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  1. phalange

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    Poor Locar and poor Talla. I actually really liked them together, especially when she was teaching him how to dance. I'm glad Talla told Klyden off at the end. The marital problems between Bortus and Klyden probably just got exponentially worse. I wonder if there'll be another divorce between them (sans stabbing, hopefully). Gordon was so proud of himself for guessing that tooth of the ex-boyfriend is eaten by the new one. I loved Ed's "Oh, no" when Kelly told him about her break-up with Cassius. It's probably for the best that Cassius took the transfer to the other ship since he wasn't getting the hint. The giant talking flower cracked me up, though. I think it's obvious Kelly's still in love with Ed even if she can't admit it. John and Gordon telling Talla about all the crazy shit that's happened to The Orville was hilarious. "Isaac cut my leg off. The Captain and Commander were put in a zoo."
  2. phalange

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    One of my favorite episodes so far. I'm not sure which visual was better: Isaac in human clothes or Bortus with his mustache. I lost it when Isaac literally flipped the table on their date. When Isaac said Claire asked him out, Yaphit looked so upset. I'm not sure how a gelatinous blob with no eyes was able to look that way, but he did and it was hilarious. Also when Gordon tried to give advice and Isaac just cut him off. John's advice about getting a woman to break up with you by being terrible is just...yikes. The rain on the bridge was definitely spontaneous, but I hope all that equipment is water-proof. And I love how no one bothered to get up and get out of the rain, instead just sitting there like, "sure, why not?" Gordon is right; they are definitely the weirdest ship in the Union. The traveling symphony was a nice touch, and it's good to know that bowling is still around in the 25th century, complete with late 20th century pop music for the atmosphere.
  3. phalange

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    So Kelly and Bortus were in the prison camp for a month before the Union decided to send out diplomats to negotiate? Yikes. Kelly and Bortus are definitely two people I'd want on my side in an emergency, though. Talla, as well. I can't believe that guy would hand over his daughter to the government that put him and his wife in a camp. I hope that after they were freed and she had her daughter returned to her, that the woman divorced her husband, or whatever the equivalent is on that planet. It's really sweet that she named her daughter after Kelly. Loved Bortus during the birth scene: "Will there be an egg?" Using a satellite to mimic a star was a good idea, and as Kelly said, hopefully by the time the planet figures out the truth, they'll have moved beyond putting people in camps because of when they were born.
  4. phalange

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    Oh, ouch. That was mean. Eleanor and Chidi got to be happy for about five minutes before something happened to upend it. Chidi was being selfless in volunteering to have his mind wiped, just as in the last season finale when Eleanor made the selfless choice not to go to the Good Place without her friends. Nice parallel. And Chidi making such a big decision without agonizing over it shows how much he's grown. Tahani, too, when she realized that the point of the blogger was to set her back and she refused to let it happen. It was really sweet of Michael to give them the montage and it made me tear up. Loved Chidi's line about them living in the dot on Jeremy Bearimy forever. Love how serious Jason is about going nowhere, doing nothing, and talking to no one. "I won't let you down." lol Eleanor and Janet's last scene was sweet. Not a girl or a robot, but a friend. Aw.
  5. phalange

    S02.E04: Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes

    I'd heard theories about Janelle really being Telaya, so it wasn't a huge shock to me when it was revealed, but it still worked really well. Ed's willingness to keep his word and get Talaya off the planet and then allowing her to go back to the Krill show the kind of person and captain he is, and I like how that parallels Malloy's story as he sees what it takes to be a leader. Even though Telaya said Ed letting her leave wouldn't change anything, she did still take the music he offered her, which is a good sign and confirms Ed's belief that there's something of "Janelle" in her. Personally, I think it'd be interesting to have a storyline where the Krill and the Union negotiate some kind of peace treaty. Not overnight, but maybe in the (far future) series finale or something. Love the ending with Billy Joel playing. Always a good musical choice.
  6. phalange

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    "It's illegal to have an un-fried vegetable in Florida." lol I will never tire of Florida snark. But Jason actually made a great point, that it's hard to do extensive research on a tomato when you have to worry about bills and rent and taking care of elderly family members while working three jobs. Even the un-fried veggies being illegal thing is an example, albeit an exaggerated one, of how where people are born often limits the options they have. I like how the fake residents are Janet's "children" and it's nice to see the old neighborhood set again. I suspect others are right, and at least one of the four humans will be someone we've seen before. Since time is Jeremy Bearimy, it really could be anyone.
  7. phalange

    On the Basis of Sex (2018)

    I didn't know RBG was going to show up for real, so when she walked up the steps at the end, I teared up. It was so inspiring to see all the obstacles she overcame, but so infuriating to see the barriers she faced. When they were doing the mock trial and it was suggested that she smile more at the judges, I could feel my blood boiling. Plus going to a dozen different interviews after having graduated at the top of her class and being turned down because she's a woman. The raaaage.
  8. phalange

    Sex Education

  9. phalange

    S02.E03: Home

    No wonder Alara joined the Orville with parents as judgmental as hers. At least her sister seemed supportive. Her father realized he was wrong in the end, but it's sad that it took almost being killed by those "neighbors" for him to see Alara's worth. Shout out to the special effects team as always, because Xelaya really does look like a beautiful planet. And that animal, the ebax (?) looked really cool. Alara's departure with the crew saying goodbye was well-done, with just the music playing instead of dialogue. It seemed, to me at least, like it wasn't just the characters who were emotional at her leaving, but the cast as well. I don't know the exact reason HS is leaving (I read she was filming a movie?) so it's hopefully amicable. And it's open-ended enough that she could always return in the future.
  10. phalange

    S02.E02: Primal Urges

    It makes sense that Bortus would continue to hold resentment towards Klyden for what happened with Topa and there was bound to be some fallout from that. I like the way Dr. Finn handled the marriage counseling, though it was funny Klyden assumed it involved a battle. Killing your mate when you want to divorce is, um, a bit extreme, though. Hopefully divorce doesn't happen on Moclus very often or there would be a serious dent in the population. It's cool to see the different, non-human looking aliens the show comes up with. The alien that Bortus got his simulator porn from looked vaguely like a tardigrade. And that's a sentence I never thought I'd type. Loved all the little moments of humor sprinkled throughout: Bortus telling Topa he has to eat or he'll die; "Everyone on this ship is gross"; Isaac thanking Ed for not interrupting him anymore because he's very busy; the look on Ed and Kelly's faces when they saw the simulation with all the Moclans; Ed's "neat" when Gordon tells him they have yet another problem. And the casual delivery of "I'm Dann" absolutely slayed me. I do respect the show not always going for the happy ending route, though it was sad to see that only 30 of the Nixians could be saved. I felt terrible for the First Minister and her family as they were saying goodbye to each other. I noticed that too. I thought my cable was glitching for a second. This episode was was originally episode 12 of season 1, so the second to last.
  11. phalange

    S00E156: Resolution (New Year's Day 2019)

    This was a good use of the Daleks, showing just how dangerous a single one can be, especially since they can use someone to do their bidding. I'm curious how those ancient tribes managed to subdue one with the lack of any technology; that couldn't have been easy. Glad Ryan got some resolution with his father. Aaron wasn't let off the hook, which is good, but there was understanding there from Graham and I liked their conversation. I thought Aaron would end up sacrificing himself at the end, and I'm glad he didn't so that he can build his relationship with Ryan. And his oven/microwave unintentionally helped save the day. The Doctor's progressing look of irritation when she was on the phone and found out about UNIT being shut down was priceless. Loved her confrontation with the Dalek while on the TARDIS. Don't mess with Thirteen's mad tech skillz with a z. Shame this is the last episode until next year.
  12. phalange

    S02.E01: Ja'loja

    I really like Isaac and Claire's friendship and his friendship with Ty and Marcus. Glad he proved that it was the other kid who hacked the system; that kid's parents were in serious denial. Bortus and Klyden's kid Topa seems to have aged quite a bit, even though in Orville time it's probably been less than a year since he was born. Moclans clearly grow much faster than humans. Kelly's new boyfriend seems like a nice guy (minus the stupidity of telling her to calm down), though she obviously still loves Ed too since she avoided answering that question several times. It was good of Ed to talk to Cassius and try to help him out a little. Even if he did have to go bang his head against the wall after. I have a lot of questions about how John dated an alien with two heads who didn't know he was dating both of them. Gordon had no luck with the cartographer. Maybe he needs a few more zippers.
  13. phalange

    S05.E13: The End of Everything

    Even though I wanted the show to be renewed for one more season, this was a satisfying and hopeful ending. Glad Pandora and Estes got their comeuppance. The constitution passed and George will likely be the first president of Newmerica with Warren there to assist. Warren obviously likes Cooper, but she probably wouldn't be happy isolated out at the farm since she's a natural leader. I kinda like immortal!Warren. Maybe the fact that she doesn't need biscuits like the other talkers is a result of being infected with Murphy's blood plus her direct exposure to the black rain. The gang will be going their separate ways, but we've seen how they always manage to find their way back to each other. Of course the last shot is of Murphy with Sun Mei's brain, no doubt concocting some scheme that will benefit others, but mostly him, cause that's Murphy for you. I started watching from the very first episode, and this has been a wild five seasons. I only wish we had gotten to see the zombie cheese wheel one last time. Farewell Z Nation!
  14. phalange

    Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    I think Emily Blunt made a great Mary Poppins. She was caring, but with just the right amount of snark. Lin-Manuel Miranda was fantastic and I enjoyed his number with the lamplighters. The costumes when they were in the bowl were so vibrant and fun, and so was Mary Poppins and Jack's performance with the penguins. Using the original 2D animation style was a nice touch. I teared up when Mary Poppins first sang The Place Where Lost Things Go to the children, and then again when the kids sang it to their father. Loved pretty much everyone floating with the balloons at the end and Mary looking into the balloon and knowing it was time for her to leave because everyone would be okay. There was (IMO, well-deserved) applause when it was over. It was bright and charming and I'd definitely see it again.
  15. phalange

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    Oh, I loved it. Lucy and Wyatt got to meet their future selves and finally read the journal. Not surprised that Jessica lied about the baby. Makes sense that Flynn was the one to take her out. Rufus got the best entrance! “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.” So from his perspective, he’s been traveling with them the whole time and Lucy and Wyatt were together because Jessica never existed. I loved, “I’m still totally shipping team Lyatt.” Rufus is the biggest shipper of us all. Also, “heliclockters.” Ha. Nice shoutout to the fans. Lucy’s character development was really good here. When they first started going back in time, she didn’t want to make any changes to history, and here she insists on saving a woman she doesn’t know because everybody’s important. “What’s the point of history if we don’t save the people in it” is my favorite line and really sums up the whole show. I’m happy that the woman they saved was able to reunite with her family and they all ended up surviving. Lucy bonding with her over being history teachers was a sweet moment. Agent Christopher finally got the chance to time travel! And Emma really got her comeuppance, didn’t she? Scheming to become the leader of Rittenhouse only to be taken out by a random soldier in Korea. Being the unapologetic Lyatt shipper that I am, I adore the scene of Lucy telling Wyatt she’s loved him since the Alamo, and of course the seat belt buckling, Wyatt calling her ma’am, and the kiss under the mistletoe. Also, Lyatt babies! It was nice they named one after Amy (though I wish the one named Flynn was a boy, since that name on a girl is not great). I chuckled when Lucy told the one student that there just wasn't enough time to learn about the men of American history and maybe they'd get to it next semester. Jiya and Rufus naming their company Riya was cute, and them inspiring kids to go into STEM is exactly what I imagine them doing. I really did think they were going have Lucy get Amy back, so I agree that it was a brave choice on the writers’ part to have Lucy decide not to. If the show ever gets picked up again one day, that could be a plotline to explore, though. Admittedly, I teared up during the montage to Time After Time. When I read about the cast saying that none of them were in the final scene, I was curious about how that would work, and honestly, I really liked it. Seeing a young girl inspired to invent her own time machine felt like the show coming full circle.