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  1. Eolivet

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    But Malcolm is a chill hipster dude who's good at challenges. That's not just physical characteristics, but his character type -- it says nothing about his strategic acumen (which is actually the point of my ranker). The point is not all of these types are created equal (although my main point is -- if you wanted to bring back a chill hipster dude who's good at challenges, why choose Joe when Malcolm exists). My point is if I must suffer a chill hipster dude who's good at challenges, at least give me one with a brain in his head. To me, Malcolm is by far the most well-rounded and the biggest triple threat, but to me, both Jay and Alec showed flashes of better strategic and social games than Joe has. And all three of them are sitting on the sidelines, while we get Joe for a third time.
  2. Eolivet

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    So. much. this. I know that people start drama to get noticed (and get cast on The Challenge), but I don't see that working for Jay. He's been invisible when he's not fighting, and the drama he's started (or been a part of) hasn't been interesting. And yes, because it's obvious that Morgan is biding her time, it makes Jay look more like a chump because he's so (over)invested in a relationship she doesn't care about. They made arguably one of the coolest guys on his Survivor season look pathetic. That's quite an accomplishment. But that's not the only problem. This season is too incestuous. At least last year, most of them didn't seem to know each other, so the drama seemed genuine (Taylor and Alicia's fight comes to mind), and there was a newness factor, which created some hot messes of pairings (Victoria/Chase). Even Faith hooking up with one of Taylor's exes. The producers are anxious to create drama, but they've done nothing to actually shuffle the deck, because everyone here is lazy and looking for the path of least resistance. This show should be about being torn between a new connection and an old one, not "reunite with your ex and show everyone why you broke up in the first place." I just want this season to be over. Reboot the format. Make people go on more random dates. Make eliminations more frequent. Bring in exes for drama only, not those who want to rekindle a love connection, and then make the singles spend time with exes they supposedly hate to see if anything happens. But this is becoming like one of those Survivor seasons with those dysfunctional day 1 alliances that stay together to the end, even if it makes sense to jump ship, because it's just safer to stay with what you know.
  3. Eolivet

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    I thought for sure next week was the finale. We have another week after this one?! Way too much time on Nicole and her issues, and Chad (who isn't very nice). Here we go again with Jay and Morgan. He massively overreacted, but she's not particularly trustworthy either. Bye Sha, who was irrelevant. Something happen of substance, please.
  4. Eolivet

    S01:E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    And this is (the new) American Idol. [/Seacrest voice]
  5. Eolivet

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    In "honor" of Joe returning to Edge of Extinction to fulfill the "chill hipster dude challenge threat" archetype, I present my ranker of notable "chill hipster dude challenge threats" in recent years. Note I am excluding Ozzy, because he's sort of the prototype, and I have to believe is done after four times: Malcolm - - - - - Jay (Millennials vs Gen X) Alec (David vs Goliath) - - Joe - Sebastian (Ghost Island)
  6. Eolivet

    S01:E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    I like that Monster has reinvented himself week after week. It would be interesting to see them have to do "themes" like on Idol (ballad week! Broadway week! the Year You Were Born?) I enjoyed Bee until she started doing older songs -- I want to hear "Locked out of Heaven" and "Wrecking Ball" with that voice, not already-sung-well classics like "What's Love Got to Do with It" and "Natural Woman." Peacock has a problem with song choice, too -- but it's more like ... forgettable song choice. I'd be curious if there were song choice shenanigans going on, like those that happened on Idol. I've been Team Monster since the first week -- to me, he's the best performer, and the only one who's figured out this is basically Idol-in-masks. You can't just stand-and-sing. You have to have a progression, you can't get stuck in a box, and song choice is key. Monster for the win, for me.
  7. Eolivet

    38:E01 It Smells Like Success

    Shove over in that boat, please. I'm heading with you to Edge of Extinction. I find Joe massively overrated. I can't get past that he's all muscle and no brain. But I will say it's interesting that Joe and Aubry appear to be working together, while Wentworth and David are not (they even voted on opposite sides and didn't talk to each other once). Manu seems so fractured, and it's only the first episode. Was that ... four people that got votes?
  8. Eolivet

    S38 David Wright

    It's funny, because mvgx has six contestants who've been back or will be back on television -- Michaela, Zeke, and David on Survivor, Jay over on MTV Ex on the Beach and I think that's a pretty high average for a recent season, and to me, that's indicative of the casting. Anyway, David is delightful, even if his Instagram is mostly pictures of his girlfriend's dog, and only the occasional witty observations he was so good at on Survivor. I'm excited to see him again.
  9. Eolivet

    S02.E13: Finale

    Did they ... really have Ricky make a joke about a Heisman-winning running back stealing things, and "hope it ends better this time?!" I'm floored that Ricky took Tamar. I was sure Tamar was gone, because if he wanted to "beat the best," he'd have taken Lolo, and if he wanted to beat a goat, he'd have taken Dina (who! won! nothing!) Tamar won comps, she played both sides, she had allies. And then when Ricky got up there, he didn't even own his cutthroat gameplay! When he started talking about being real outside of the house, it was like Paul and friendship all over again. Maybe Josh to Tamar is a good comparison. Both super-fans, both likely won due to being the less odious choice. But ... Kato Kaelin on a jury, man. What a weird season.
  10. Eolivet

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    So, what happened between Zach and Amanda that they hate each other so much? And did I hear right, that there's not usually a challenge and elimination in the same episode? I thought the challenges themselves were ... visually impressive, but not that ... complicated? The monster truck one was nothing but a fancy tug-of-war, and the "drone ball" one was literally the same challenge they've done on Survivor except I think Jeff Probst drops the ball for the contestants to fight over. The real fireworks are inside the house, but again, I need a scorecard to keep up. But I'm getting there. Josh is going to find himself in an interesting situation, as he's used to being on a side with power. Nobody ever really targeted him on his season. Interesting to see how he reacts now that he's on someone's radar screen like Hunter. I could, however, watch Amanda reading Morgan all day.
  11. Eolivet

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    (I will say I loved that Monster didn't change the lyrics to "I Love Rock and Roll." I find that so distracting.) But to me, this is American Idol all over again. To me, Monster puts on a better performance than anyone -- even if his voice isn't technically the best. I could see Bee (or Peacock) getting Latoya London'ed (any oldskool Idol fans here?) To me, Rabbit is like those Idol contestants where they rely a lot on gimmicks to cover up what is likely a technically weaker voice than someone like Bee or Peacock. I haven't even mentioned Lion, because I also find her overrated. I find her voice is inferior to Bee, and her performance/stage presence inferior to Monster and Rabbit. She's just sort of ... there. I forget her performance the moment it ends.
  12. Eolivet

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    This show is hitting the same wall it did in season 1. It's definitely lost something with Farrah gone. Nicole's odd ... temper tantrum (even though I think Chad is sleazy as heck, and she should run far away -- just not ... in the middle of filming) and Janelle getting kicked off, and it's all just meh. I feel like they keep trying to make things happen with the parties (like last year where Angela and Derrick had that moment with the chocolate sauce, and Chase and Victoria finally hooked up), but nothing really does. They desperately need more eliminations. Keep rotating exes into the house and keep sending them home. Do an elimination every episode -- the show just feels so stagnant otherwise. Even the Cheyenne/Murray drama didn't amount to much. The boyfriend didn't even get to stay in the house and cause trouble! Now it's just same-old, same-old.
  13. Eolivet

    S38 David Wright

    David's pet peeves ... ha! He's so clever and witty, and I totally keep forgetting he's on this season.
  14. Eolivet

    S38 Joe Anglim

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, Joe ... oh ............ Joe. (also isn't her name Kim Spradlin? OH, JOE.)
  15. The only outcome that made sense, to me. Even when they flashed back to Mia's issues with other chefs, it was basically, "you're talented, but you can't run a kitchen/work a line." I think Ariel was a much stronger leader, if not as technically as good a chef as Mia. Maybe it's inexperience, but to me, the job was a misfit for Mia with the skills she has now. But just looking at how much Ariel's team believed in her and wanted to work to help her win, and how little Mia's team cared about her ... there was no contest. Congrats, Ariel.