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  1. NUguy514

    NFL Thread

    Come, Gronk, come to my warm nurturing embrace. We'll get through this together.
  2. NUguy514

    S05. E17. The Common Defense

    Obvious dialogue obviouses very obviously. And since they referred to the factually bullshit events from last week, I will go on correcting their inaccuracies: the "typhoon season" doesn't affect the Solomon Islands any more than it affects Nauru because those storms are called "cyclones" in the southwestern Pacific Ocean where, like Nauru, the Solomon Islands are. Moreover, the "typhoon season" and the "cyclone season" don't occur at the same time since the seasons of the year are on opposite ends of the calendar in the southern hemisphere from those in the northern hemisphere; typhoons can occur throughout the year but are most common in the Northern summer and fall, while cyclones typically occur in the Southern summer and very early fall. Also, Solomon Islanders are Melanesian; the refugees in this episode didn't look very Melanesian.
  3. NUguy514

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    No, Owen can go eat a bag of infinite dicks. Now and forever. His...whateverthefuck baby voice he was using was so gross. Had I been Teddy, I would have smacked him upside the head and told him to talk to our daughter like a normal person. DeLuca was wrong to go off on the mom like that, but he did more than make up for it with his talk to the girl, and Alex was still a total asshole to him. Shocking! #notshocking I'm with Richard. I teach grammar to high-school students, and using a plural pronoun to refer to a single person really does bother me. Sweden invented a set of gender-neutral pronouns that non-binary people can use; I would love for the English-speaking world to do the same.
  4. NUguy514

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    OK, I'm clearly on glue then!😆 Except Beth didn't cancel on Randall. She expressed her desire to go for drinks and see if interesting work opportunities arose from that time, and Randall told her that she had previously committed to join him and that he wanted her there. As such, she honored her commitment and showed up to that godforsaken dinner, so what exactly are you talking about? That she asked to back out in the first place? There was a valid reason for that, and she ultimately didn't back out, so I don't see how anyone can criticize her for canceling on Randal when she...didn't. In the USA in 2019, there really isn't the great chasm between these two requests that you seem to want there to be. I get that you don't have a cell phone, but upwards of 95% of Americans, many of whom have no other phone of any kind, do and use them to communicate with people in multifarious ways. While I agree it would be incredibly rude to be focusing on your phone during a dinner, it's not an "unimportant" thing in the aggregate.
  5. NUguy514

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    No. None of this. The facts are that Randall jumped to a wrong conclusion and left a venomous, belittling voicemail for his wife and that Beth did not, in fact, blow Randall off and showed up to the dinner, honoring the commitment she made to him. Beth is not in the wrong in this particular instance. Finding reasons for her to be in the wrong is a specious exercise because the facts are what they are. Much of this bullshit should be chalked up to plot contrivance for the sake of drama, so let's blame the lazy writers for that. Also, am I on glue, or didn't the hostess actually offer Beth a charger for her phone without Beth's actually asking first? I feel like she just offered it to Beth, so I cannot possibly comprehend why Beth was so rude as to accept that offer.
  6. NUguy514

    S10.E18: Stand By Your Man

    So, I guess Cam didn't buy anything for Mitchell either or plan anything for their anniversary other than testing Mitchell to see if he'd remember and then presenting his husband with a year's supply of moral superiority when he didn't. How absolutely fucking darling of him.
  7. NUguy514

    S05.E15: #JustakidfromCompton

    I have never liked Ruby more than I did in this episode when she actually served her dipshit son some truth. I might have actually cheered her. I love Bow, but that orange and orchid outfit she had on was an absolute nightmare.
  8. NUguy514

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I found Kevin's storyline quietly and incredibly absorbing; I loved all the scenes with him and Zoe and (surprisingly) him and Sophie. I could barely watch any scenes involving Randall. It's gotten too uncomfortable, and I knew Beth had heard his voicemail as soon as she arrived at that godforsaken dinner. OK, Randall defenders, after that indefensible voicemail, whatcha got? Because my counters are "no," "nope," "hell no," and "fuck no."
  9. NUguy514

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    Erosion is certainly a likelihood with waves that powerful, but erosion to the degree that an entire 8-square-mile island would just collapse that quickly and completely into the ocean because of two cyclones? Not a chance in hell. And @OZJOSH is exactly right about the actors cast not really representing what the average Nauruan looks like. They looked more Polynesian (Nauru is part of Micronesia), and they were way too skinny. The only factual aspects of this episode were that Nauru and Marshall Islands and Samoa are places that exist in the Pacific Ocean. Oh, and typhoons are real.
  10. NUguy514

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    Strap in, guys and gals, I have a LOT to say about this episode. To get it out of the way, I've hated Mike B. from his very first appearance, and his comment about cats proved my hatred was justified. His blow-up at Bess and Henry was also so completely out of line. Yes, his sweet dog was dying, and I get how painful that is (I cried more when I had to put my first cat to sleep than I did when my dad died, although the grief over my dad obviously lasted much longer); however, that doesn't give anyone license to be a raging asshole, which he always is anyway. Really, though, the A storyline. I swear before god...I was too pissed off about the unbelievable inaccuracies to be moved by anything. So, I'm a walking atlas and have been since I was a kid, and I also know a ton about tropical cyclones (long story short: when Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina in 1989, little NUguy514 had to know what made these scary things work). I know the vast majority of people know next to nothing about the geography of the South Pacific or the basics of cyclogenesis, but I do. First of all, while you can pronounce "Nauru" like "NOW-roo," which was sort of how most of the cast was pronouncing it (-ish) in this episode, the primary pronunciation is "nah-OO-roo." It was driving me crazy. Second of all, Nauru lies one-half of a degree south of the equator; the Marshall Islands lie about nine degrees north of the equator. Do you know what doesn't cross the goddamn equator? Typhoons. Why? Because of the Coriolis effect. There have been a very, very few tropical cyclones that have existed within a few degrees of the equator, and all of them have been minimally powerful. Tropical cyclones need the Coriolis effect to gain spin and develop a low-pressure core, that spin and the energy provided by warm ocean water drive cyclones' intensities, and that same Coriolis effect also partly dictates cyclones' paths. Cyclones forming north of the equator in open ocean will generally track west; eventually, many will turn to the north and recurve to the northeast if there are no high-pressure systems or anything blocking that trajectory. Cyclones forming south of the equator will generally track west and then south and recurve to the southeast. What Typhoon Blessing (or any other goddamn typhoon) would never, ever, ever do is track west and then turn very sharply to the south (Nauru is almost due south of the Marshall Islands). It just doesn't happen. Moreover, "the most powerful tropical cyclone on record" would never, ever, ever be able to sustain itself so close to the equator because of the lack of the Coriolis effect and resulting loss of spin. Typhoon Phoebe or whatever the second storm was would also never be able to get that powerful and strike Nauru due to all of the aforementioned reasons. As far as the Marshall Islands go, typhoons tend to be in their formative stages in that part of the Pacific, so I don't really buy that Typhoon Blessing would be "the most powerful tropical cyclone on record" quite that far east and south in the typhoon region. One last thing: tropical cyclones in southern hemisphere and the Southwestern Pacific are actually called "cyclones," not "typhoons"; since Nauru is technically in the southern hemisphere and the Southwestern Pacific, "Typhoon" Blessing would've become "Cyclone" Blessing once it actually struck Nauru, and "Typhoon" Phoebe would've been "Cyclone" Phoebe to begin with. ETA: I forgot the most fundamental issue with any typhoon crossing the equator: cyclones rotate counterclockwise north of the equator and clockwise south of the equator, so it's...kind of impossible for them to cross the equator and reverse rotation. Third and most enraging of all, while Nauru is a tiny country (the third-smallest independent nation after Vatican City and Monaco), it's not some low-lying cay or atoll the way that the show seemed to be presenting it as. Daisy mentioned that the highest point in the Marshall Islands is only 30 feet above sea level, which is basically right (33 feet, to be exact) and which means the entire nation would indeed be prone to inundation by such a large storm surge (well, it wouldn't actually happen because a large storm surge would only occur around the eye of the storm, which wouldn't go over all the islands in the Marshall Islands, but WHATEVER); however, that's not the case for Nauru. A storm surge could not inundate the entire fucking island because its highest point is actually 233 feet above sea level. Two cyclones in quick succession just could not obliterate the island from the face of the earth. Catastrophic damage? Yes. Damage to the point that the island is no longer habitable? Possibly, yes, because the island has almost no natural resources to begin with. Complete annihilation? Uh, no. When they showed the patch of ocean where Nauru used to be, I didn't know whether to laugh or scream because it was such bullshit, and it was lazy because the writers just assumed no viewer would know. Well, this viewer did, goddamnit! I wish they had just made up an island nation and placed it to the north of the Marshall Islands; I would've been 167% less annoyed. Thank you all for indulging me. I feel better. The more you know.[/endrant]
  11. NUguy514

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    I'm a Junior, so thanks for judging my parents so harshly and assuming a lot of possible things about me. I come from a very WASP-y family, and it's a very normal (and unemotional and probably lazy) thing to pass on your name to your kids in that tradition; I'm a Junior, and my sister has our mom's first name. It's also a very WASP-y thing to have nicknames, and both my sister and I have nicknames distinct from our parents' names (mine actually has nothing whatsoever to do with my legal name, it's really unusual, and I've always gone by it). Sons will inevitably be compared to their fathers, and daughters will inevitably be compared to their mothers whether they are named after their parents or not; moreover, we will always be like our parents in various ways because that's just how it is. None of that has affected my sense of identity or independence.
  12. NUguy514

    The NBA

    Just for you, Magog!
  13. NUguy514

    S10.E17: The Wild

    Dreadful. Just dreadful.
  14. To be clear, his bad reputation is almost entirely due to his severe drug addiction and his tendency to assault crew members, not Amber's abuse claims.
  15. NUguy514

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Kate's naming the baby Jack was both completely expected and totally gross. Her daddy issues give me the heebies. Kevin's being a dick to Madison was uncalled for, and I knew the second he took that water bottle out from inside his jacket that it had liquor in it. Zoe's swig and the very subtle reaction she had confirmed it. His relapse isn't surprising since he's so used to suppressing everything growing up as the overlooked triplet and hasn't been quite able to overcome that. I hope he gets the help he needs (from rehab, AA, something else, or a combination), and I hope she stays with him because I actually like them together. Randall can go eat a bag of infinite dicks. Ugh. I thought Rebecca was going to have a stroke or something the way she was looking, but I did love her telling her two dipshit sons to shut the fuck up. Toby's lame attempt at a joke at Miguel's expense was just incredibly mean and super shitty. On the other hand, Beth's exasperated and exhausted "Miguel, I swear before God..." made me laugh so much. I love Miguel. #FreeMiguel