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  1. project90

    S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    Yup and he was 19
  2. project90

    S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    In the future jump last season finale Kate says to Toby "That was the doctor they want you come in to talk about changing your meds" I wonder if she pregnant at this point and he gone back on to the meds or they still trying for a baby and trying adjust the meds so doesn't effect his sperm count as much.
  3. project90

    S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    I thought Jack and Rebecca first date was them getting burgers and going to a concert that got rained out so they just sat in the car. Rebecca tried recreating it last season Also speaking of last season I thought Rebecca brain tumor scare was random so maybe it her they visiting has something to do with that everyone already in room and Randle calling Toby to come support Kate even tho they are broken up/going through a rough time
  4. project90

    The walking dead RPG

    Hey all been member of very active and awesome role playing game can never have to many players so thought see if anyone intrested http://walkingdeadsurvival.freeforums.net
  5. project90

    S02.E13: Bye

    Bryce was a senior when Hannah went to Mr Porter tell him about the rape he told her to deal with it and that he a senior and be gone in a couple of months
  6. project90

    S02.E06: The Smile At The End Of The Dock

    Just confused so he apologizes to her about stealing her positive notes she forgives him they start romantic relationship and then she leaves out of her tapes but chooses to bring up something she had moved past by time she made the tapes. Also was misunderstanding of Hanna thinking he just threw her note away that he actually kept explained? Maybe I've missed something
  7. project90

    S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    never thought about that what Boonie and Asher Oliver only none cheaters left? Frank had girlfriend back in season 1 did not tell Laurel about but how he tell it was over and I don't think Wes cheated on Maggie but moved on really fast I did half hearty say show was still to up in the air for me but way you sum it up make sense it just the who the kid part that would bug me (but as someone said do i really care about random kid and truth is no i don't) but if they had left that out would be clean enough ending but with enough left open for us to decide our own ending. I honestly would not care if ended here but if was season 5 be OK with that to as long as it was the last just been reading interview with Peter Nowalk just few snippets that seem relevant put in spoiler tag but i personally feel to vague be spoiler just more his view on future of the show ah i did not know this caring less and less about Gabriel by minute maybe not knowing who he is won't bug me after all
  8. project90

    S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    everything to up in the air I'd be cool with it ending there if was not for whole who the kid and what happen to Laurel mum don't like shows with out an ending but in saying that if that was the end would not be as disappointed as i could be
  9. project90

    S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    I never like Asher and Michaela together so hope it the end of them what Michaela did to Simon crawl but was means to an end he would be holding it over them I did not click to that being Boonie son till came read peoples posts on here Laurel getting her son back happy ending but don't know how work out plot wise unless he the id never see and it just Laurel mention drooping him with the nanny or something but given everything would she really be willing spend long time away from him be happy if Laurel written out feel her charterer had her time Don't know about everyone else but I'd be OK with next season being the last
  10. project90

    S02.E18: The Wedding

    nope you had it right the first time she was going pin it on her dress
  11. project90

    S02.E18: The Wedding

    I had the exact same thought. I hope we do get an episode just about their relationship going through them getting together big 3 reaction to the being together to the engagement to the wedding tho they all adult brats so not sure how enjoyable going to be but big part of time we need to see and could easily be enough for it to take up it own episode
  12. project90

    S04.E14: The Day before He Died

    I'm sure she has before
  13. project90

    S04.E14: The Day before He Died

    little harsh. They fiends before they dated and she found out she carrying his baby and that his dead pretty much at the same time so saying"get over it" kinda heartless. And every mother deserves to have there child unless they are harmful to the child no one can say she bad mother as she not even had chance to be one. Laurel not my favorite by any means but in less than a year her good friend/boyfriend/father of her child has been murded she had to face fact she going be a young single mother she went through very traumatic birth and had her son snatch away from her before she even got to look at him let alone hold him so don't thin fair to expected to just "get over it"
  14. project90

    Kevin: Justin Hartley

    So I've stated watching Smallville show not seen since high school and a blond Justin Hartley has just come into as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Was not expecting see him in this i know well and truly before this is us but hard not see him as Kevin and to take him serious as the green arrow
  15. project90

    S02.E16: Vegas, Baby

    am I only one who feels Jack death less sad by fact we clearly still going see him every episode