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  1. MVFrostsMyPie

    S09.E15 The Calm Before

    Let this be a lesson: don't hire the sibling of another actor for convenience. Big Henry can join Little Henry and Sophia in preferably trying out something besides acting in their futures. Remember when Zombie Sophia walking out of the barn was like the.biggest.shock ever and we cared? That seems like a decade ago. Coming up in season 10: Michonne accepts she has a permanent crick in her neck from her hair weighing her down on one side. There will be a whole flashback episode dedicated to how she struggled with that crick. Maybe now that Tara's dead, Lydia can borrow her never-ending supply of dry shampoo. Girl is looking greasy AF. I'm glad there's still a Kinko's operating in the zombie apocalypse that could print out an oversized declaration. And Sharpies that haven't dried out! Nice! And finally, keep on roller skating, you two.
  2. MVFrostsMyPie

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Well, I guess Enid and Carl can rollerblade together now for eternity.
  3. MVFrostsMyPie

    SNL in the Media

    I'm so excited for Sara Bareilles. This is the first time in a long time I'm actually excited about the musical act on SNL and actually know the music. I adore her. If anyone is a fan of hers, you need to find a way to see Waitress, the musical (or at least listen to the soundtrack), which she wrote the music & lyrics for.
  4. MVFrostsMyPie

    S33.E07: This Means War

    Hey Cara, you know what would work better? Indifference. Also a different shade of color on your head.
  5. MVFrostsMyPie

    S33.E07: This Means War

    Why does Josh sound like he’s talking with marbles in his mouth or like his tongue is too big for his mouth? Why is Cara so obsessed with Amanda? “Satan”? Really. Jesus Cara you’re fucking embarrassing. Also can’t believe Nany is so attracted to Hunter. Yay beer goggles!
  6. MVFrostsMyPie

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    Well, The Warthog is definitely meeting my expectations of his gameplay, strategy and overall uselessness.
  7. MVFrostsMyPie

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I know most people are saying they never have thought they're better than anyone, but me personally, I'll go ahead and admit there definitely are times when I think I'm better than people. Like when I watch this show.
  8. MVFrostsMyPie

    S09.E14 Scars

    That's funny, I must have a UO cause her reaction when she first realized Rutina Wesley was her old friend, I was thinking, "wow, what an underwhelming reaction." I guess the wig sucks out some talent.
  9. MVFrostsMyPie

    The NBA

    A very happy birthday today to smug, happy-go-lucky Steph Curry! 😉
  10. MVFrostsMyPie

    S33.E06: In Love and War

    Seem like animal cruelty to stick tarantulas on your eyes, Kam.
  11. MVFrostsMyPie

    S09.E13 Chokepoint

    A dog would probably provide more meat, plus they follow you everywhere so easier to hunt. 👍🏼
  12. MVFrostsMyPie

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    Never underestimate the wrath of mojito enthusiasts who get denied their sweet minty nectar of the gods. That’s how you know that groupie probably doesn’t even like mojitos, cause she bent so quickly and accepted a shitty ass cosmo. 🙄
  13. MVFrostsMyPie

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    The highlight of the episode for me was the cats. More pussies, please! But not the vajazzled kind. Mojitos are my favorite alcoholic drink. I'd be so pissed if I dealt with a bartender like Jax. I know muddling is a pain, but I give good tips for a bartender who sucks it up and does their damn job and makes me a mojito. It's not a fucking dive bar, I know you've got some damn mint right there just waiting to be muddled. A fucking cosmo as a replacement? Ugh, no.
  14. MVFrostsMyPie

    S09.E13 Chokepoint

    Haha yes, story-wise they're supposed to be in Virginia, but I can't ignore the fact in the back of my head that really, it's Georgia. And it screams "hello, we're stuck in Georgia, because the scenery between season 1 and season whatever-the-fuck we're on now hasn't changed one bit." Also it conveniently never fucking snows. Yellow snow might be a good way to track other non-zombies in the winter. Ooh, I just imagined a "chase" scene where they run onto a frozen lake to get away from the super fast zombies (oh, wait) and then the zombies can slip and slide around and hilarity will ensue!
  15. MVFrostsMyPie

    S09.E13 Chokepoint

    Haha yeah that’s it... big boned! She’s a furry AF rag doll. She’s like a limp noodle when I pick her up. Makes for a good blanket. Speaking of cats, this show needs more cats. I still find it so hard to believe a tiger could get killed by slow-ass rotting zombies, especially with their enhanced hearing and sight. But there should be an infestation of cats happening. They’re fast and smart enough to escape zombies. Maybe they’re all stuck up in trees and don’t know how to get back down. 🤔 Also, on a totally unrelated note, I’m sick of Georgia. That’s right, I said it. When the plot stinks, at least having some nice scenery that varies would be nice. Zombies in snow would be cool. They’d probably be better preserved too. Heck, stick them in Yosemite and push zombies off Half Dome. Much more entertaining.