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  1. peaceknit

    The Toe Bro

    I had both of the inner nails of my big toes removed last July. The shots stung, I won't lie, but after the first one on each toe, you don't feel it. I didn't watch the procedure, so was surprised to see Toe Bro ram that instrument down the side of the nail to release it fro the nail bed before cutting it out. Almost no bleeding and you can walk on them. In addition to the twice daily epsom salt soaks, I was instructed to swab the wounds with iodine. Ibuprofen for pain, basically zero pain after day 2. After that, it was just keeping it clean and dry. It does stay gooey for awhile, dry by about a month. Doc says it takes about one year for a toenail to grow out completely. I also have a ridge that's growing out on the side of the nail, but it's nearly to the top now. No more pain from digging out ingrown toenails! My only regret is that I'd not done it sooner! I like the show so far, but what was that foot show they were also previewing? It showed a woman getting her blown achilles tendon fixed. I am not down for watching that!
  2. peaceknit


    Aww, he's so cute with his little Jamaican fishnet shirt in that first pic!
  3. peaceknit

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    That would be called "coke jaw".
  4. peaceknit


    Yes - Kris.
  5. peaceknit

    S02.E11: She Has To Go

    Most teens aren't that self-aware or mature. Getting married at any age is a life changer, but particularly as a teen. People change so much in the 10 years after their teens.
  6. peaceknit


    There was that, yes, but there was also some light colored stuff that looked like an old torn up sponge, a pile of it. He sent that to the lab.
  7. peaceknit


    OK, just watched the epi with Koffa, the one with the lack of facial fat and disproportional breasts. Dubrown pulled out some "stuff" from one of her breasts and had it sent off to pathology. Maybe I missed it, but did they ever say what it was?
  8. peaceknit

    S07.E07: Brandon's Story LIVE CHAT

    I want to hear him sing!
  9. peaceknit

    S07.E07: Brandon's Story LIVE CHAT

    Just joining ya...Brandon has those dark patches on his face/body that spell diabetes.
  10. Looks like a toup to me, lol! His smile looks so phony. It's like he learned that you have to crinkle your eyes to be sincere, but it still doesn't work for him.
  11. peaceknit


    Naked workout lady's trainer is her husband, if I remember right.
  12. Exactly. I am turning it off NOW!
  13. His head looks so small for his body.
  14. Why is Debbee giggling when she says that Coltee can't even make the bed?? That's something she should have taught him.