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  1. red12

    Married to Medicine Los Angeles

    I was thinking the same thing. Simone seems antiquated in this respect. Had mine harvested at 36 and had great results and no warnings about egg quality. In the end, I got knocked up and didn't need implantation. Simone and others like her can kick rocks.
  2. I'm glad it is useful. I had close friends with a child with a terminal illness and the rest of our group was brainstorming practical ways to be of service that did not involve any added responsibilities for the recipients. I have integrated lessons from that journey into how I try to relate to others who are in crisis. I also remember situations in my own life where I needed people but, had no idea how to express that and even felt guilty for wanting to ask. It was as if my vocal chords were paralyzed, but if someone would have said "I'm going to do "x". Stop me if you want." I would have appreciated it.
  3. red12

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    Can anyone explain to me why one would plan in the beginning to go to nursing school and then medical school? I understand being a nurse who decides to become a doctor, but why plan to do both? It doesn't make any sense. If Keith already has the undergrad prerequisites for medical school (I doubt it), he should take the MCAT and get on with medical school applications. If he wants to be a nurse, then why not go for Nurse Practitioner? Depending on his motivations a career as a Physician Assistant could be an option. His plan, as shown, is not good and will amass an insurmountable amount of debt. I don't see him in an extremely demanding, high prestige specialty that will bring in the money to live comfortably and pay the school debts it seems he will rack up. It's as if he has never met with an academic adviser.
  4. This makes sense with some people BUT, Bethany. If I was a little on the outs with Bethany at the time of a tragedy and wanted to support her, I would actually respond outlining the specific points you listed and not leave my messaging up to her interpretation. Something like, "Bethany, I am speechless and almost clueless in how to assist you in this difficult time. Let me know if you would like me to come over and just sit with you." Then, I would follow that with a large bouquet and card. I also want to add, I do not like leaving it up to the grieving, sick or injured party to think of something for people to do for them. It can be overwhelming to have various people just saying "Let me know how to help". This is especially true for someone who might pride themselves on never asking for help or seeming needy. So, I tend to offer things I am willing to do on a menu and let them choose or just send something I know is of meaning to them. So, a text to someone close to me going through something will include offers like "Is it okay with you if pick your kid up for a movie to give you some alone time on Saturday at 2pm?" or "Can I bring lunch on Sunday and clean your kitchen afterward?"
  5. red12

    The Neighborhood

    It was the matching baret that really set off the Rerun flashback for me. I couldn't help but start a mini pop lock routine and point to the screen from the couch. Mr. red and I wondered about Tina having a life outside of the house too. Glad to see that resolved. We also wonder why they don't give Grover a kid or small crew in the neighborhood who befriends him. It's a good way to make that character more functional and Grover can be the subject of some jokes that might be seen as punching down if coming from an adult.
  6. red12

    The Neighborhood

    Why was Calvin dressed like Rerun from "What's Happening!" in that purple outfit?
  7. red12

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    In the words of Dr. Phil, she probably has "a bad picker". Sometimes what one party brings to a relationship is that they work too hard on people who aren't worth it.
  8. red12

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    See, I read this differently. For me, Keith is trying to read her face to see what he needs to say to make the conversation end so he can go back to doing what he wants to do. It's classic and I recognize it from childhood. I also think he practiced it on the women in his family his whole life. Notice how he had no actual counter for Kristine's points so, he just remained silent and then went to the "I never had a dad" spiel? It's similar to Luke and the "my friend died after being hit by a drunk driver" scene. I think guilt over the situation with his dad has caused the women in his home of origin to coddle him his entire life and he is riding that story into trying to find a woman to do the exact same thing. The "doctor" who met with them is terrible at her job and Kristine is taking on too much by thinking "patience" is going to make Keith step up. Notice how his perception of manliness has nothing to do with what he does or provides and everything to do with what the women in his life do for him? A man interested in "manliness" would be interested in supporting himself and maybe being able to help take care of his elderly grandmother instead of having her take care of his domestic needs. I understand growing up with a disappointing, addictive and selfish parent scars a person. I really do. But, I don't see Keith trying to do his own work to move forward. He's a grown man trying to build a family in the future so, it's time to really grow up.
  9. red12

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    Jasmine still wouldn't be happy with Kristine's ex because he would expect her to shut up. She doesn't seem to grasp that nothing is free. Even her aunt predicated exclusively male bill paying with "respecting her husband" (Christian old lady speak for knowing when to shut up and take it because he pays the bills). I don't know if Kristine would have been attracted to Will. But, personality-wise I agree. I agree about Luke's mom. She was trying to be nice to Kate but, she knows.
  10. red12

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    It's partially or totally genetic. Remember her aunt and mom during the wedding episodes? I think she is predisposed to have weaker hair / edges and the sew-ins, that it appears she wears continually, aren't beneficial for that. Like a lot of women I see who habitually wear extensions, when the breakage sets in, they think the remedy is more extensions instead of resting their hair, cutting it and starting over. Examples that come to mind is Nene Leakes, Tamara Judge on RHWOC and Brittany Spears.
  11. red12

    The Neighborhood

    I have experienced extended unemployment as well. I understand how taxing it can be and how even those with the best of intentions can trigger a negative reaction. Hopefully things will turn around for you soon. Hopefully the show's writers will recognize soon the opportunity they are missing by ignoring this hole in their plotting.
  12. red12

    The Neighborhood

    To be clear, I believe looking for a job is a full time job. My comment was not in regards to the results. I want to see the character in the process of looking for a profession or behaving as if it's a priority vs. just entering scenes to make observations mostly about his father's behavior.
  13. red12

    S08.E06: Honey, I'm Home?

    The other part of the "you're the man" thing that drives me insane with Jasmine is that according to her Will should initiate sex every time. That is unrealistic. 1) This mindset sets the other person up to read your mind which is impossible and especially hard to do with someone you have known 2 weeks. 2) It can set the other person up for a high amount of rejection. If only one person initiates, then only one person ever hears "no". In my opinion, sex is yet another aspect of adult married life that Jasmine isn't assessing realistically. I need her to read a book on relationships or get a real therapist (instead of these nitwit experts) because she is going to encounter a lot of hard times if she remains married to Will. Frankly, I think she will have a hard time if they divorce and she actually gets the type of marriage she thinks she wants because the power differential will be so great.