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  1. mamadrama


    I know I've shared this before but...3 years ago we went down to our vacation house on a Georgian island. Took my daughter out for ice cream one night and the place was packed. We wound up sharing our little sofa with another family (mother, grandmother, 2 children). My daughter really took to the mother and then started playing video games with the son. We were there for about an hour. I chatted with the two adults. The mother was super friendly, sunburned, windblown, and funny. The nicest people we met all summer. She loved my daughter but, honestly, she took to every kid who walked through the door. When we got ready to leave, my daughter accidentally dropped her cup on the floor and melted ice cream went everywhere. The other mother was down on her knees cleaning it up before I could even react. I was all the way back to our house before I realized I'd just spent an hour with Nancy Grace and her family. Non-TV personality is a complete 180 from on-screen. The Diane Downs case continues to bother me. When she's doing the interview and talks about how easy children are to conceive, it's spine chilling. She's basically saying that she can replace her dead child because it's easy enough to have more. And it's all about her and what her kids can offer. The woman is nuts.
  2. mamadrama


    I love my dog, but a watchdog he is not. If someone came in and started whacking me with an ax, my dog would happily wag his tail and roll over for a belly rub.
  3. mamadrama

    Elizabeth & Andrei: Ballroom Blitz

    I think that's one of the few pictures that actually looks like Elizabeth. In others she photographs so differently. They look good together.
  4. mamadrama

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    They liked her in her first audition, but they didn't even show her last night in solo rounds or the group rounds (except for a fleeting second where they showed her spinning around in a circle). That said, there is one more night of that and they may show her during it. I can see how, in short installments, she could be impressive. With the right verse of the right song, she could sound strong. Once she starts going, though, they'll see that she's a one trick pony (or one way monkey, if you're a Project Runway fan) and that whole yelling/braying thing she does will get old.
  5. mamadrama

    S17.06: Hollywood Week (1)

    Erica (the one whose husband died) didn't do so hot in her solo round. I was rooting for her, but I wound up with secondhand embarrassment. My kids don't get Myra's screaming. I don't either. Re: Bootgate...I have a soft spot for Colby. He seems like a sweet kid and even though he kept referring to the Freddy Fender song by the wrong title (it's "Before the Next Teardrop Falls", not "Every Teardrop Falls"), I actually like his voice. I'm a traditional country fan and I'd listen to him. LB giving him his boots, though, bothered me. When someone makes such a big show out of giving someone something like that, I question their motives. If Wade was going to make it through, though, then I think Colby should have as well. IMO the only reason Wade made it is because the rest of his group jumped in there and saved him, whereas Colby (who did eventually pick it back up) just kind of floundered. I wish they'd have given him another chance, though. I'd like to have seen him with more experience. I say the same thing at Hollywood Week every season: those groups who work together to sound like an actual group have more chance of getting ALL the members through than those who treat it like 4 solos stuck with the same chorus. Four mediocre singers who harmonize well and bring the energy are almost almost more likely to make it through than 2 great singers and 2 below average who won't work together. Juan Pablo was kind of being a prick. I thought Chloe was just as good as some of the other girls who got put through, though I am still heartbroken that Billy Dean showed up on my television screen as an accompanist to an American Idol audition.
  6. mamadrama

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    I have to be honest, I have never watched QVC or ordered anything off it, though my mom did go through a phase in the 80s when she got her first credit card and went apeshit over the porcelain dolls on the HomeShopping Network.
  7. mamadrama

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    I don't get this price. I have a T-shirt and a summertime outdoor tablecloth, both from Dollar General, that I could easily whip this together with for less than $5.
  8. mamadrama

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    I just wanted to say thank God for you guys. I used the words "pretentious" and "smug" over on another forum (I won't say the name but it rhymes with "Dreaditt") and I got banned from the board. Heck,compared to what I think about the Teen Mom women and most of the Bachelor contestants, "pretentious" is a downright compliment from me. I'd never say anything mean about the kids, considering what my own have gone through, but if you think that filet mignon is middle America's regular breakfast meat and you comment about how unique your palate is compared to all other children's, I'm gonna have to comment on that. 😋
  9. I finally got Philo and have been able to watch the episodes... Let me say that as a cat lover, and as someone who frequently fosters cats and kittens with a local rescue organization, I was offended that Twit compared her cats to Heather's kids. Sorry, that may not have been this episode. I binged them all at once. But anyway, I totally agreed with Heather-Whitney's cats could get a new owner and they probably wouldn't even notice. Or maybe they would. Maybe they'd finally be happier that they weren't getting assaulted every day.
  10. mamadrama

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    It seems like everyone in my part of my state not only claims Native American heritage, but all seem to be descended from a "Cherokee princess." There must have been an awful lot of those...
  11. mamadrama

    S.6E.19: Eight-Bit Goldbergs

    I do feel like they are starting to phase the Goldbergs out.
  12. mamadrama


    The Phantom Menace episode tickled me. As a non-Star Wars fan myself, I felt like "The Emperor's New Clothes" after watching it. My boyfriend and our buddies were so excited after we saw it and I was kind of like, "Eh, I didn't really think it was that good..." Weeks later it was like one of them woke up one morning and it suddenly hit them, too.
  13. mamadrama

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    I think I would've liked her audition had I not already "known" her. My husband, who'd never heard of her, liked her. I feel like my expectations were pre-colored because of this show. To be honest, she rubbed me so wrong on THIS one that I don't think I ever would've given her a chance on the other one. She's going to have to show a lot of humility and drop the ego.
  14. mamadrama

    S17: E4 Auditions Part 4

    I would have liked Evelyn's audition better if I hadn't known her from 90 Day Fiance. She's not my least favorite person on that show, but she's up there. We've spent so much time on that board talking about her singing already so there's not that much left to say. My bottom line is that I actually like her voice, but it's so affected and she's so full of herself that it will be really hard to pull me over as a fan.
  15. mamadrama

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I want to say that Amber looks like a drag queen, but I honestly don't want to insult legit drag queens who would never leave the house looking like that.