verbally attack someone says a lot about this girl. She can't hide behind Zach being an macho man to distract from her nasty attitude.
  5. RHJunkie

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    You may be right. The C word was my first thought as well but I wasn't too sure and too lazy to check so I went with the safer word, lol.
  6. RHJunkie

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    At the height of her fallout with Joe, didn't she say she hadn't spoken to her brother for a year or something? Her brother has called her trash, garbage, a liar, etc. on NATIONAL TELEVISION and she's using someone's sibling relationship as a means to judge their character? What does it say about you that your own blood has said such vile things about you? What does it say about you that your own husband referred to you as his 'bitch wife', you've been accused of setting up an operation on national television to out your sister-in-law as a former stripper, isn't your father estranged from his sister and aren't you estranged from that sister's children? oh yeah, and your dumb ass went to jail. Who is Teresa to judge anyone's familial relations? They need to bring back the twins and just have them respond to everything out of Teresa's mouth with 'clink, clink bitch', lol.
  7. RHJunkie

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Haha. Nope, can't say that I do. It'll be great next week to see Teresa call someone else white trash when she's a prison bitch. Not an ounce of sense in the head of hers to realize how stupid she sounds, lol. Also, I forgot to mention in my original post, but there seems to be a shift in the dynamics between Teresa and Melissa. Up until this season, it seemed like Melissa had to straddle the fence of when to speak and when to walk on eggshells but this season and even at the reunion, Melissa was very direct with Teresa and it seemed like Teresa would downplay her intent in an effort not to argue with Melissa. Based on my theory of Teresa and Melissa's relationship, perhaps Teresa and Joe are on relatively good terms and she doesn't want to push her luck and piss off Melissa and then get into a fight with her brother. When she's mad at her brother, then it's okay to talk to Melissa anyway she wants to.
  8. RHJunkie

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Melissa was the only one who I thought looked great in all areas (hair, make-up, outfit, colour choice). The editing of the show seemed choppy to me. Jennifer spent the entire season complaining about her children not being spoiled and when asked about Olivia's behaviour, she explained behaviour that is exactly that of a bratty, spoiled child. Jennifer transitions to this wannabe gangster when she's upset or she tries to sound intimidating and witty or just plain threatening and it just falls flat for me. Jennifer's value of material things and her general need to be given attention is why she doesn't understand why constantly bringing up what she has is seen as being a one-upper and a bragger. You can't forge relationships with people when your basis of relatability is materialistic (unless of course, the other person is also as materialistic and shallow as you). Relatability is about shared values and experiences, not about possessions. Jennifer is trying to say that she brings up her bathrooms and view out of common interest, but it's really about taking someone else's moment and making it about yourself. A rainbow is not some unique experience that would require you to jump in and turn attention to yourself and your story. Now if someone saw the Northern Lights, I would say that's a magnificent sight of nature that would most definitely be something to bond over...but a rainbow? 16 bathrooms? a view from your home? No, that's just Jennifer making it about herself. It's why she and Teresa get along for now...they are similar in many ways and do like to conflate things to make it about themselves. Case in point, when Jackie was talking about what her brother has taught her, Jennifer immediately made it about Teresa and then Teresa made it about Jennifer. So many double standards from the right side of the couch so far. Writing an article where you make reference anonymously to someone isn't bullying. Someone attending a book signing once and never going to another after that is not stalking. Unsurprisingly, Teresa still doesn't know how to use words correctly. I stand corrected for the credit I gave her last year, there's not enough prison yoga for this idiot. Jackie made her look so dumb...and this is only part 1, lmao. Dolores didn't seem at all that convincing when she said she likes Melissa but also, Melissa doesn't seem all that bothered by it either.
  9. RHJunkie


    I don't feel bad for Khloe. Maybe that's heartless to say but everything she's going through is because of her bad judgement just as it was with Lamar. You can't put your life on display for monetary gain and then think you can righteously clap back at people who rightfully point out what a tool you are. With all of her passive memes about loving yourself, love, light, acceptance, happiness, hard work in a relationship, etc. and she thinks she can come out of this without egg on her face? Khloe always bets on the wrong horse and she just needs to take her lumps. Tristian was and will likely always be a dog. As far as I'm concerned, this is just another example of getting caught...if I had to, I would bet money that there have been others that have flown under the radar since his last cheating scandal. I don't have sympathy for Jordyn either because how did she not bring this on herself? But of all people involved, her behaviour is the least offensive to me just by default of knowing that the other two are undisputed idiots who have done stupid shit before and not learned their lessons. That said, what she did was fucked up just because of the relationship between her and Kylie and the fact that Khloe is Kylie's sister. Of all people, I feel bad for Kylie and Stormi. Kylie seems to genuinely appreciate Jordyn as a friend and she seems to have a special relationship with Stormi and if Kylie decided to kick Jordyn out of her life, I'm sure it will require some lifestyle adjustments for her and her daughter. I should say 'allegedly' because I don't think it's been officially confirmed, however, Adrienne from The Real (who used to date Rob) still has ties to the family and she said that she spoke to a source close to the situation and she can confirm that it's real. Adrienne has always been careful of how she spoke about the family on her talk show and I don't think she would have confirmed it if she didn't 100% trust her source and the connections her source has in confirming it. But to be distinct, the sources claim witnesses speak about the two making out, the reports that she left his house at like 7am suggests that they slept together but the 'sources' don't come out and make that claim...at least not based on the article I read.
  10. RHJunkie

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    I don't compliment her all that much in terms of style and looks but I really loved Kyle's dark red TH look. Especially with the fresh shorter cut, she looked great. If only she could find her style for reunions. I don't know if Erika got her lunch dress off a runway or what but you can't convince me that she doesn't look like a mom who wears t-shirt nighties to sleep, lol. Also, her cheetah top and massive hair in one of her TH's was no bueno for me, lol. Denise, there's nothing wrong with your eyes. He's definitely easy on the eyes! Still early on, but I really like Denise so far. And I'm with Denise, that wasn't a pastry party. There was no pastry in sight. Maybe LVP put up her employee to bring up the Dorit thing...but I've seen this guy's IG - he is OBSESSED with animals and constantly promoting rescues. It's not impossible that he was genuinely pissed off with what Dorit did and LVP likely was open about her disappointment in Dorit and he could have felt comfortable bringing it up in front of the cameras, especially out of anger and frustration. The easy way to figure out who is telling the truth about the kill shelter is to find out which shelter the dog ended up at. From my understanding, some shelters when above capacity, may euthanize animals that are healthy or can be successfully treated and groomed back to health simply because they don't have the space to accommodate. So when shelters specifically came out and said they were a no-kill shelter and had a zero tolerance policy on euthanizing animals that were of at least somewhat good health, those shelters that did not implement the same policy were then labelled as kill shelters by activist groups. So if my understanding is correct, the dog ending up at a kill shelter doesn't automatically suggest that the dog was going to die, just that the dog wasn't 100% protected. Also, LVP was being an ass about the room. Always love seeing Dorit's kids. They're so adorable.
  11. RHJunkie

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I think a shelter's preference would vary...or it could just be the preference of the individual and maybe she didn't actually give you right information. I'm assuming shelters have some kind of process they go through before finalizing an adoption. I know my local shelter has a 4 step process which includes questionnaires, a meeting with an adoption counselor and meet and greet all before the adoption can be finalized and the shelter has the right to deny you the pet if they feel you aren't a good fit for it. If there's a real passion for caring for the animals and making sure they find good homes (which I assume most of these shelters are), that clause is likely there to give control back to the shelter in case the new owner is having buyer's remorse. It's unlikely an individual is going to go through a fraction of that effort as a shelter would. This is just theoretical as I don't know what the particular process Vanderpups follows. And I can certainly understand not reading this kind of contract in full before signing. I personally always scan a contract to make sure there aren't any hidden fees but other than that, I'm not doing a thorough read of it. However, I think there's little excuse for not having the common sense to refer to the contract once it was decided that they no longer wanted the dog. There would be no reason for the contract if there was no chance of something going wrong. If it was a foolproof, permanent transaction, then they would have just gotten a receipt and not made to sign a legally binding contract.
  12. There's a number of women in the RH franchise that could fit that description so I still haven't clue in to who exactly you're referring to, lol.
  13. The dress is from a '98 collection. Why is she acting like this dress was designed just for her? It already existed. Kim seems angry that someone is profiting off of her influence and doing it in a way that she has no legal way of seeking financial retribution for it. I say good for Fashion Nova. Also, while it's still don't like the dress, the fashion nova model looked so much better in it. It didn't even look a fraction as trashy and try hard as it did on Kim. I also love that she writes this serious message about people stealing carefully crafted designs that were meant for her (because they could affect her relationship with designers who dress her), but this is the same idiot who had to have a discussion with her husband about the possibility of taking $1M to promote his competitor's brand on IG...the same competitor who SHE says is known to knock off her husband's designs. This woman's priorities and desires in life are so immoral and corrupt.
  14. RHJunkie

    S07.E11: Return of Crazy Kristen

    It really annoys me that Jax seemingly doesn't get (or at least he refuses to acknowledge) the irony in him complaining about someone else getting several chances to redeem himself when his whole life has been a ball of infinite second chances. He's stolen, he's insulted, he sleeps with almost everyone he works with, he's been volatile and he's spoken so many lies that he has become the boy that has cried wolf. Who is he talk about anyone else's second chances? Is Kristen obsessed with James because she needs a distraction from her shitty relationship with Carter is Kristen also obsessed with James because she never really got over him? If she's so upset with how many chances James has gotten, why not be upset with Jax, who she's slept with, who also seems to get an endless supply of chances from Lisa? I think all of these people should attend basic sensitivity training. When you are around someone who is sober and does not want to drink and they are okay with being in your company, that isn't your permission to ask them if they want a drink. They wouldn't be sober if A drink was enough for them. Carter seems like a leech. Him texting Kristen about James being at the party after knowing how riled up she was about finding out that he was hired for an event at Pump is really shady to me. Carter sees how insecure Kristen is and he uses it to his advantage and then when confronted, he makes it seem like he's some martyr that Kristen should be lucky to have in her life because he's willing to put up with her crazy when he's a big factor in why she's acting crazy. In fairness, Kristen is legit crazy but her crazy is driven by her own insecurities. She is not a good judge of character and the effects show in her mental state. It's worrisome that Katie has known Kristen for so long and still knows shit about how to handle her when drunk. I could certainly tell you that it wouldn't be effective to constantly call out her name, tell her where to sit, what to talk about, and to act like her therapist.
  15. RHJunkie

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    The show relies on people making fools of themselves and being reactionary, but the premise isn't to watch obviously staged interactions where one person willingly makes themselves look foolish for the sake of an HW contract which is what I'm referring to specifically. Some HWs claim after they leave the show (and always after they got a 'bad edit') that so many of the things are staged to happen to which I argue, that even if you want to say that isn't your real reaction in life, the fact that you would be willing to act opposite to who you claim you really are, already says a lot about you as a person. I get that the events and situations are staged, but are usually staged in a way that is most likely to generate drama but they aren't following a script. It's a whole other stupid that these women behave the way they do and then when watching it all back, they double down and insist on defending their poor behaviour. But this is the kind of stupid that the show relies on.