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  1. NUguy514

    Figure Skating

    Since it directly contributed to their fourth-place finish and missing the podium altogether, I'd call it a fortunate fluke.
  2. NUguy514

    S05.E13: Where Are Your Parents?

    What the fuck with Laurel not burning that blanket (or at least bleaching the shit out of it)? That makes no sense. Good lord, Connor's mom is the worst. Ah, Cicely Tyson: a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Just stop pushing Annalise toward Nate; she deserves so much better (Tegan).
  3. NUguy514

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    I'm honestly unsure if the show wants us the audience to be on Owen's side in all of this. If it does, it has failed one million percent with me. Obviously, a social worker needs to have been notified and involved in all of this, but Owen, as always, has to throw a gigantic temper tantrum and lash out at everyone else without any sense of self-awareness. You are Leo's foster parent, son, which means he is not your actual child and means the possibility that Betty/Brittany/her parents could take custody of him has always been there. And I don't think for a second that if Brittany herself had wanted Leo back, Owen wouldn't have used her status as an addict as a way of trying to keep Leo from her, just like her father did with Amelia; his turning on Amelia (the only person acting rationally and compassionately) so incredibly unfairly was proof enough for me. I'm ready for a helicopter to drop itself strategically onto him and free us all from his bullshit. If it took Maggie and (at the moment) Bailey with it, I wouldn't mind. Maggie, grow the fuck up. Bailey, shove it sideways.
  4. NUguy514

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    These are clichéd images of an alcoholic. Alcoholics run the gamut, and many can actually function in their daily lives fairly normally. Sometimes the addiction becomes all-encompassing; sometimes it doesn't. It just depends on the individual. Nicky hasn't struck me as anything other than an alcoholic. I thought Rebecca's insistence on getting lunch was very weird; it was just really out of character. Honestly, that seemed like a lazy writer's choice to get her out of there so that she could later learn that Kevin is awesome from someone else.
  5. NUguy514

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    Kevin just broke my heart tonight, and Randall and Kate are inappropriate, shallow dicks. What else is new? I laughed when Kevin served Randall some truth about the latter's convenient savior complex. Even though he has been shown to be a dick to Randall as a teenager, Kevin is easily the most sensitive, intuitive, and selfless of the Big Three, while his siblings are so self-centered. Tonight was a stark reminder of that. I loved the Rebecca/Kevin scenes. I did love again Randall for just a moment with his Schuyler Sisters shoutout.
  6. NUguy514

    Figure Skating

  7. NUguy514

    Figure Skating

    No, he's not tall: 5'7" according to the interwebs.
  8. NUguy514

    S05.E12: We Know Everything

    Gabriel? Do. not. care. Throw him in jail, throw him off a tall building, just get rid of his uninteresting but very beautiful ass. I'm done with Nate, too. So boring when clothed, and I'm still not convinced Miller did anything wrong. Michaela, if you get Tegan killed with your unbelievably stupid fake email (honestly, the logic behind that makes absolutely no fucking sense AT ALL), I will climb through the television into your fake world and kill you myself.
  9. NUguy514

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    That was, overall, a terrible hour of television. And yes, Owen, addicts lie. Please join us all in reality.
  10. NUguy514

    2019 Awards Season

    Every year, anonymous Oscar voters are polled, and every year, they come across as the most uniformly horrendous people.
  11. He isn't really that good at what he does, though; he's had issues on his film sets for over 20 years now. The reason he keeps getting hired is only because his films make money; the quality of them has nothing to do with it. Maybe virtue should be a job qualification, and maybe Hollywood can lead the way on that. There are always excellent candidates available for directing, writing, acting, editing, etc. jobs who presumably don't have sexual assault allegations or other crimes levied against them; let's give those candidates the jobs and see how the money aspect isn't negatively affected.
  12. NUguy514

    2019 Awards Season

    I would've voted for Heath Ledger that year over anyone. I would've voted for him over Obama!
  13. NUguy514

    2019 Awards Season

    Well...it's not like the hatred directed at Affleck was without cause.
  14. He also has said he was not aware of any of the assault allegations surrounding Singer, which neither I nor anyone with any awareness of anything would or should believe. There is a 0% chance he didn't know anything because everyone in Hollywood has known about it, so he comes across extremely disingenuously to me. Singer was apparently awful to everyone on the shoot, not just Malek, and he was only fired because he was so disruptive to the actual filmmaking process; Malek is making it seem like Singer was fired because of the assault allegations, and that is not the case. At all. The more he talks, the less I like him. And I really didn't like his soulless performance, so I'm going to be very annoyed when he wins that Oscar he's so obviously thirsty for.
  15. NUguy514

    NFL Thread

    Because he's the most insane narcissist in the entire world? Seriously, no one is more in love with Adam Levine than Adam Levine, and I'm 107% sure he ran backstage as soon as his set was done, watched a replay of it, and masturbated to himself. He's. the. worst.