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  1. Winter Rose

    S09.E10: The Final

    Boy am I glad I cheated and looked at the thread. I liked Ruby and Kim-Joy grew on me, so I was really hoping one of them would win. Oh well, at least I know not to watch the episode. It sounds like the challenges were disappointing as well.
  2. Winter Rose

    S09.E08: Danish Week

    Wow. Paul went an episode without giving out a handshake. I loved all the Hawaiian shirts in honor of Jon. I honestly didn't see a difference in Rahul responding to criticism vs. getting complimented. He got lucky Manon strayed too far from the briefs, or at least that's all I can think of to justify sending her home instead, because it sounded like he did worse in every single challenge. Ruby was really the only choice for Star Baker. I think everyone left has won it now, which it's nice when more people get to experience it.
  3. Winter Rose

    S09.E07: Vegan Week

    Sorry to see Jon go, I'm sure his attitude didn't help matters but he was so obviously out of his element that I think he couldn't find the balance of expanding his horizons with being true to himself. His showstopper also had no chance of winning me over, in the debate of whether citrus and chocolate go together, for me orange and chocolate is the worst offender. I'm wondering if the handshake has just become a gimmick for the show now. Still nice to get for the contestants but Paul doesn't even seem to be fighting it anymore. I also thought Ruby should've switched the order of her cakes but that's because I thought the top cake looked bigger than the bottom one.
  4. Winter Rose

    S09.E05: Spice Week

    I had to hear my entire life how smart/pretty/nice/great-at-everything my mother was, usually followed up with "Oh, but you're nothing like her", that it drives me crazy when my every move or behavior gets traced back to her. I don't doubt that Rahul's self-deprecation is real but I know as much about his life as I do any other contestant's that it just doesn't sit right with me to base whose self-deprecation deserves sympathy, and whose doesn't, on assumptions. I certainly hope he wasn't a victim of bullying but, harsh as it may sound, he's no less painful for me to watch.
  5. Winter Rose

    S09.E05: Spice Week

    The chandeliers looked more like baby mobiles for cribs, IMO. I felt for Terry. From his struggles throughout the competition to missing a week due to illness, I'm happy for him that he made it this far. It was heartbreaking to hear him talk about his wife, it sounds like baking has been a real outlet for his grief. I hope he keeps at it. I'm really not enjoying watching Rahul look in anguish even while the judges are praising him. Honestly, I think he's worse with the faces than Candace was (if I completely ignored when she pursed her lips, I could find a sense of humor). And since it is praise that he's getting, thus not going anywhere, I can't say I'm thrilled with potentially having to look at that all season. Well... halfway there.
  6. Winter Rose

    S09.E03: Bread Week

    I actually thought Dan would win Star Baker this week but I hope the two in a row give Rahul more confidence. I worry he's in danger of approaching the level of some past contestants who were annoyingly negative about everything but then *surprise* do great. That always put a damper on watching. I think Paul's been more liberal with the handshakes in recent years, I wonder if that's actually been an effect of changing networks. I still think the best bread show stopper in the entire show was the lion, and even with the shout out at the end of that episode, I don't remember it getting a handshake (I could be wrong though). I was sorry to see Antony go. I saw it coming but he just seemed so lovely.
  7. Winter Rose

    S08.E05: Pudding Week

    I've never understood it. I've heard that pudding was considered a coverall term for dessert but if that was the case, wouldn't nearly everything on this show, except for bread pretty much, qualify as a pudding? But then it seems that's not right either or else they wouldn't make a point to dedicate a week to puddings and the judges would never critique when something isn't a pudding.
  8. Winter Rose

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I don't get the love for Liam either, that's more annoying to me than he is. I wouldn't go as far saying I hate him but I did think he was kind of a brat. I had a similar problem with the Brendan love. I was at least glad in the end that I wasn't the only one who found him smug, but I'm petty like that.
  9. Winter Rose

    S08.E10: The Final

    So I'm glad to see not much had changed without Mary, Mel, and Sue, as this is far and away my favorite baking show/competition. Noel and Sandi work well together and they turned out to be a surprisingly good fit within the show, my natural skepticism wouldn't have expected so at the start. Prue's fine and I can respect her "firm but fair" but I haven't fully warmed up to her yet. I think if she had been there all along, instead of having to follow Mary, it wouldn't be a problem but I miss Mary's warmth. The contestants were enjoyable enough, I wouldn't say I loved or hated anyone. The only thing, for me, is I think Steven and Sophie were always so far ahead of everybody else that it seemed like it was never not going to be them in the final, with the third spot for whoever managed not to be the worst. Though I was surprised that Steven struggled so much and just as surprised at how well Kate held her own. I actually thought the win could've gone either way between Kate and Sophie and I wonder what it actually was that decided it. Maybe that Kate picked the worst way to do her piping in the technical and ran out of time.
  10. Winter Rose

    S03.E10: The Final

    The funny thing is, in one of the interviews posted earlier in this thread, James had talked about how he and Paul didn't always see eye to eye and that Paul often got annoyed that James was so laid back in his approach. I think because James impressed, despite often winging it, even Paul couldn't help giving praise when praise was due. The judges have also said repeatedly, across the entire show, that they look for originality, which James certainly offered, even John too. I think they see it as anyone can bake something well if they follow a tried and true recipe but these bakers, although amateurs, are on a higher level than just following a recipe.
  11. Winter Rose

    S03.E10: The Final

    John deserved his win. It was close but he had a pretty perfect finish on his showstopper. But even though they always say it comes down to the showstopper, I think the signature also had him in front because they mentioned that Brendan's had caught a little on the sides. (Maybe John also won over the male judge by saying he was using his technique on the pastry.) I'm also happy for him just because it sounded like his own family was actively rooting against him. I would've been more moved by Brendan's story with his showstopper if he didn't act so high and mighty about his skills as a baker. Obviously he's good, he wouldn't be on the show if he wasn't. But John and James could give the others their due, John thinking James would win while still praising Brendan's consistency and James thinking John and Brendan showed more skill but just hoped his own baking was good. Whereas Brendan couldn't reiterate enough that he's experienced and that in time James will get better at presentation, as though age was why he thought James' presentation in the signature was worse than his. Maybe Brendan's a nicer person in real life but competition doesn't bring out the best in him. Sadly for James, I think he was doomed from the signature. Even though he won the technical, it was a very low bar. But I think his fifth cake alone could've been his showstopper and whether or not that would've changed the outcome, maybe he would've gone out on a better note. Even if it's not enough to win, I always hope all the finalists have strong showstoppers. But in total, he still has the most wins of the season and made it to the final, so there's definitely a lot to be proud of. Also, fondant fancies sound disgusting. Marzipan, butter cream, and fondant yet the male judge complains that American pies are too sweet.
  12. Winter Rose

    S03.E09: Patisserie

    I'm sad to see Danny go, she would've been the one I was rooting for in the final. But it was the right decision, unfortunately nothing went right for her. And using floral flavors seems to backfire more often than they work out. In spite of John's bad first round, he was second in the technical and did well in the showstopper, so I don't think he was really in trouble despite the judges acting like he was. I also think it's great that this is something he wants to do as more than a hobby. I like how he clearly wants to learn and doesn't just act like his way is right and everyone else is wrong. I also like James's creativity. Even with his slightly winging it, he still seems to have a gist of what he's doing and it actually leaves him room to adjust if things go wrong. I'd be happy with either James or John winning.
  13. Winter Rose

    S03.E08: Biscuits

    If this was an American competition, Brendan would be my pick to say "I'm not here to make friends." Him saying there's a few contestants he's "keeping an eye on" but otherwise acts like he knows better because he's older was really off-putting. And if he becomes paranoid about the others, his own work will suffer. He definitely has the skills and he's very consistent, I expect he'll make it to the final, but it's been a running theme with him that his design ideas are dated in the judges' eyes. And when contestants keep doing the thing they're told not to do, it catches up to them eventually.
  14. Winter Rose

    S03.E08: Biscuits

    It wasn't just that Brendan only made a house, using cereal for the roof was also a bit of a shortcut and not very impressive to look at. It's a shame that Cathryn was never able to pick it back up once things started going wrong. But I thought how she expected her kids to react to her elimination was really sweet, that her daughter would be sad because she thinks her mom's the greatest while her son would just be happy to have her home again. I did love the way James sold his gingerbread barn, as well as question if his birthday was why he won Star Baker. Ultimately, they wanted something structurally sound that tastes good and that's what he delivered. And he was on top in the other challenges as well, so I'd say his win wasn't only because of his birthday. John's Colosseum also deserves a shout out.
  15. Winter Rose

    S03.E07: Sweet Dough

    It was nice to see Danny finally get some recognition. She's been very quietly consistent and was at the top in all three challenges this week. Sarah Jane was definitely the obvious one to send home but it was sad watching her and Cathryn hug each other goodbye. They seemed to have struck up a real friendship. I think the other one could've been a toss up between Ryan and John but by the looks of it, Ryan's showstopper really let him down. I wonder if he's the first person to get a handshake and get eliminated in the same episode. I also wonder if John's finger was still bothering him but good for him for hanging on. This is the second time I had an episode with the history segment. Although I'd rather hear about doughnuts than eel pies but unfortunately, while I liked doughnuts as a kid, I don't like them anymore.